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Will Soraka
post Jan 11 2011, 04:22 PM
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Name: Will Sorakka
Age: 14
Hometown: Arasam

Appearance: He’s a little shorter than average, about 5’2, with short, untidy dark chestnut hair. He has thick brown eyebrows which seem to be permanently furrowed on his face, as if he’s deep in thought or concentrating on something. His eyes are also very dark, such that it’s hard to distinguish his irises from his pupils. The overall impression is that of a very intense young man. He has a strong jaw and a stocky build.
His taste in clothes tends towards darker, more subdued colours. He wears a lot of deep browns, greens, reds and black. At the moment he’s wearing a heavy woollen jumper knitted from thick burgundy wool with collar so thick it’s almost a turtleneck, along with navy blue jeans and heavy black boots. He wears a chunky wooden bracelet made for him by his cousin.

Personality: Will is a serious, down to earth and pragmatic young man. He’s quite quiet and introverted, with a tendency to think rather than act, and his social skills are slightly lacking as a result. He tends to be very devoted to his goals. Will’s early life was fairly sheltered and as a result he doesn’t interact with others well, preferring to stay within his shell – often he comes across as awkward or aloof, though he’s gradually learning the value of friendship through his travels in Furoh.
In battle Will is analytical and decisive, though he can be slow to adapt to change – though highly intelligent, he can become flustered when surprised. When first starting out as a trainer he had a hard time coping with his Pokemon’s personalities; though they’re beginning to warm to one another, he still has a tendency to think of them more as tools than as individuals. His biggest problem is working with others, but he’s aware of it, and he’s working on it.


2 years ago...

And then, there was light.

“Happy Birthday!”

Will squirmed in bed, pulling the covers up over his face. The light was very bright and it made his eyes itch. The bed was warm and comfortable and he’d been having such nice dreams...

“Wakey wakey sleepyhead! You’re 12 today!”

Oh right! Excitement shot through him and shocked him bolt upright in bed. Once he’d rubbed the sleep from his eyes he realised that the voice in the light was in fact his mother, grinning broadly, with one hand behind her back and brandishing a stack of pancakes in the other. In honour of his birthday, she’d put a candle in the top.
It was his birthday. And birthdays were almost always good days.

His mother sat down on the bed next to him, laying the pancakes down on his bedside table with one hand and ruffling his hair with the other. There were pictures of her around the house of when she was younger – short but slender, with chestnut hair that bounced around her shoulders in long ringlets and a broad smile on her face. In some of the pictures she and Will were together, at the park, at school, on holiday, and they were all from when Will was much younger. In others she was hugging a taller, serious man, always looking a little awkward, though there were no pictures of them together. She looked the same now – same smile, same laugh, just with more lines on her forehead. She was his mother, and he loved her more than anything.

He smiled and raised his fork to tucked into the pancakes but she stopped him with an upraised finger. “Nah-ah-ah. You know the rules. Cards first” and pulled a stack of stiff envelopes from behind her back. He groaned – cards were always a dry affair, absent-minded good will from his mother’s elderly family members – but she always insisted and he knew better than to complain. They opened them together, with his mother making a note of the names of all the relatives to whom he’d need to write thank you cards. As he made his way to the bottom of the pile, he noticed one name conspicuously missing.

“Anything from Dad?”

Her broad smile flickered slightly. “He says he’s very sorry but he can’t be here today. There’s a big project on at the lab and they need everyone they can get.”

He nodded and looked down at his pancakes. He hadn’t seriously expected anything from Dad anyway. Hoped maybe, but he knew better than to expect.


That made him look up.

“He sent you an extra special birthday present!”

His eyes widened. She couldn’t mean, surely... a Pokemon?

“Now I know that some of your friends got theirs a few years ago – “ that was an understatement, they’d all had theirs for two years “ – but your father and I decided that this year... well, do you think you’re ready?”

He didn’t have to think about it. “Yesyesyesyesyesthankyouthankyou what is it -”

The smile returned in full force then as she reached around behind her back to her back pocket and pulled out a small, red and white sphere... A Pokeball.

The pancakes went flying, sticking to the walls and his sheets, as he hugged his giggling mother. “Now” she said “You know why we disapproved of your having a Pokemon before. They’re so dangerous! One of the ones down at Professor Elm’s had fire coming out of its back, and we thought that would be far too unsafe! So your father looked around for a Pokemon that would be your friend, but would also keep you safe! Like a personal bodyguard.”

