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Christopher Portnoy
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post Apr 4 2011, 03:31 PM
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Name: Christopher Portnoy

Age: 18

Hometown: Fortree City

Appearance: Chris stands at around 5'10'' and has a relatively average figure for an eighteen year old, a body with minimal fat and a very slight amount of muscle, leading him to have a rather relatively low weight of 130lbs, leading to a BMI which transfers as being dangerously close to underweight. This weight not because he constantly works out however, proof enough of that is the fact that his muscles aren’t bulging or what have you, he simply makes sure he keeps his diet in check, leading him to very rarely eat any form of fast-food whatsoever. His naturally straight hair is the same extremely dark shade of brown as his eyes, and is relatively long for a boy, reaching about shoulder length. Every now and again, Chris can be seen wearing a relatively wide, hoop-shaped jet black headband of some description in order to keep his hair out of his eyes. He wears this so that the main body of his hair hides the vast majority of the band, meaning only the segment which covers the upper half of his forehead is ever visible when he wears it.

As far as clothing goes, Chris’ preference is rather simply explained, “anything that fits and isn’t too tight is good”. That said, this does not simply mean that he will wear literally anything however, he is still confined by the clothes which typically adorn his gender. His upper body is often seen wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, usually a plain white, and a simple, stainless steel chain-like necklace, which so happens to hang over the top of his shirt. Along with all of his clothing, while Chris’ shirt does indeed fit well to him, it hardly clings to his body, which very often just leaves people guessing about his true physique, which is in fact a little more built up than his BMI would suggest.

Since he lives in Fortree, a city very much in tune with the natural side of life, Chris ends up taking part in a lot more physically demanding activities than those living in other towns (how many other people can say they have to climb a tree to get to their front door?), rather than relying on technology to do what he would sometimes refer to as more 'trivial' activities. As well as this, the teen occasionally finds himself coming into a state of mind keen on keeping himself in shape, hence why he keeps a track of his diet. As already made clear though, no, he doesn’t work out every night, nor does he go on a daily jog down to the end of Route 121, though he did start to do the latter every other day or so once he came into possession of Fenrir. However, every now and then he will on occasion go out of his way to do little things, like taking stairs rather than escalators or lifts should the facility be available.

He also wears a simple pair of denim jeans which are the typical sort of blue colour you would associate with jeans, both legs showing equal signs of wear (namely faded shins and slightly torn ends around his ankle) since they have been in Chris’ possession for a little over two years. The jeans are held around Chris’ relatively small waist by a simple black leather belt buckled together by a simple stainless-steel buckle, which also functions as the teens way of transporting Pokeballs as it has clips built into them for the iconic spheres to attach to. Due to the way both his shirt and jacket hang, Chris’ waist is completely hidden from view, meaning that the aforementioned belt is never seen unless he reaches for his Pokeballs, which often leads to his jacket and shirt to be lifted slightly and reveal the belt. As far as footwear is concerned, plain black cotton socks are mandatory, along with any old pair of white pair of trainers. The trainers that Chris is currently ordaining have a completely white main body, along with black soles and laces, hardly anything fancy.

Personality: Logical, friendly, but a little wierd. If one were to describe Chris’ personality in no more than a few words (and a few pieces of punctuation), this would more than likely be one of the more common replies. The logical side of Chris’ personality comes from his upbringing, with both of his parents being based in scientific based fields of work. With his mother being a Surgeon whereas his father works at the weather institute on Route 119, opposite his hometown of Fortree City. Both of these jobs require a lot of common sense, as do all scientific fields of work, so it should be no surprise that Chris picked up this trait from his parents. Due to this logical streak, Chris can at time give a few replies that seem a little cold at first, but are ultimately fair (‘cold logic’, as some people say), a tendency he is more than aware of. He does try to sway away from speaking like this as much as possible, unless the situation truly demands it, however, he has learned that it is not always in one’s power to fight against your natural personality, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply work around it (meaning he can’t always control himself).

Typically however, despite being of the rather logical sort, one will find that Chris is in fact quite the agreeable person. Aside from when he is being ‘coldly logical’, which is a rarity in itself, you’ll begin to realise that he possess quite a positive demeanour, showing signs of both a good level of common courtesy and chivalry. Admittedly, the latter can get him into a little bit of trouble at times, those of the opposite gender mistaking his actions as something that he truly doesn’t intend, but most of the time it is greeted with a positive reaction, as one would expect.

