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Abraham West
Yzarc Drowsnam
post Dec 6 2010, 01:24 AM
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Name: Abraham West

Age: 24

Hometown: Mauville City, Hoenn

Appearance: Abraham is very clean. He has average length black hair, which is intentionally messy. Though his beard grows quickly, he shaves twice daily (though he skips his nightly shave if he isn't planning on going out - a rarity). He has glasses for the days which he finds himself staying in, but for the most part, contacts are his thing. He has a fairly extensive wardrobe and always dresses appropriately, if not a little bit above. He rarely wears T-shirts and much prefers dress shirts, with a tie if the occasion permits and really loves wearing suits in the right situations. He is of average height, about 5'10'', and average build, about 160 lbs.

He always carries a lighter, a pack of cigarettes and two cigars. He never smokes the cigarettes, but refuses to be caught empty handed if someone asks for one. The cigars are always high quality and are reserved for very important acquaintances.

Personality: If the appearance section didn't give it away already, Abraham is a slick man. He always likes looking and acting his best. He's very friendly once you get past his cool demeanor and has a repertoire of stories, ranging from dirty to adorable. Basically, he is always well prepared for any situation.

Violence is not his strong suit. For starters, he doesn't have much of a temper himself, and he finds himself scoffing at those who let their testosterone speak for them. He prefers to talk his way out of sticky situations, but rarely finds someone with so much disdain for him that they refuse to listen to reason in lieu of hitting him.

Those rare situations, however, are worth noting. Abraham, as a waiter, does not make enough legitimate money to afford his high end lifestyle, so he often resorts to gambling and confidence tricks to support that. When these tricks go wrong, people tend to tune out his silk tongue.

Biography: Abraham's father was killed by a wild electabuzz when he was four months old and his mother worked two jobs to afford their apartment in Mauville after that. He grew up without a father, who his mother told him was a doctor, but he questions the validity of that. Until he was eighteen, he lived alone with his mom and their pet swinub, named Gaia. He loves his mom, more than anyone else in the world, himself and Gaia included, and is convinced that every other woman in the world (Gaia excluded here) has less than trustworthy motives. It is for this reason that he never wants to remain in a committed relationship, and has been known to intentionally sabotage them just to drive a woman away.

His lack of trust for women as people did nothing to inhibit his love for them as objects. He learned at a young age how to say exactly what a woman wants to hear to get them to do what he wanted. When he was a teenager, this almost always meant sex, but money tended to be his focus as he grew older. Women were, more often than men, the targets of his cons. His first cons were very simple; they often involved charities or investments and he made sure it could not be traced back to him.

At the age of 24, he conned the wrong man's wife into giving him thousands for a so-called high yield but high risk investment. While he convinced her that the yield outweighed the risk from an accounting perspective, there was no investment and he instead took the money for himself. When he broke the news that the money was gone, she could not blame him because he did warn of the risks. However, when she spoke to her husband, a C.E.O. and former real accountant, things took a hard left turn. Abraham found himself on the run from police and thugs alike, and they somehow even found out his real name.

Running to a new city would not suffice. He was wanted regionally and his bank accounts were locked so he lacked the money to move to a new region. He finally decided on going to Hoenn's dark side, the town of Noverus where the Hoenn police had little to no jurisdiction. It was run by Team Aqua and Team Magma, two warring factions. It would not be a great place to run his scams, but it would be just fantastic for staying out of prison. So, without any idea what to do when he got there, he managed to get some of his more expensive clothes and flee. When he met his mother for what would be the last time in a long time, she gave him three pokeballs. She said two were empty, Gaia was inside the other and that that she was his father's favorite pokemon before he died.

Abraham didn't even know he was a trainer.

He had a long walk to go and couldn't take any legitimate transportation because of his fugitive status and he found Gaia the swinub was quite helpful in battle. It didn't hurt that they already cared for each other and that she somehow knew he was his father's and her former master's son. Along the way, almost as if fate was poking him, they encountered an elekid, whose evolution killed Abraham's father. Rather than reacting with rage or fear, he remained cool and decided the best way to enact justice for his father would be to tame it and keep it for himself. He caught it and named him Double A.

With the little cash he had, he rented a motel room and quickly got a job waiting tables. The idea was to save enough money to get a down payment for a regular apartment, but the motel was so expensive that he found himself making just enough to stay living there. Things seemed bleak and he very much considered gaining the money in less than legal ways.

