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Branwys "Tinkertot" Muphenz
Master Houndoom
post Jan 12 2011, 02:51 PM
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Hi! I'm Branwys! Branwys Muphenz. I know, I know, my parents are not exactly sane, but I think I got off better than my sisters, Cinnamon and Orange-Cranberry! *giggle!*

Name: Branwys "Tinkertot" Muphenz
Age: Branwys is in her early twenties, twenty-two to be exact, though it's actually very hard to tell.
Hometown: Born, Raised, and happy in Castellia City. Not that she's not happy anywhere else! She was just raised happy!

OK, let's get this out of the way. I'm short! That's OK! Great things come in small packages, and since I'm that small, I must be that great! I mean, I think, with the camera, you can't tell, but I'm really like a Kewpie Sally doll! With boobs!

Appearance: Branwys is, first and foremost, a little person. She is proportioned well, though her fingers are a little stubby, and it's hard to tell if she suffers from hypopituitarism or is actually a dwarf, since she looks as if she might still be 10 years old, and while she can be mature, she tends to be very hyper. Like... Angel in Smile Time hyper, but without all the violence.

She has one physical manifestation of her age, which tends to weird out people who pay attention to such things: She has curves in all the right places.

She wears her hair in twin pig tails, and tends to wear dresses, so that doesn't really help the image that she is a small child or a creature of mythology (yes, her father's nickname for her was "little gnome").

She carries a messenger bag with her wherever she goes, the front pocket of which carries the pokeballs of her team. Other equipment includes a drafting pad, several mechanical pencils, and various and sundry grooming supplies.

I like to hike, and explore, and I like to battle! I'm good with my hands! Yes, boys, you can take that like you want, but I'm not going to give in just because I said that! I'm a good girl! I like to tinker with machines, and if you give me any parts that work, I can make something out of 'em! I'm not by any means weak or scared! I mean, hey, you go through life at 3 feet almost nothin', and you can't afford to be scared!

Personality: OK, first of all, yes, her name is Branwys, and yes, her LAST name is Muphenz, and yes, that makes her Bran Muphenz. She has heard all the jokes. She will laugh at them amicably if she hears them again.

Yes. She's short. Wee. Tiny. She's one of the shortest people she's ever met who isn't a toddler. It doesn't change the fact that she is confident in her self-image.

Branwys loves life, and is very enthusiastic about just about everything. Despite being the youngest of nine children, she was not brought up to be spoiled, indeed was very independent from a young age. Her parents and her siblings all doted on her, but when she felt that she was being spoiled, she put a stop to it (when, that is, she was able to recognize such things) as quickly as she could.

Branwys is very inquisitive, and actually has a bachelor's degree in physical sciences and some of the meaner applications of that, such as mechanics and electrical assembly. She takes to it as if it were a child's game, but she's really quite good at it.

While it is not unheard of for Branwys to be sad, angry, or upset, it is exceptionally rare, and if she sense you are trying to force these emotions, she will do her best to display more happiness.

I've lived in Unova all my life. Hee! All my short life! And my brothers and sisters... there's eight of them, but Eight Was Not Enough for Dad..! all got to do some traveling. I'd love to have an adventure, and with the right partner, I can... And I hope you like klinks, 'cause Tinka, my little geary baby, is always with me now! Thanks bro!

Biography: Branwys was born in Unova into a large family, to a doting, yet older father. His first wife, who had bore him eight children, had passed away, and he'd married Branwys' mother at an advance age. Her mother, an industrial artist by trade, was rendered barren, and it was in fact the reason for her barrenness that Branwys' growth was stunted as it was. Her siblings were all very kind to her, and she was given every opportunity and never treated as if she were anything less than their baby sister.

As she grew (which didn't take less time than usual, but definitely wasn't as much as the rest of the family), she showed an inquisitive nature and a natural ability to work with her hands. She began hanging out, and becoming a regular, at auto shops and repair places, taking whatever advice they would give. One pawn shop, once she reached an age where she was legally employable, hired her to fix those items that were in less than working order, and, slowly, she became a mechanic that rivaled many others. The pawn shop owner took to calling her Tinkertot, and the nickname stuck.

Branwys' introduction to Furoh was through a brochure. Unfortunately, she had thought the brochure was for a dating site, so when she got her information and welcome to Furoh packet, she was disappointed at first. That quickly gave rise to an excitement, and her eldest brother and sister, a gym challenger and researcher, respectively, provided her with pokémon bred from their own stock as a going away gift, one of which was from a region she had never heard of before!

OK, I don't know why you're asking, but this IS here... my two newest pokémon, a klink named Tinka I mentioned before, and a Cubone my sister gave me - eeee! - are my two companions. Dimo, the Cubone - eeee! - sometimes goes in his pokeball, but Linka is always out!

Starting Pokemon:

Tinka - Klink, Level 10 (click to show)

Dimo - Cubone, Level 10, Male (click to show)

Oh, and I have it all in my bag, which is also always with me. Money, clothing, pads and pencils, hair stuff, a little makeup, potions, an ether, but I don't think it's any good... anyway, if we need it, I probably have it!

Items: 1 Unova Region Pokedex
1 C-Gear with Livecaster
1 Brush
1 Bottle hairspray
1 jar mousse
1 make up kit
1 pair tweezers
1 Sinnoh Army Knife
1 wallet, with money, ID, etc.
1 jar pokémon soap: Steel Essence
1 jar pokémon soap: human form body wash
1 set metal decorated barrettes.
1 set hair ties, multicolored
3 drafting pads, 1 filled.
15 mechanical pencils, .5mm, .7mm, and .3mm lead diameter.
3 50 count boxes lead refills, .5mm, .7mm, and .3mm lead diameter.
1 art quality eraser
10 pokeballs
1great ball
1 dream ball, tinkered with and non-functioning
5 potions
3 antidotes
2 ice heal
2 paralyz heal
2 awakening
2 burn heal
Various fasteners, from nuts/bolts to plastic and twist ties.

Well... that's me! In a nutshell! And I fit in that nutshell! Let me know, guys! I'm really excited to meet you! Bye!!

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... WaaaaallllDOOOOOOOOOORF!
Other Notes: Branwys talks to her klink, Tinka, as if she is holding a conversation, despite the fact that Tinka only ever answers with "klink"s (usually just one, at that). She does not understand Tinka's words exactly, but can infer the meaning to them (much like Luke Skywalker can understand R2-D2).

Branwys can climb almost anything quickly, but does not partake in high altitude scaling, such as rock climbing, unless she absolutely must.

((PLEASE NOTE! All links and the properties shown there in are copyrighted to their respective owners, They are meant to be representative, and not at all meant as a usurping of another's work. Please do not copy without permission.))

[align=center]Uprising Mod

Jaima Kuonji and Meiko Omura||Branwys Muphenz
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Jay Lange||Olivia Prewitt

As of January 29, 2010, at approximately 7:50am CST, 2gamers helped me complete my pokedex!

:houndoom: I claim Houndoom! :houndoom: [/align]
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Living Arrow
post Jan 12 2011, 05:22 PM
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Approved! You're all set - enjoy your second character grin.gif

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