He insisted that he show her, so they headed down to the garden. The house was a large one, with three floors and a winding spiral staircase down to the bottom floow, but the garden was more than its match. The garden was Will’s mother’s pet project, with berry trees planted up and down the sides and a long, neat lawn, at which Will now pitched his Pokeball. It soared, cracked, then opened, spilling out red light that formed...

Will cocked an eyebrow. It was a muddy brown, and its lower body was pointed and covered in red markings. Its arms hung stiffly at its sides, and its head was bulbous and also pointed. Most disconcertingly of all, it was spinning – the bottom half in a different direction to the head. It looked exactly like a spinning top, and Will had no idea what it was.
His mother, seeing his expression, chimed in: “It’s called a Baltoy! They’re psychic-types, and your father said that they’d been trained specifically with safety in mind. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Will was still unsure, but stepped gingerly towards the spinning top. “...Baltoy?”

At the sound of its name the head stopped spinning, bringing two massive eyes to face Will, and a voice spoke in his head.


Startled, he fell backwards and ended up sat on the grass. The thing... it had spoken.

“Can you... can you understand me?”

The large eyes flashed once and the spinning lower half began to accelerate. It started to jump up and down on its spark, slowly at first but then faster and faster, as it began to hop like a pogo stick towards him. It came to a standstill just in front of Will, the lower half still spinning away.


Will’s mother smiled. “The centre taught him how to say a few short phrases to greet his owner, isn't it cute? I can see you two have a lot to get to know about each other! Why don’t you take him around the park?”

He started at this. Will loved his mother but she never let him do anything fun, or exciting – everything was always too dangerous, or he was unsupervised, or she’d worry. The last time he’d been to the park on his own he’d been grounded for a month.

She saw his expression. “It’s OK! Baltoy will be with you to take care of you. Now go and have some fun!”
He didn’t need to be told twice. He gathered the pokeball and ran to his mother for one last hug before bolting out the gate, his strange new friend hopping along behind him.

The present day...

Will has been training with his Baltoy for two years, and the two have grown quite close, despite the differences in their personalities. Baltoy takes its role as Will’s bodyguard very seriously, and is totally devoted to him and his safety – he disapproves greatly of any excursions or adventures which could jeopardise Will’s safety, but secretly loves the opportunity to defend his master. (Sidenote: Will knows that Baltoy are genderless, but finds it too impersonal to refer to Baltoy as “it”. When he considers Baltoy, he thinks of it as a “he” because it reminds him of an overprotective big brother... and also because he feels that referring to Baltoy as “it” is more like treating it like furniture.) Baltoy knows only very basic words but is generally more than capable of making its feelings known through a combination of spinning and eye-glowiness.

Will’s second Pokemon is a Sentret, caught just before the family’s relocation to Furoh from Cherrygrove. Will encountered Sentret on his very first sojourn through the woods on the same day as he received Baltoy, and as a result his Sentret has been a part of the team almost as long as Baltoy. Baltoy actually started the fight – supposedly perceiving a danger to his master from the little furry Sentret (though more likely feeling a need to show off to his new trainer) Baltoy confronted the happy-go-lucky Pokemon and fought it almost independently of Will. His confidence in an easy victory was misplaced, however, since the talented Sentret turned out to be a match for the trained Baltoy. Will recognised this as the fight progressed, and ran home to retrieve one of his father’s unused Pokeballs to make his first capture. The Sentret has since proven to be his Baltoy’s equal, and the two nurture a vicious rivalry – though they each have their master’s best interests at heart, Sentret is constantly leading him on adventures, while Baltoy is always much more concerned about safety.

Since catching his new friends, Will’s spent his time at home with his mother (and very occasionally his scientist father), training when he can between school and chores. Now however he’s seeking his own adventure – 2 years later and on a different continent, he’s ready to start his own Pokemon adventure, with the help of his mismatched friends.

Starting Pokemon:
(egg moves in bold)

Baltoy Level 10
Confusion / Rapid Spin / Harden / Mud-Slap / Reflect

Sentret Level 10
Scratch / Foresight / Defense Curl / Quick Attack / Covet

Items: Pokeballs, all the clothes mentioned in the profile plus a few changes of outfits, a mobile phone (for calling his mother), a pok€dex (a late birthday present from Dad)

What is the biscuit's name? Waldorf

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Living Arrow
post Jan 11 2011, 04:29 PM
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Make sure to fill out a post in the current levels thread and off you go!

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