Preferred Faction: Magma, Grunt

Current Pokemon:
piloswine.gif "Gaia" female, level 42
Snow Cloak, Bashful Nature
Moves: Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Mud Sport, Powder Snow, Mud Slap, Endure, Mud Bomb, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Take Down, Earthquake, Ancient Power, Peck, Ice Fang, Fury Attack

elekid.gif "Tartarus" male, level 42
Static, Jolly Nature
Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Thundershock, Low Kick, Swift, Shockwave, Light Screen, Ice Punch*, Cross Chop*, Electro Ball, Thunderpunch, Thunderbolt

shellder.gif "Chaos" male, level 42
Skill Link, Naive Nature
Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Supersonic, Icicle Spear, Protect, Leer, Clamp, Ice Shard, Rock Blast*, Rapid Spin*, Razor Shell, Aurora Beam, Whirlpool

Potion x3
Pokeball x5
PokeNav x1

Additional Notes:
15/15 levels in Broken Bonds and Bad Transmissions: Abraham lost a game of Texas Hold 'Em in a fluke and did not have the money which he bet. So, naturally, he ran. The next morning, he was found and sent to a Team Magma prison facility because the guy from whom he stole apparently was a high ranking member. There, he met Ramirez, his odd and overzealous cell mate, and Raine Vega, the young woman guarding him and Ramirez. The two had an oddly intriguing chat and Abraham actually found himself quite attracted to her. Later on, Ramirez's friends broke in and tried to help him escape. In a panic, Raine gave Abraham his pokeballs in hopes that he might help her fight them off. Against his own best interest, he did help her fight them off, but remained imprisoned for whatever punishment came his way. His punishment was to work for Team Magma until he paid off his debt. His partner? Raine Vega.
  • 8 to Gaia
  • 7 to Double A
  • Joined Team Magma
15/15 levels in The Most Important Delivery of All Time: Abraham and Raine are given a package to deliver to the poor side of town. Once there, they stop off at the Horsea's Mouth for some seafood, and Raine ends up adopting a horsea, naming him Epsilon. While there, Jened Tenkuu, a young member of the Rebellion, overhears that they are on a mission and decides to intervene. He follows them for some time before they are interrupted by Team Aqua and joins their fight when they assume he is with them. Afterwards, he chases Abe and Raine down yet again and finally, they do battle. Abraham and Raine win the battle and Jened is taken away by a superior officer. Once the package is delivered, they find out it was a box of chocolates the whole time. Abraham and Raine decide to get some drinks in celebration.
  • 7 to Gaia
  • Double A's name changed to Tartarus
  • 8 to Tartarus
  • 150 Faction Points (Promoted to Grunt)
6 levels in Roleplay Contest: Happy Accidents: Abraham meets Amalia, a woman who seems perfect to con, yet finds out that she is trying to con him as wel. Whoops.
  • 3 to Gaia
  • 3 to Tartarus
15/15 levels in The Showdown at Shady Acres: Abraham teams up with Kanoa Kaipo and Ares Zarenler with Kanoa as their leader to claim Shady Acres, a park, for Team Magma. Though the initial plan is simply to put up fliers, which are promptly taken down by Aqua and Rebels, Abraham deviates and claims that Magma will support and maintain the park as part of their occupation of it. Though there were some struggles, Abraham made it seem like they were simply part of a sponsored Magma event and gained the acceptance of the people at the park, succeeding in the mission above and beyond what was expected. He also added Chaos, a Shellder, to his team.
  • Captured Chaos
  • 5 to Gaia
  • 5 to Tartarus
  • 5 to Chaos
  • 175 Faction Points
12 levels in Roleplay Contest: A Kiss Goodbye: Abraham recalls his parting of Mauville City and his last moments with his mother when she insists he bring Gaia along.
  • Second Place: Shiny
  • 4 to Gaia
  • 4 to Tartarus
  • 4 to Chaos
15/15 levels in Interception: Abraham gets paired with Kanoa aka Rascal as well as Ares to locate and bring back renegade agents Turbo and Ogre. They are met with opposition, not only from these two renegades, but an Aqua agent, Jake Dressel. Team Magma succeeds in battle.
  • 5 to Gaia
  • Gaia evolves into Piloswine
  • 5 to Tartarus
  • 5 to Chaos
  • 175 Faction Points

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post Dec 6 2010, 07:05 AM
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