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Katashi Monzib, Thuggin' wuv
post Jan 2 2011, 09:31 PM
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Name: Katashi Monzib
Age: 20
Hometown: Petropolis

Appearance: Being born and 'raised' in Petropolis, Katashi's skin still holds traces of the ashy, pale skin tone that the faint levels of polution not funneled to Linola brings her people. His black hair is short, nearly to the point of being shaven, and his eyes tend to give off an almost amber shine with the right light. He's thankfully tall enough and built well enough to give off an intimidating aura, sometimes made even more evident by the beanie pulled down over half his eyes. Though he typically dresses like a thug, having little else to wear but tattered tank tops and scuffed jeans, Katashi himself doesn't consider himself 'thuggin''.

Personality: Largely uncaring of the plights of others and even less impacted by the wants of others, Katashi is largely a self-serving young man who aims to survive out of Petropolis. He isn't completely lacking in empathy, so much that he doesn't like to let himself get bothered by the antics and wants of others. Largely, he wants to find a calm, simple place to kick back and enjoy his life, either alone or with a handful of decently tolerable people who aren't loud. Katashia isn't a bad guy, per se, but he's most comfortable when he's left alone, so nobody can intrude in his life and cause him much stress. Largely.

Biography: Katashi was born in a log cabin that his father built in the middle of Petropolis. It was hand-made, with a grand chimney and it ran entirely on the pokemon generator and the water wheel Kat's father created in the back yard. Sadly, this sort of idyllic life was not to last, as Katashi's father was shot down and their home destroyed by zealous political backers when Katashi turned ten. From that point on, Katashi was forced to survive on the streets, using the light martial arts and the sheer business sense and cunning his father had passed down before being shot by a Voltorb.

On the streets, Katashi reluctantly survived by stealing here and there and getting into paid fights for money. He was decent at both, though better at the fighting from the wood cutting and pokemon fighting his father had made him partake of as a child, and eventually, on his 19th birthday, Katashi won the grand prize of a Pokemon for a supreme fighting event. The pokemon he'd won was an Onix, and within days Katashi was happily out of Petropolis and ready to forge a new life for himself in the wilds of the world. Along the way, he caught himself a Duskull, which he called "Francis York Morgan," and his journey was ready.

Class: Other.

Starting Pokemon:

Level 10 George (Onix)| Male (Lonely)
  • Mooooves
Level 10 Francis York Morgan (Duskull)| Male (Quirky)
  • Mooooves
Items: Not much, really. Just some money and some balls he got off -=this guy=-

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Waldorf
Other Notes: Any other notes you'd like people to know about your character.

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Troy Bolton
post Jan 2 2011, 09:34 PM
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Approved. You should probably post in the current levels thread, shouldn't he, Zach?

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