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Willow Deacon
post Feb 28 2011, 02:26 AM
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My Favorites

(Just so you know, I'm rather rusty on RP profiles, it's been a while since I made one.)

Name: Willow Deacon
Age: 16
Hometown: Petropolis

Appearance: Sarah stands about five feet, seven inches and weighs about one hundred and thirty eight pounds. She’s about average height for a woman, but she’s not done growing yet. Her weight is well distributed and she’s quite toned; it makes her quite appealing to look upon.

Her face is bright and often has a smile spread across it. Her hair is a deep, beautiful shade of reddish brown, and it has a natural sort of wave to it. Her hair comes down a couple inches past her shoulders. She often wears it down, but in times of stress she wears it up; there are also those occasions where she wants it out of her face, and will put her hair up, but those are few and far between. She likes showing off her hair. Her eyes are a lovely emerald green and are quite expressive based on her mood. She’ll sometimes try and guard her expression, but for the most part, she’s quite expressive.

Willow wears a dark brown half jacket which covers a tight-ish dark red v-necked shirt; the jacket has two pockets, one on each side of the front. She wears a pair of jeans that fit her well; she wears a black belt with the jeans, which she keeps her pokeballs on. She also wears a pair of simple white sneakers. The only piece of jewelry that she has is a simple silver ring that she wears on her right pinky finger. She has a backpack, which is a simple over the shoulder number; it’s a dark red outlined in black.

Personality: Willow is a kind person, she will rarely ever refuse to help someone that needs it. She’s not just kind with people; that also extends to pokemon, be they hers or someone else’s. In fact, one of her favorite things is just spending time with her pokemon, no matter where she is. This kindness she possesses often extends into trust, whether it’s misguided or not. But, she’s not one to just forgive and forget, everyone starts off trustworthy with her, but if they do anything to betray that trust, she’ll become very cold and uncaring to that person. But that’s not to say there’s no redeeming themselves to her, it will just take some time and effort on that person’s part. But to those that have and keep her trust, she can be very loyal and friendly. She can also be down right vicious when she wants to be.

She is also a bit unorganized. It’s not like her backpack is a swamp of papers and lost items, but she doesn’t separate all her possessions; they just go where she puts them. Except for pokeballs, she keeps them in a separate pouch, or she has begun to; it took her chasing Tri for a while for her to realize those needed to be easy to access. Everyone else might not understand her unique “organization”, but she can always find what she needs. But it’s not always when she needs it.

She often has one-sided conversations with Flare. It’s something she’s done for so long, that it’s just second nature to her. She likes to think that she understands Flare, but she can’t really be sure. She’s been known to talk to all of her pokemon, but she has the strongest connection to Flare.

Biography: Willow was born to fairly well to do family in Petropolis; they didn’t have a house, they lived in a large apartment building, but it was a large apartment. It was more or less like a single story home sandwiched between other single story homes. It was fine for the most part, but there wasn’t always a lot of room to play, which came into the mix as she got older.

Her childhood was much like any child’s who lives in a big city and has busy parents; she spent most of her time playing in her room with dolls, which she didn’t really care for. She was never much for fashion or playing house, she was a little rougher. She really wanted a pokemon to play with, she’d heard some of the other children at school talking about them, but her parents didn’t want her to have something like that at such a young age.

But, as with all parents, they eventually gave in to her requests, though she wasn’t spoiled. When she was about eight, they got her a Charmander. She named him Flare and fell in love with him. From that point on, they were nearly inseparable. They played together; wrestling, play fighting, and even playing pretend battle. Flare never played hard, he seemed to know that you can’t fight for real against a child. They also slept together at night, with Willow and Flare both being careful not to catch the bed on fire; or they were after the one accident.

Willow didn’t like that she had to leave Flare at home while she went to school. And when she brought this concern up to her parents, they didn’t take it very seriously. They were right, more or less, to not take it seriously; she didn’t do anything about it for a few years. But when she was about twelve, she hit a rebellious streak. One day, she decided to play hooky.

She put Flare’s pokeball in her backpack, and instead of walking to school, once she was a couple blocks away from her home, she let Flare out, and started to just wander the city. She stuck to the less traveled streets so that no one would really notice her. But after a few hours of wandering, she started to get bored. She wandered into a pokemart and took a look around. She came across their collection of pokeballs. She was in such a mood that she would have taken one of them, but they were behind a glass counter. But she did end up deciding that she wanted one, so used her allowance for the week to buy one. She had no idea what she would use it for, but she was ready.

Once she left the mart, she began to make her way toward the center of the city. She’d never really been to the lake that was there, for obvious reasons, but now she had this strange urge to go there and see it. It was a fifteen or twenty minute walk to the lake from that particular mart.

When she got to the lake, she stopped and looked into the polluted waters; mesmerized by the odd colors and strange smell. But she was brought out of her stupor by Flare pulling on her shirt. Once she was back to her senses, she could hear why Flare was trying to get her attention; there was a soft squeaking noise coming from somewhere near by, as well as laughter. She set off to investigate.

She followed the sound around the lake, and the followed it down one of the streets that leads to the lake. She then followed it around the corner and up that street a little ways, until she came across three boys, which were about her age, that were all standing around whatever it was that was making the squeaking noise. As she approached them, she saw what they were gathered around and why it was squeaking. They had cornered a Ralts and were throwing rocks at it. It apparently had no means to defend itself, and that’s one of the reasons Willow stepped in to help.

