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Hikoko Rusivr, "Checkmate. You lose."
post Dec 2 2008, 03:43 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Egg Time!

Name: Hitoko "Konoko, Kono, Ko, Koko" Rusivr
Age: 13
Hometown: (Summerland, Fiore) ---> (Fidona, Furoh)

"Alright. This is going to be fun."

Konoko stands at a fairly short 4'6, easily dwarfed by others of his age. His build isn't that amazing either, making him match like his good buddy, Riolu. The right side of his light-blonde hair is all spikes, darting towards the sky, and his other, shaggy side, makes him look more tidy, even though it reaches down like bangs, covering his left eye.. His eyes are a [strange] glowing yellow, as if dyed, or genetically changed. His nose is blunt and somewhat long, matching his pointy and somewhat elvish ears. Kono's arms, compared to his actual body, are obscenely big, reaching down to his knees (which isn't such a big achievement since he's so short).

First off, the head. Nothing here except his semi-digital black-tinted visor: in a way, a Poketch in glasses that support vision. It only covers his right eye, mostly because his left eye is covered by bangs. He wears a black mini-jacket with short sleeves and a yellow-stripe trim at the all the openings, reaching down to the waist. Behind it is a picture of a vectorized Riolu, just as cute as in real life. Underneath is a white, long sleeved t-shirt, ripped at the edges. His shorts follow the same design as the mini-jacket: black with yellow trim, reaching a bit lower than his ankles. His shoes are white and open-toed, specifically made velcro for easy on and off action.

Most of his clothing is inspired by Pokemon Rangers from the hot, humid Summerland, back in Fiore. Everything is easy to maneuver in.

"Whoops... sorry 'bout that. Heh."

Your stereotypical romantic: somewhat hot, nice and lovable, has that great voice, and most of all, sensetive. He does everything with utter grace and perfection. Even so, he thinks practice makes perfect (even though he only says it to get the girls). He does things in a different way than most people, always insisting that his way of vision should be used (mostly because it almost always works). It's because of the way his brain is wired is why he always wins in PokeChess, a strategy game far more complex than it ever should be. Sometime his sarcasm gets the better of him, but rarely ever, unless something is different.

His opinion on Pokemon is normal: they're good pals and friends, or something to cuddle with when you're sad, something to play with when you're bored, something to eat when you're hungry, and overal, just having fun together. But when it's time to fight, it's FULL SYNCHRO!!! Focus, exact split-time action, determination, ability, and operation are key to win. While still related to that, his fighting style is primary ranged defence.

Normally, he's happy.

"And.... we're off. How exciting."

For all of his dreadfully exciting life, Kono lived in the harborous town known to most as "Summerland". How it was living there: warm everyday, people to play with all the time, so close to the ocean... As wonderful as it sounded, Kono wasn't too into that stuff. No, he just had to be the oddball. While all the other little kiddies hid behind their daddies, waiting for them to make the "monsters" that were Pokemon go away, Kono would walk up to one, look them straight in the eye, and play with it. Just because of that, he was labeled a "creep" in school. He cared about what the others said, and he started thinking down on himself.

Years passed, and Kono was growing up into a delightful young lad. He ate his vegetables and took his naps. He did his homework and took his baths. He was being shaped into a man (an 8-year-old, to be more specific). No, the label of "creep" did not leave, if you were wondering. But it would soon change, as it was the Summerland School District's Field Trip Day! Joy, oh joy. For the first time in his life, Kono could meet a "Ranger". A "Ranger" that would feel his liking of Pokemon, a "Ranger" that would show him his Styler, a "Ranger" that... well, you get the point. On that day, Kono and his group of haters traveled down the wooden planks of the school driveway and headed towards the local Ranger Base. "Helloooo," said a voice in the distance. That was all that really needed to do it.

Another few years passed, and Kono was a good age. The age of 10. The legal age of (yes, you guessed it) ... Pokemon Trainer License! But alas, the Fiore Region had laws against Pokemon capturing (or something like it) so he could not catch a Pokemon. Sad, really. All that poor boy's humiliation (not really) and waiting, all for naught. His parents felt bad (more like pity) for him, so they hired a lawyer (or just some smart guy) to help them with the problem. "Hah! That's the most common case we have!" exclaimed the lawyer-dood. He gave his parents an egg (yellow with patches of brown and red) and took off to who-knows-where. The egg was small, about the size of a more oval-y clock. Kono, not knowing whatever the heck it was, kept it with him all the time. Everywhere he went he'd bring it with him, and he bragged to his sad friends who didn't have one.

The time had came, and it was hatching time! It might have been the most important moment of his life (other than birth), and he was going to share it with everyone. As the family gathered in his room, it was happening: glowing, unglowing, glowing, unglowing... and finally, a crack! Some more, a bit more, and out popped out a small yellow mouse. Oh, how cute that little bugger was... but the beady eyes of all those people staring at it must've frightened it, as it ran off out the door, down to town. Kono chased and chased and chased until his tiny legs could chase no more. He settled down near the school building to catch his breath, where he then heard "Pi pi ri!" and "Pi-pi chu!", shouting from the sea.

