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Lori Pardare
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post Jan 12 2011, 04:24 PM
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PANE: Darryn Kellor

Name: Lori Pardare
Age: 16
Hometown: Littleroot Town, Sinnoh

Appearance: Lori is around average height for her age – a mere 5’2” – and of medium build with all the right curves in all the right places… For her age ^^; . It turns out that good genes run in the Pardare family. You know the Pardare family? As in Kino Pardare? Like her older more mature sister, Lori has long red hair, creamy skin as markless as porcelain and emerald green eyes that sparkle with a common headstrong intensity. Obviously, they are sisters. But if you look a little more closely, the differences between the two are far more apparent. Lori’s hair, although the same hue as the more famous trainer’s, is tied with far more restraint – sexy waves replaced with a tidy (if very thick) swathe of a ponytail and sweeping fringe held back behind a neat black rose hairclip.

Lori is a girly girl. Yes, she’s cute. Yes, she knows what to wear to look even cuter – a pop dress! Even travelling, Lori is sure to keep on sporting her torso-hugging and waist-flaring number (black with detailed coloured embroidery). But how does she manage to wear the same outfit day in day out? SHE HAS THEM IN A MULTITUDE OF COLOURS! Oh, and those boots? Totally comfortable when hiking outdoors and stylish, too! Shoes are a big thing for Lori – she HATES her feet. Not just how they look but how they make her feel when someone else touches them…. ARGH!

While she travels, Lori carries a black drawstring bag that she wears over one shoulder (just think Misty from the anime).

Personality: Now this is where Kino and Lori differ most. Lori loves people (including men), Pokemon and above all else, talking. Even sleep doesn’t stop the redhead’s banter and it’s a mystery to most how she manages to continue without getting a hoarse throat or needing to take a drink. What she talks about, however, is rarely important or even relevant to the situation she’s in. While her out going attitude and friendly disposition may be warmly welcomed by some, it can be annoying to others. Although she may not always see how her actions are affecting others, Lori does pick up on moods and they effect her greatly. Put her in front of someone who is clearly upset or has something difficult on her mind and she’ll be pressed to get out of the situation or cheer them up – no-one likes being in a funk!

Yes, Lori can be ditzy. Yes, Lori can be clumsy. Yes, Lori is loud. No, Lori isn’t stupid (but scraping a D average.. yowch). And what future is this girl aiming towards? Hey, it’s the Pokemon World! As such, she wants to be a Pokemon Master and uses the time that she is meant to be studying school work to fill her head with anything she can about training, battling and raising all sort of different monsters. Her research, however, is relatively limited since she doesn’t even own a single Pokemon and the books that she reads are out-dated. She’s never been on a journey before, either, so she may have read about hundreds of Pokemon, attacks and abilities but she’s seen so few it’s just sad. In all, she is incredibly ignorant despite her ‘preparation’. This could prove to be humorous or incredibly dangerous…

Headstrong and independent, Lori very oddly has two major fears which you wouldn’t necessarily guess right away. 1) bugs (too many legs and joints that bend in awful ways make her shudder) and 2) ghosts (they’re freakin’ GHOSTS!). Yeah, she’s heard it all before: “Don’t be such a baby” and “You’re such a girl” but the replies of “They’re DEAD! Why are they still here?!” and “Well, DURR I’m a girl!” never sound stupid to her. They are her fears and she has learned to accept them for what they are – far behind her and growing ever fainter in the distance as she runs away screaming.

Biography: When Kino first left home at the age of ten, Lori was a simple 7-year old who could only hold onto her mother’s hand with confused shock as her sister walked out of her life for more than a year. Then she came back and everything was different. Both were older but Lori was still young – Kino had matured. With that maturity came the first lessons that big sister passed onto little and so began the natural passing of knowledge, experience and advice that all siblings shared. Each time her sister returned, Lori would take special notice to make sure she could keep up with her high-flying sibling despite being left behind in their middle-of-nowhere hometown.

Lori turned ten. No Pokemon. Her parents insisted that have one trainer in the family was enough and that she should pursue a different path for her career and so enrolled her in a regular high school. Lori, though held back by her parents, was still enticed by the sweet smell of Poke-Fame and rejoiced with every visit that her sister made back to their hometown of Littleroot to show off her latest Pokemon, badge or even trophy.
Then Kino left for Unova. It came as a surprise to the whole family – Kino had been relatively local recently following her path with the Sinnoh Battle Frontier – but none were surprised when they found out why. It was typical of the older sister to run where strong Pokemon beckoned just like it was typical of the younger to wish she was going, too. Unluckily for Lori her parents still held their ground.