Just because Chris is generally a nice person, does not mean that he can’t get angry however, such a statement would be far from the truth, though it does take him a while to get a state which could truly be called angry. Initially, if someone manages to get him a little annoyed, he will become noticeably quieter, due to himself being distracted by the thoughts of whatever has angered him. If someone approaches him while he’s like this, he’ll talk to them seemingly without hesitation, though he will keep the conversation pretty short. If he gets a little more ticked off, along the lines of what most people would call annoyed, Chris will begin to use sarcasm practically every time he gets the chance. Essentially, this is his ‘coldly logical’ side getting the better of him, as well as his anger adding a little bit of an insult to his nature to form sarcasm. Normally, he’ll keep this sarcasm directed at whatever annoys him, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see this side of him verbally attacking an innocent who approaches him. The final ‘stage’ , which is simply full blown anger, is when Chris begins to swear, a lot. In any state other than this, he will never let loose with a cuss word, not even if the situation ‘demands’ it, meaning that it becomes rather easy to tell when the young adult is angry to this extent (if the swearing on its own wasn’t enough of a hint anyway).

Now then, as for this ‘wierd’ side of things. Well, ‘wierd’ is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? Essentially, the fact that many people call Chris wierd means that he is different from many others, in a few notable ways. The most glaringly obvious thing is Chris’ long hair, something which has been brought up many a time in conversation. Many would say to him something along the lines of “Long hair’s sort of a feminine thing, don’t you think?”, to which he would generally reply something along the lines of “If only females were mean to have long hair, why can males grow their hair that long too?”. Typically, this results in the topic being dropped, which Chris is quite happy for. Really, is it that much of a deal that he has long hair? Come on, there’s plenty of guys with long hair, to which his isn’t even that long in comparison. Is his hair that surprising?

Something else which very often gets referred to as ‘wierd’, which is really just a difference in taste more than anything else, is Chris’ preference of music. Put simply, he loves progressive music. There is nothing he finds more enjoyable than simply listening to virtuoso musicians coming together and playing their instruments, whether they are accompanied by a vocalist or not. That’s not to say he doesn’t hold respect for vocalists however, to him, there are very few things greater than a good voice, if any. The thing is, Chris treats vocals simply as another instrument, meaning he sets vocalist on par in terms of importance with every other instrument. Recently, he has begun to appreciate the raw sound of an orchestra a lot more, meaning classical music has slowly started to creep in to his musical taste as well, though he very much still leans towards the progressive sides of things, particularly rock and a touch of metal, nothing too ‘heavy’ though, as the modern definition of ‘heavy’ seems to be no more than distorted, ‘growly’ noise.

Another notable quirk is his Pokémon preference, the fact that his entire current team is of the Dark-type. While this ‘quirk’ is indeed uncommon, it is not entirely rare for trainers to specialise in one type, just look at Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, so it is often overlooked.

Biography: As mentioned, Chris’ father works at the Weather Institute on Route 119, meaning that living in Fortree City is in fact pretty much necessary, since the other Towns in Hoenn are either simply too far away, or are cut off from the Institute by a body of water. He had quite a nice upbringing, living with parents who both had well-paying jobs, but could ultimately come home and look after their child, albeit on some kind of rotary system. Very rarely would Chris see both of his parents as a child, only on the odd occasion that he was allowed to stay up late. Once he became 13 however, this changed a fair amount, allowing him to see both of his parents quite regularly of an evening. Fortunately, their work contracts allowed them to never have to work night shifts; instead they could simply work through the day, but with hours that never meant the two of them had to work at the same time.

Once Chris reached the age of 16 however, his parents found that their contracts had altered, and thus there would be times when neither of them were at home for 12 hour periods on certain days, meaning that the houses would be left unsupervised. Given Chris’ maturity, along with the fact that his older sister Lysanne was 18 by now, this wasn’t much of an issue however. In fact, this was rather beneficial, as it left the two of them to become a lot more self-dependant, or at least allow them to depend on their parents much less. Chris would still have the odd question when it came to looking after himself, as well as the newly hatched Fenrir, but fortunately he had his sister to refer to for guidance, which did indeed help.