It looked sad: the silly Pichu got swept away from the beach shore in the water, pretty much drowning. Kono didn't want this to be bad, no way. So, he jumped in the water (clothes and all) and swam towards the little Pichu, still trying not to drown. He'd swam to him and jerked him with his hand to have him. The little Pichu was happy, as it purred quietly as they swam back to shore. Back on land, Kono was still plenty wet and his clothes had suffered from saltwater damage. But the Pichu wasn't sad. In fact, it was doing a little happy dance, discharging yellow lightning around it.

The silly little Pichu and Kono were good pals. All the other people were shocked and attacked n' stuff. How wonderful. They played their games and sang songs and showed off to the other students. His life was getting more exciting. So, another two years has passed. The Pichu had been all grown up and evolved into a Pikachu by then, able to make more thundery stuff and charges like those other Pikachus. Happy happy, huh?

And then it was 14. His parents had financial problems (or something) so they had to move to somewhere else. Somewhere remote and fun, or at least, tropical. Somewhere cheap, too. So, they packed their things and moved to Furoh- Fidona, to be exact. The move was long, but still somehow short, as he waved goodbye to his haters and stalkers and flew to Fidona. Pikachu wasn't so happy, mostly because he hated heights for some reason. And finally, they docked in Fidona. It was quiet, and not very much was there. It looked exotic, and historical.

So, it took a year to unload everything. Kono knew he would be happy, as Pokemon Capturing there was legal (he was probably all "LOLFIORE" afterwards) and there might've been something there that was rare to everywhere. Hopefully, he would see something cool. Or rare. Or exotic. Whichever worked the best, really. He didn't mind, as long as it was strong, able-bodied, and... blue. Yes, blue.

The wishes came true, and before long, a small, worn out Riolu was left on the doorstep of his new house, holding a teared paper note saying, "Dangerous! Take at your own risk!" Of course, Kono would accept it. He knew with a little determination and help from his parents, anything could happen. I mean, just look at his Pikachu. Cute and happy, no? It was worth a shot.

BANG! "One Aura Sphere!" BANG! "Another!" "What the hell is going on...?" BANGBANGBANG! "That's three more!" "Mommy, I'm scared..." "Hold on, I'll protect you, kiddies..." Furniture, clothing, the television, a Plushie Toy, all destroyed by the blasts of Aura energy. Well, it might not have worked, but Kono believed. He believed that he could do it. All he did was... believe! (/peptalkoff)

Kono grabbed a Pokeball he had bought from out of his pocket and sent out his Pikachu. He was following what the ranger had did. "Alrighty, family, step back! I'm going to tame him if it's the last thing I do!" The heroic talk only seemed to make it more awkward, but it was working, at least. "Pikachu, use Shock Wave!" "Pi-pikachu!" The Pikachu moved next to a power outlet and let loose a ferocious bolt of lightning. The Riolu wasn't going to give up. He took a defensive stance and hardened his skin, making what was thought to be Iron Defense. Wonderful. "Again, Pikachu!" "Ch-chu!" Another shot of lightning. But he had still not given up. Weak, but not giving up. "Alrighty. Pokeball, go!"

You should know what happens after that. The hero gets his Pokemon and sets off on his journey. And a fine journey he shall have.

Starting Pokemon:

Level 7 (F) Pikachu w/ Light Orb
- Shock Wave
- Tickle
- Wish
The shy, tiny Pikachu raised by Kono as a Pichu. It likes to hide in Kono's laptop case, mostly because it hasn't adjusted to Furoh. It is a slight pushover (or obedient, no one really knows). Sometimes it likes to wander off and gaze into the sky, holding its little Light Orb while murmuring something hard to distinguish from a squeal to a prayer. Slightly clumsy. It has the urge to discharge near electrical sockets and anything electrical at every opportunity, probably to get recharged.

Level 8 (M) Riolu w/ Black Belt
- Iron Defence
- Double Team
- Growl
- Aura Sphere*
Just the cutest little bugger you'll ever see. He's determined and ready, always ready to lend a hand. Sadly, his recklessness is somewhat a bother. It likes shiny objects. I wouldn't blame it if it sneaks off to take shiny things... but really, as sneaky and fast as it is, it has a sense of justice and all that is good, too. It has a silk belt called a Black Belt he found back in Summerland, which, like its origin, makes his fighting moves stronger. Now, if only he had more of those...

*Its Aura Sphere takes a longer time to charge up than a normal Lucario or Riolu with it.


x4 Pokeballs
x1 Laptop Case
x1 Pikachu-styled Laptop
x2 Medical Kits (each containing x2 Potions and x1 Antidote)
x1 Pichu Plushie

Other Notes:
-He likes Chocolate Banana Smoothies.
-He has a sweet tooth.
-He collects Pokemon Plushies.
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Troy Bolton
post Dec 2 2008, 08:21 PM
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Bet On Me
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Active Squad

Approved. Just a note, tho'. We don't really measure the Pokemon's items, nor their moves.

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