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Ali Symma, Coordinator
post Aug 31 2010, 10:10 AM
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Ali Symma
11 and a half
Born in Hearthome city, Sinnoh,

At first glance, Ali seems like a normal, average girl who would fit in at a middle school, or perhaps a park hanging out with friends. She has very light skin, due to not liking to go outside much, and is a very average 4 foot 9”. She is very thin, weighing only 71 pounds. Ali has long (to about the middle of her back) dark hair, although, if you look closely, you can see it’s actually a very dark shade of purple. (Hey, if Dawn can have blue hair, she can have purple.) Ali combs her hair and puts it up in a braid or ponytail with a red ribbon every morning, but by afternoon, it’s usually pretty messy. She has one turquoise streak on her right side. Ali never wears makeup, unless forced. Oddly, (and naturally) her left eye is moss green, and her right is dark purple. This makes her recognized by most people. Ali [i]usually[/i[ has at least one band-aid on her hand. (She’s not the most graceful person in the world.)
Ali’s outfit changes depending on the temperature. When it’s cold, she wears a tight, dark purple coat, the same shade as her right eye. The coat and it’s gold-colored buttons and pokeball design clash with the plain, pale green shirt she wears under it. Regular blue jeans with large pockets finish the outfit. When it’s warm, she wears a light purple t-shirt with an Espeon picture on it. Ali wears with it white shorts with many pockets. Her shoes are white, with a dark green stripe at the sides. They look sort of new.
Ali has a broken everstone necklace, which she keeps for sentimental reasons. She also has an eeveelution watch, which shows perfect time, and a light blue backpack with a lucky purple-and-blue star keychain. The backpack has a picture of a wingull on the top pocket.

Ali has a complicated personality, she could seem like a completely different person in battle then walking and talking in a park.
Ali enjoys meeting people, although has a blunt way of doing it. (“Hi! I’m Ali! Who’re you?”) She usually seems happy and carefree, but when alone, she’s thoughtful, and can space out, not noticing her surroundings at all. When she’s angry, however, she can be sarcastic and grouchy. In battle, she tries to be strategic, and can come up with the most interesting combinations, and uses attacks in such a way the opponent can barely hit her pokemon. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like admitting she is wrong on something.

Ali was born in a normal family in Hearhome city, near the Contest Hall. At a young age, she was a normal kid, playing with dolls, wanting a skitty as a pet, chasing pachirisus everywhere. At about six, she decided she wanted to be a competitive battler, but that was short lived. Very soon, she watched her first contest live, and discovered it was much more exciting then she thought. Then she studied up. Abandoning her short-lived dream of competitive battling, and therefore not knowing much about it, she watched contests, planned out about five teams, and daydreamed about being a coordinator.
Well, that was the pokemon part of her life. Let’s go to some other stuff, ‘eh?
At a young age, between the time Ali decided she wanted to be a battler and a coordinator, she was attacked by a group of heracross. This led to her huge fear or most bug types, and her refusing to go outside very much. Ali was a very good artist, being able to draw many things, and a computer-addict.
After she turned ten, she traveled Sinnoh and became an successful coordinator. Knowing almost every inch of that region already, she went back home and planned to travel and start over in Furoh. She arrived at Port Barley on a ship.

Starting Pokemon:
Ann the Shinx
– Lvl 10, female
History: Ann is a bred Shinx. Ali received her from a friend, so basically, Ann had a pretty normal life.
Personality: Ann is very prissy and proper, but cautious. She is extremely loyal to Ali, and enjoys running around. Speed is her strength, and she is skilled at dodging attacks with ease.
Moves: Tackle , Leer, swift.

Alexander (Al) the Squirtle
-lvl 9, male
History: Al was released by a cruel trainer, who came from Kanto and released him when he saw more powerful pokemon. Despite this, Al is happy and carefree.
Personality: Al is happy and carefree, but a bit mischievous, and is never careful. His strength is his powerful defense, and the fact that he’s faster than most squirtles.
Moves: Bubble, Tackle, Tail whip, Aqua jet (Only can use correctly at level 15)

Pokedex (x1)
Map (x1)
Pokemon food
Pecha berries (x2)
Money (Unknown amount)
Potion (x1)
Notebook and pens/pencils
Pokeballs (x3, not counting her starters’)
Pokeball capsules and seals

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... BOB!!!!! No, it’s really Waldorf.

Other Notes: n/a

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post Aug 31 2010, 08:09 PM
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And a Golurk

Approved. Go post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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