The next two years would prove to be rather pivotal for Chris in quite a few ways, his development as an individual in particular. It was during this time that he developed his love for Dark-type Pokémon, a love which developed more from respect. As he was out with Fenrir around Route 120, going for the usual jog to help both him and his Pokémon keep in shape, the two happened to spot a Pelipper flying quite close the surface of the lake towards the North of the route. Keeping an eye on the bird as both he and his own Pokémon continued their jog, Chris was quite surprised to see a group blue, red and yellow fish leap out of the water, nearly fully encase the bird with their massive jaws collectively, and then disappear back into the water with a rather loud crash. Those fish, they were Carvanha, and they had just taken down a Pelipper, whose initial intent was no doubt to in fact inflict the opposite outcome? This sight had caused Chris to simply stop and stare at the pond in disbelief, attempting to accept what he had just seen as reality. This was a prime example of the predator becoming the prey, but if this were any other Pokémon other than Carvanha, except for Sharpedo of course, would this occasion have even happened? A group of Barboach or Goldeen may well have fought against the Pelipper, but the teenage male doubted they would have in fact turned the Pelipper into their own meal instead. That being said, why? What was the difference that would stop them from doing something that a group of Carvanha would? To Chris, the answer was simple, their nature, or rather, their typing.

Now that he stopped to think about it, Chris couldn’t think of any Dark-type Pokémon that would simply give up, whether it be on their survival or something more trivial. Poochyena, Carvanha, Absol, every single one he had ever encountered or seen had never given up on the task at hand, or just accepted something as fate. Each one of them had an iron-will, a truly respectable feature if there ever was one. In a sense, this was quite the revelation for Chris, as it was at this moment that he decided upon his actions as a future trainer. As much as he respected the strength and abilities of other Pokémon, he saw this unbreakable will as a much more admirable feat, leading to him deciding that the team of Pokémon he would construct would be entirely of the Dark-type. Of course, that would leave him with quite the disadvantage against certain types of Pokémon, namely Fighting, Steel and Bug types, but this would be were secondary typings, superior battle tactics and the will of his Pokémon would come into play. Yes, taking this path could prove difficult, but what was life without its challenges? Also, giving up on such an ambition after praising Dark-types for their ‘iron-will’ would just seem so... wrong.

As well as developing his passion for Dark-types, Chris also developed his love for progressive music in the two years between his sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays, a love obtained simply by raiding his father’s music collection. The way the musicians could play completely different, extraordinary pieces of music, but them still complement each other, it was beyond his comprehension, but that was part of what made it such an experience, the fact that he himself could not dream of replicating such feats lead him to simply be in awe of the listening experience he was receiving.

The one final thing Chris gained during these two years were quite a variety of culinary skills, allowing him to cook quite delicious meals even with only the basic of ingredients, or at least prepare something which is edible. Since he spent a lot of time cooking for himself, Lys not particularly being willing to taste anything that he had prepared, he had quite the freedom to explore what food goes with what since he had only his own taste buds to offend. Needless to say, this wasn’t always the most pleasant of experiences, though at times it did prove to be exceptionally enjoyable. Preparing a meal by yourself without using a single packet ingredient, and ending up with something which did indeed satisfy one’s hunger and palette, was oddly satisfying to the teen. At first he was indeed rather apprehensive of the whole cooking experience, mainly due to the fact that he would have to tie his hair behind his head, but now that he is confident in the art, he actually feels more relaxed than normal when he is cooking, seeing it as more of a hobby than anything else.

A few months after his eighteenth birthday, and his acquisition of Heruga, Chris was informed by his father of a Pokémon Region no one in his family particularly knew a whole lot about, the region of Furoh. Perhaps it was just sheer interest, or the fact that he had lingered around Fortree and its neighbouring routes for pretty much all of his life, but once Chris had heard of this new, mysterious region, he found himself simply incapable of taking it off of his mind, his sister noticing this when she picked up on her little brother spacing out rather often. After a brief conversation between the siblings, which later extended to a conversation between the whole family that evening when both Chris’ parents came home, it soon became apparent that the young adult was to be making his way over to this unfamiliar territory, to the delight of Chris and his parents, not so much Lysanne however. Even from an early age, despite the two year age gap, the two of them had got on very well, and had only become ever closer during the time they had spent without their parents over the past two years.

As Chris departed for Lilycove City the next morning, intending to catch the ferry to a town or city whose name he could never recall without looking to the name recorded in his journal, he turned back to take one last look at his old tree house, only to see his sister watching him leave from her bedroom window, her hand passing by her face every now and again. Forcing himself to turn away from the sight before his own emotions became uncontrollable, the teen continued walking towards Route 120 as he raised a hand, giving his sister a motionless wave as he headed towards the region which would most definitely occupy his time for a while, given the challenge his father had given him.

