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Emily B. ShatterGlass
Shadow Dragon
post Nov 27 2008, 04:23 PM
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Sweet Nightmares

Name: Emily B. ShatterGlass
Age: 16
Hometown: Johto, Goldenrod City

Appearance: Emily has the average height of a 16 year old and is rather skinny at the weight at 122 pounds with long silver hair and midnight black eyes. She wares a pair of black ripped jeans with a blue short sleeve top with a black skull on it and a pair of high heel black boots. Emily also wares many assessors which include a sliver belt, black fingerless gloves, and black sunglasses. Emily would also carry around a brown messenger bag and has an IPod on at times too.

Personality: Emily is a caring, helpful and a mysterious girl even if she is a tomboy with an attitude and a love for adventure. She is also vary intelligent, trustworthy, and responsible from all of her years taking care of her younger step sisters. Also, Emily is willing to help anyone in need; no mater who they are, Emily will help them in anyway possible.

Biography: Emily was born and raised in Goldenrod city by her rich family of a step mother, father, and two younger twin sisters. At a younger age, her mother died before Emily even got to know her. At the age of five her father remarried, even if Emily didn’t like her step mother one bit. Her step mother tried endlessly to make her into a young lady and keep everything that had to do with pokemon away from her, and her father didn’t help at all. Even with all of the endless training her step mother put her through, Emily was all ways a tomboy and always will be.

At the time her step mother did that, at night Emily would sneak out of the house and escape her family by going into the forest. She always loved it there; it was her favorite place in the world. One night Emily came across an injured Treecko. Knowing that she couldn’t get medicine from home or her step mother would find out she had been going into the forest late at night, so she ran around the forest trying to find berries that would help the Treecko. Finally, she returned with an armful of berries to help the injured pokemon. Soon, the Treecko was up and walking in no time. As Emily walked home, she noticed the Treecko following her and stopped at times to tell the Treecko to not follow her, but it never worked. Soon she gave up and let the Treecko go home with her, and when she got home she named the little pokemon Emerald.

Emily tired to keep Emerald a secret, but soon after her step mother found out from one of Emily’s step sisters. Her step mother demeaned that the pokemon be released back into the wild or Emily would have to sleep in the attic and do all the house work till she was 40. At her mothers command, Emily put the released Emerald back into the wild, but every night Emily would go out into the forest and play with Emerald all the time. But just like her step mother found out Emerald, she quickly found out about Emily going into the forest at night. She and made sure that Emily would never go into the forest again. With that, Emily had even more hatred for her mother, but that didn’t stop her from trying to get out of the house at night. One of those nights, Emily found an old abandoned poke ball. From the looks of it, it looked like it was abandoned a while ago.

So, Emily decided to open the old looking ball and out of it came a Riolu. Form the looks of the pokemon, it seemed to be the pokemon of a cold hearted trainer, and to Emily it looked like it was a miracle that it survived after this long. After giving the Riolu a few snacks Emily had brought, Emily left it in the care of Emerald until she got back the next night. Night after night, Emily went to the forest and took care of Emerald and Tanzanite, the Riolu, until her step mother had enough of Emily going into the forest late at night and told her father about it. Emily’s father knew it was time for her to start her pokemon journey, so he gave her needed supplies for the trip, a map of Furoh, and a Pidgey, now known as Citrine ,incase she ever got lost. When Emily’s father let her start a pokemon journey her step mother was furious about it. With that, Emily was delighted that she could go on the journey. After replacing Tanzanite’s poke ball with a Luxury ball and giving Emerald a heal ball to travel in, Emily set off for Furoh with her pokemon.

Starting Pokemon: Emerald the Treecko level 8
Moves- Pound absorb Leer Double Kick

Tanzanite the Riolu level 2
Moves- Agility Quick Attack,

Citrine the Pidgey level 3
Moves- Tackle, Foresight, Double Team

2x Oren Berries
5x poke balls
2x premier ball
1x poke dex
1x map
2x Escape ropes
2x Potions

Other Notes:
Tanzanite may ware a red bow at times, Emerald will ware a green one and Citrine wares a brown bow-tie

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Troy Bolton
post Nov 27 2008, 09:37 PM
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Bet On Me
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Active Squad

Approved, but the return button exists. The bio was hard to read. noes.gif

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