She picked up the biggest rock she could find quickly and threw it at the three; it was only about half the size of her palm. It struck one of them square in the head, and he fell to the ground, apparently in pain. The other two turned and saw who threw the rock, if not for the fact that she had her Charmander, she might have had a problem, but luckily they just picked up their friend and ran. She shouted taunts at them as they ran.

She approached the Ralts cautiously, it was clearly injured and frightened; it was trying to get away from her as she went to check on it. She approached slowly, stating her intent to help the whole time, and the Ralts slowly seemed to believe she was just here to help. She got close and kneeled down next to the Ralts, which allowed her to see that he needed help, but it didn’t seem willing to let her touch him. And then she remembered the pokeball she’d just bought. She proposed to the Ralts that he would go with her like this, that way she didn’t risk hurting him farther by touching an injury. The Ralts seemed to agree, and she touched to pokeball to him. He didn’t struggle, and she took off from there to the pokecenter.

When she got there, she told the Ralts’ story to the nurse that was there, and she took him to see what she could do to help. Willow sat in the pokecenter for what felt like hours before the nurse brought out the Ralts and said he would be fine with more rest and proper feeding. Willow smiled, and took the pokeball back. With the good news that the Ralts would be fine, she figured to would be acceptable to give him a name. And on her walk home she decided to call him Blade, for reasons she still isn’t sure about.

It was past time for her to be back by the time she did get home. Her parents hadn’t noticed her absence, but when she walked in, they got furious. She was grounded, and they almost took Flare and Blade away from her. They also decided that she was going to be homeschooled. They no longer trusted her to go to school every day, and they were usually gone before she had to be up.

And that was how the next few years passed, she would wake up and ‘go to school’, but she was always accompanied by Flare and Blade. It seemed to make her work better, so the tutor allowed it. Being home schooled actually allowed her to complete school a couple years early. And once school was done, she packed up all her relevant belongings and took off to explore the island. All she had ever known was this city, and she wanted to experience the world as others knew it, and also to take on the gym leaders when she’s powerful enough.

She’d heard much about Mt. Carello, and wanted very much to head there first. So, with map in hand, she set off toward the mountain.

On her way she encountered a number of pokemon that she hadn’t seen before, and she made note of them in a journal she was keeping on pokemon she encountered. She got it from the mart in town; it already had names and some pictures, but there was space in it for someone to write down their own thoughts or strategies on the pokemon. But one type in particular caught her interest. Pidgey. The little bird was so cute that she just had to have one. And it wasn’t too long before the opportunity presented itself.

One morning, after she’d packed up her bedroll, a Pidgey landed in a near by clearing. She saw her opportunity and sent Flare after it. He engaged the little bird, who seemed like it was going to fly away. But once it was up in the air, it turned around and dove at Flare. Flare only just side stepped it, and was unable to return an attack. That back and forth went on for a few passes, but then Willow had an idea. She told Flare to not avoid the next one, and after the Pidgey made contact, he needed to scratch at it. He did as he was told, and when the Pidgey made its next pass, it hit Flare, who returned the attack with one of his own. It destabilized the Pidgey and sent it to the ground. Willow quickly grabbed one of her pokeballs and threw it at the Pidgey. The ball shook back and forth three times, and then stopped.

Willow was ecstatic that she had caught a Pidgey. On her way to the next little town to get her pokemon healed, she decided to name her Wingover.

It took her a few weeks to get to Mt. Carello, but once she got there, it was a sight to see. She was very happy that she had decided to make the trip here first. She found a cave, one of many, leading into the mountain. She decided to follow it for a while, and see what interesting things she could find in there. She called out Flare to give her a little extra light as she went. And it wasn’t too long before she came across an Aron.

This Aron seemed to ignore Willow, but she decided that she wanted it. She had a feeling that Flare, who hadn’t yet come into any fire attacks, wouldn’t be quite right for this fight. She sent out Blade, who had recently come into an interesting psychic power. Told him to use confusion, and it hit the Aron; it seemed to knock the wind out of the Aron, as it fell to its stomach. Willow tried to take advantage of that by throwing a pokeball at it, but she couldn’t find a pokeball before the Aron picked himself up and ran.

She took off after him, Blade and Flare in toe. The tunnel they were in wasn’t a very long one, as they came to a dead end relatively quickly. And when the Aron stopped again, Willow had Blade use confusion again. And again, it seemed to knock the wind out of the Aron. She went again to get a pokeball, but hadn’t set one aside from the last batched attempt. The Aron came to again, and took off past Willow, who had Blade use confusion as it ran by. It hit, and Willow luckily came across a pokeball. She threw it, and after a short struggle, the Aron was captured.

As she left the cave, she moved her pokeballs into the outer most pocket of her pack. She also decided on what she was going to call the Aron; Tri.

Once she left the cave, she headed for the nearest town. And after she got there, she sat down in the pokecenter to try and figure out where she would go next…

Life as it happens:
Banished Bugs: 14/15

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokemon:

Flare (click to show)

Blade (click to show)

Wingover (click to show)

Tri (click to show)

Venom (click to show)

Items: Backpack, 5 pokeballs, 2 potions, Pokemon Book, 3 pens, regular pancil, colored pencils, 2 notebooks, pocket knife, wallet (unstated amount of money, usually used to by food and other such necessities), iPhone.

What is the biscuit's name? Waldorf
Other Notes: Willow fancies herself an artist; she’s quite good, but doesn’t really believe it. She mostly does it for fun.

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Troy Bolton
post Mar 11 2011, 05:10 PM
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