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Simon Shay
post Feb 22 2011, 05:37 PM
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Name: Simon Shay

Nickname: Dex,Dexter

Age: 15

Hometown: Jubilife City

Appearance: Simon has short straight black hair and has ruby red eyes. He is Caucasian. He likes casual dressing, his normal outfit being a T-shirt, red Jacket & blue jeans. He has a maroon belt that has built-in Poke-Ball holders. He usually wears black fingerless gloves, but sometimes likes to wear it on his right hand only, because he is right-handed and thinks it looks cool. His Backpack is silver coloured, and is the Hoenn edition. He is 5’5’’, but never weights himself, so he never knows how much he actually weights, and imagines that he’s around 115 lbs. He isn’t very muscular, but he pumps iron now and again. His shoes are average sneakers which he coloured black with markers. He has a black Fedora with white stripes that looks new, but is almost 5 years old. He has a scar on his neck, which is 2cm long (0.0656166 inches), which is the result of him being cut by a wild Sneasel who, looking for food, broke into his cousin’s house while Simon was visiting, at the edge of Snowpoint City.

Personality: He is a loner & dislikes public places that are too crowded, like the Veilstone Dept. Store on a Saturday. His personality is contradictory at many times. He is patient sometimes while he is impatient some other times. He is selfless and selfish, generous and greedy, happy and depressive, childish and mature. He is also defiant sometimes. It depends on the situation, place, people, and context. He likes video games, computers, TVs, and pretty much everything that relates to electronic. He likes riding his bicycle on warm summer days, but doesn’t like it when the sun goes down, as he is scared of being outside at night, fearing another attack like the one in Snowpoint City. He likes Pokemon a lot. He can play with them for hours on without being tired. When he is doing something he likes, like playing video games, he can become overly concentrated and appear to be in some kind of trance, no responding to vocal calls and command. Since he grew up in Jubilife City, he was always in touch with the latest electronic gadgets, and can’t go anywhere without his poketch and his PokeGear. He also talks fast, sometimes saying things like : What ‘chou gonna do?

Biography: When Simon was 7 years old, his parents got divorced. His mom got custody of him and they moved to Jubilife City. His father, who was a business man, travelled the world, and sent Simon many souvenirs , like a backpack from Hoenn, and a PokeGear from Johto. His mom worked for the Jubilife Tv Station, so they made a good living.
One day, his mom came home with a book called: “Pokemon, The Complete Guide”. Intrigued, Simon started to read the book, more and more each day. A week later, he finished the book and was fascinated by the pokemon in all their complexity and beauty. He was sure to be a trainer when he grew up, but didn’t want to wait until he was 10 to have his first. So, one Saturday afternoon, he called his friend and they both went to route 203 to go look for pokemons. His mom always told him to stay out of the tall grass, for there would be wild pokemons in there. Simon, as usual, did exactly the contrary of what his mom said. “What could go wrong?” he thought, “I am looking for pokemons, so why not go look for them where they supposively are?” However, as he entered the tall grass, he saw a Houndoor, looking at him. He remembered what his father said: “Dogs don’t chase you, until you run.” So, he stood perfectly still, even if his instincts told to run. Suddenly, the Houndoor jumped at him, landing on his torso and making him fall on his back. As the Houndoor started to growl, Simon’s friend ran off, scared to death. Simon decided to struggle, figuring it would be better than just doing nothing. As he shook the Pokemon off him, he noticed a stick on the ground. He picked it up, and when the Houndoor attempted a second assault, he hit the pokemon with the stick to defend himself. The Houndoor fell on the ground, possibly KO. Realizing what he had done, Simon looked at his Poketch… All that happened in merely 30 seconds! Simon felt so sorry for the injured Pokemon, he decided to take it the Pokemon Centre. Luckily, the Houndoor didn’t weight so much. So he ran to the PC and got the Pokemon back to health. The Houndoor seemed grateful, for he decided to stay with Simon. As they both grew, they became the closest friend, Simon sometimes missing entire schooldays just to play with his Houndoor. When Simon turned 10, he finally captured his friend. When it was Simon’s turn to get his Starter Pokemon and his Pokedex, he chose Cyndaquil. And, Since he was the last of the day to get his starter, he also got Snivy. He then decided to gather every single bit of info about pokemons, and his encyclopaedic knowledge about pokemon got him the nickname Dex, as in Pokedex, which then grew to Dexter, but he likes either one

Class: Simon’s dream is to collect every bit of info on pokemons, so to catch ‘em all! (Pretty cliché, but what are you gonna do?)


Species: Houndoor
Name: Doom
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Lvl: 10
Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog
Nature: Hasty
Species: Cyndaquil
Name: Blaze
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Lvl: 5
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen
Nature: Mild
Species: Snivy
Name: [no Nickname]
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrown
Lvl: 5
Moves: Tackle, Leer
Nature: Naďve

Items: 10 pokeballs, 1 potion, 1 antidote, bike

What’s the Biscuit’s name? : Waldorf

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My First ever Roleplay character just got accepted!! Check Simon Shay out!

Thanks To GirlCalledBob For This

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Troy Bolton
post Mar 11 2011, 05:11 PM
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Sorry about the delay, but everything's good here. Make a post in the Current Levels thread and welcome to PANE!

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