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post Aug 10 2008, 07:52 AM
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Name: Erisashi Uyoremo.
Age: Twenty four.
Hometown: Fidona.


Erisashi easily clears six feet in height, and has the slim build of an athlete. His skin is milk/bone white, as his hair (which falls below his shoulderblades), marking him as an albino, and his eyes are a striking amethyst hue. He wears a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses due to his photophobia (not exactly a fear, but too much light entering the eye causing pain), a too-long sleeved shirt, grey slacks and generic sneakers. The shirt happens to be his favourite, a faded neutral-grey with a stylized heart wrapped in barbed wire printed on it. A simple plain leather belt holds his slacks up, the perfect place to hold his pokeballs.


Eri is a fairly quiet young man, preferring to listen to the conversation – but he still enjoys talking to friends. He doesn’t make friends as easily as some people, but this is mostly because while he’s around new people, he’s rather indrawn, but not stand-offish. He’s willing to help people that need it, and is generally kind to most people.

Erisashi prefers dawn and dusk to either polar opposite of night and day, enjoying the fading in and out of light in the sky and world. He carries with him a few books, as he’s an avid reader, and often trades them for other books that he hasn’t read, repeating the process once he’s finished them.


Erisashi’s parents are pokemon breeders situated about two hours outside of Fidona, raising many abandoned eggs (and subsequently the pokemon they hatch into) and many more pokemon given into their care by trainers that stop by. Eri adopted his parents love for the many diverse pokemon, and at the age of eight he was helping them in the daycare, and occasionally going out with his father to rescue abandoned eggs, always under the watchful eye of his fathers Lucario, who was named Azure for the color of her fur. At the age of ten he was presented with his first egg, given into his care by proud parents.

Eri took care of the egg on his own, keeping it at a constant stable temperature without letting it overheat, in a sheltered spot with the other eggs his parents were taking care of. A month later, he was the ecstatic partner of a newborn Riolu, whom he named Dusk. Eri continued helping his parents, aided by the energetic Dusk. He continued helping his parents right up until just before his twenty fourth birthday. During the thirteen years a Torchic and Turtwig had found their way into his care, meshing well with Dusk as a team. Eri spent a month preparing, and on his twenty fourth birthday he bid his parents goodbye, and started out on his own pokemon journey, accompanied by his three friends.

Starting Pokemon:

Note: Moves listed (bar those with '*') are the most commonly used attacks of each pokemon. Moves with a * beside them are reserved for desperate measures.

riolu.gif Dusk; Riolu (Luxury Ball), Level 7, Male
~ Bullet Punch
~ Sky Uppercut*
~ Return
~ Doubleteam

torchic.gif Torchic (Pokeball): Level 6, Female
~ Scratch
~ Ember
~ Double Edge*
~ Double Kick

turtwig.gif Turtwig (Nest Ball): Level 7, Male
~ Absorb
~ Tackle
~ Bullet Seed
~ Seed Bomb*


5x Potion
3x Pokeball
1x Premium Ball
1x Nest Ball
1x Flamethrower TM

All items held in a plain leather satchel/shoulder bag at his side.

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I have claimed Kyogre. >=3

Click the eggs please~
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