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Furoh FAQ, It's more likely than you might think.
Troy Bolton
post Nov 22 2008, 11:44 PM
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Bet On Me
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Active Squad

PANE might look a little complicated, and I've been told it's set up differently than other text-based RPs. FEAR NOT! Simply contact myself, or any of our friendly PANE moderators for clarification. Here are a couple of commonly asked questions, generated by role players JUST LIKE YOU!

"What is PANE?"

PANE is a text-based Pokemon Role play based in the non-canon region of Furoh.

"What does PANE stand for?"

PANE stands for Pokemon: A New Era.

"What is roleplaying?"

Assuming the role of someone you are not, for purposes of a game. In PANE, you assume the role of a trainer out to achieve their own goals, be it to collect all badges, become a master coordinator, or a breeder out to, uhm, breed.

"How do I join?"

It's quite simple! First, grab this profile template, fill out the blanks, and post it as a topic with your character's name as the subject title. Sadly, you cannot at once jump in. Our moderators must approve the profile, and move it into the "Approved Profiles" section. If it has a flaw, the moderator will post what you must change in order to accept it. Edit it, and post to notify, and we'll review it and deny or accept it!

"What's the deal with leveling?"

It's simple! After completing an RP, the thread runner will submit it into this thread, where it will be graded by a moderator.

"How long of a post is a good post?"

Post sizes vary, especially during a battle with another trainer. In general, aim for a minimum of 2 good paragraphs. Also, might I suggest simply contacting the other RPer and fighting the battle over AIM or MSN? It is regarded quite favourably in the moderator's eyes.

"How do I begin RPing?"

Simply done. You can either: A) Join another's roleplay, by asking the thread runner if you can join/posting in the thread's discussion and waiting for the thread runner to reply. B) You can make your own roleplay, and a discussion thread. It is recommended that you first make the thread to garner interest for the roleplay, and then post the topic.

"How do I make a thread?"

Go to the "PANE Roleplay" subforum, select "New Thread", and type words. Once you have finished, select Post New Topic.

Please bear in mind that this is not completed. Feel free to add questions or critiques, but bear in mind that I will take the questions and then delete them.

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The Rose Crusade...
post Nov 23 2008, 09:47 AM
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Melinda Rose

Here are a few great links to help not only beginners, but anyone understand PANE.

(*RP is the equivalent of roleplay, as RPing a shortened version of roleplaying. RPers is also roleplayer. Just so ya know wink.gif)
  1. Profile Template for anyone interested in making a character to RP with.
  2. Starter Pokemon for beginning trainers.
  3. Map of Furoh: the new region you will be roleplaying in.
  4. A History of the new region of Furoh.
  5. General Rules for this part of the forum.
  6. FAQ about Gym leaders and how to challenge them.
  7. RP Grading topic that the leader of your roleplay may post in once you finish an RP.
^These can all be found around the PANE forum, but I just wanted to compile them all into one source so they are easier to navigate. (When I began PANE, I was always frustrated by constantly having to go back and forth to the Rules and Information section then to RP Discussion etc., and always believed that this kind of a post would be a great idea).

Something that I really wanted to point out is the Global Trainer Station. There, you can make a post notifying other RPers that you are interested in partaking in an RP. There you can showcase your availability and hopefully another interested RPer will respond and create an RP for yourself and others to play with. it was a truly remarkable idea by a *former* moderator Spamm and it deserves much more credit than it has gotten.

I have created a signature to advertise the wondrous roleplay that is PANE. In order to get more active RPers, I advise sticking this somewhere in your signature. Advertise for PANE on any forum, we need more active members! (Just don't spam irritated.gif ) To insert this into your signature, all you have to do is Copy + Paste this code into it and voila! You will have an awesome new signature AND have it linking to this very PANE thread! Enjoy!


Oh, and contrary to popular belief, we don't bite wink.gif

This post has been edited by The Rose Crusader: Nov 23 2008, 10:51 AM


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