“You’re not ready for anything like this, Lor.” Her mother insisted as the youngest Pardare folded her arms over her chest under a red face that was streaked with unwiped tears.

“But Ma!”

“No, Lor.” Mrs Pardare almost sighed but held it back. Sighing would unleash the beast that was cage inside the crying girl and tears were far better than claws. This was not an unfamiliar scene. “We can’t afford for you to take on Pokemon Training. You know that. Kino left a couple of her Pokemon behind for you to play with and Empolia’s eggs are-”

“I don’t want to play, Ma!” Lori wailed, punching a cushion on the sofa for effect. “I want to be out there travelling and training my own Pokemon! Like Kino!”

“You’re not Kiki, darling, so stop trying to be.” Mrs Pardare fixed her daughter with a level glare. “Stop acting like a child – you know why we can’t send you on a journey, too.”

“But it’s not fair! You paid for Kino to go when she was ten! I’m fifteen, Ma! Fifteen! I’m way more prepared for this than she ever was at the beginning and I want it more! So much more!” Lori’s tears started anew.

Mrs Pardare hated seeing her daughter like this but she hated more the stark truth that she was faced with. It wasn’t fair. Kino had gotten so much out of her journey and yet Lori couldn’t be offered the same chance. Why? Money. That was it – there was no other reason. The Pardares were not a poor family by any means but the cost of supporting a trainer were high – especially if the trainer had no sponsor. They had managed to fund Kino’s very first trip but since then the girl had generated her own funds through her league winnings and sponsorships with Professor Rowan after she had helped him so much with the SinnohDex. That first outing had cost the family dearly but they had mostly recovered financially only to be hit by a down-turn in Sinnoh economic growth and redundancy for Mrs Pardare. Funding Lori in that situation simply wasn’t an option. And so, Lori’s tears had to go undried for yet another year.


“You can’t do this!!!” Lori screamed directly into Professor Rowan’s face. “Pipster is my Pokemon! MINE!”

“On the contrary, Miss Pardare – this Piplup belongs to a young man who shall be starting his Pokemon journey next week. All of the Piplup that your sister’s Empoleon sired have been registered with the league. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.” The Professor’s usually stern voice was softer than usual. “Now, Lori. Hand me the Pokeball.”

“B-but… he’s my.. b-best… my best…f-friend…” Lori looked down at the ball in her hand and then up to the man before her. Why was everyone against her and Pokemon? All she wanted was to prove that she could train and battle, earn badges and compete in league tournaments. That she was Kino’s sister…

“Piplup, pip.” The large eyes of her penguin friend gazed up at her with fear and sadness. “Piplup!” He leapt into her arms, burying his beak into her chest. “Pip pip pip! PIPLUUUP!”

There was an uncomfortable silence as Professor Rowan shifted uneasily, unsure of how to proceed with such a delicate situation. Fortunately for him, he wouldn’t have to deal with the girl for much longer.

“You can keep him, Lil Sis.” Kino’s regal voice stole their attention. “You’re going to need him in Furoh.”

“F-Furoh?” Lori whispered, hers and Pipster’s tear-stained eyes turned toward the young woman with flaming hair.

“And you’ll need her, too.” Kino nodded to a lithe green lizard-type Pokemon at her heel. “All Pokemon trainers need their first Pokemon when starting out in a new region.”


That was how it started – Lori’s dream. True, it wasn’t her perfect dream, but it was a start! Turned out, Kino won the Unova league while she was on her assignment there and got a ton of cash for it, about twenty sponsorships and a re-entry into the Sinnoh League… for the third time. And with that money she employed her sister (and bought another Piplup to give to that kid) as a Researcher. That’s right, our under-achieving madam was employed to work her brain… On the plus side, it was with Pokemon so it wasn’t going to be a problem!
It became Lori Pardare’s paid mission to go to the region of Furoh and capture the wild Pokemon there that had been introduced from Unova thanks to the Isshu Region Pokedex Project. She would then train these Pokemon and record their strengths to report back to her sister so that she could prepare for the final mission to reach the top alongside Cynthia. But underneath all that, it became Lori Pardare’s real mission to become a Pokemon Master. Just like her sister.

Starter Pokemon
(eggmoves in bold, TMs and MTs in itallics)

Pipster the Piplup (click to show)

Natrissa “Triss” the Snivy (click to show)

Chico the Minccino (click to show)

Scatterbug (click to show)

Key Items: An Isshu Region Pokedex for the fast and reliable confirmation of Unova-origin Pokemon.

The biscuit’s name is Waldorf

Darryn Kellor ~ ~ PANE Moderator ~ ~ Lori Pardare
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Master Houndoom
post Jan 12 2011, 05:17 PM
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