Initially, this challenge had been given in jest, but after a good half hour of thought as he walked, Chris found himself wondering if there was a reason why exactly he shouldn’t take the challenge. Put simply, his father had requested that while he was over there, since he planned on raising a team of Dark-type Pokémon, why not create a Dark-type team capable of defeating Gym Leaders? Needless to say, this was far from a simple task. Since Chris would be completely unfamiliar with the Gym Leaders in Furoh, or rather their Pokémon, he would be going in completely blind. For all he knew, the Gym Leaders could be completely different to the ones here in Hoenn and could use much more than one type of Pokémon. Still, there was no rush. His father had said that he wouldn’t time him, yet again in a jesting tone, so it wouldn’t make sense to charge in and challenge a Gym Leader the second he made land in Furoh, building his team should come first, well, first after becoming at least somewhat familiar with the region anyway, or perhaps he could do the two at the same time...

Starting Pokemon:

Fenrir – Level 10 – Male poochyena.gif
Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack

Background Info: Quite a common story for a trainer’s first Pokemon. Chris’ parents both had a Pokemon of the same species, said Pokemon laid an egg, and Chris obtained the Pokemon which hatched from it. Inheriting the egg a little before his sixteenth birthday, hatching a few days after this occasion, Fenrir is much older than Astrala, while being of a similar age to Heruga. Since he doesn’t know exactly how old Heruga is, Chris can’t really say for certain which is oldest, all that is clear is that the two are at least a good year older than Astrala. As with many of his Pokemon species, Fenrir’s strength is quite commendable, and his speed isn’t too shabby, but he isn’t particularly great at taking hits, particularly not those which are not of the physical kind.

Personality: The ever-watchful sentry, keeping an eye out for anything which possess any chance of danger, Fenrir is as loyal as he is fierce, quite a common trait in the Mightyena evolution line. When alongside Chris, he’ll keep up a vigilant watch of his surroundings, occasionally tracing his vision back to his trainer to ensure that he himself is safe. He’ll follow any order without question, though he’ll struggle a little when Chris tells him to simply relax, something which does admittedly get the human a little concerned every now and again. Seemingly, the small wolf-like Pokemon is simply incapable of sitting down and relaxing, feeling that he simply has to be looking out for all of those that he cares about, whether they want him to or not. Even when Chris ends up actually ordering him to relax, he simply opts to stop checking his surroundings visually, and instead turns to his other senses (smell and hearing specifically) in order to scan surroundings, almost as if he is hoping to fool his trainer by making his actions a little less obvious, even though constant ear rotations and unusually frequent nose twitches are pretty hard to miss.

Heruga – Level 8 – Female houndour.gif
Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog

Background Info: Obtained on a Safari Zone trip with his parents, Heruga is Chris’ latest recruit. He was taken there early on his 18th birthday by his parents, offering him the chance to catch any of the Pokemon in there as a birthday present. Knowing the Pokemon he wished to acquire before he arrived, Chris was more than happy to end up coming across Heruga as quickly as he did.

Personality: Since Heruga is Chris’ newest Pokemon, and thus doesn’t have complete faith in him as a trainer as of yet. Yes, she’ll allow him to command her in battles, but not completely without question. If she thinks she has a better idea, she will instead use her own ideas as against his. This has only ever happened once or twice, each time Heruga being the one coming worse, so one would believe that she would have ‘taken the hint’ so to speak and started to put a little bit more faith in her trainer, though it seems that she simply has too much self-pride in her to give up so easily, which could essentially be looked at as a negative example of that ‘iron will’ Chris suggests Dark-types to possess in abundance, just like Fenrir’s habit of never ceasing to be the ‘watch dog’.

Astrala – Level 2 – Female murkrow.gif

Moves: Peck, Astonish

Background Info: Astrala’s encounter was a little, different, to your average Pokemon encounter, in the sense that rather than Chris finding her, the little Murkrow actually ended up finding him. Late one night when Chris had left his window fully open, attempting to let a bit of air into his room due to it being oddly humid, he was quite surprised to find his curtains suddenly collapsing to the floor and begin moving, accompanied by a series of confused squawks of a familiar bird call. Swiftly removing the fallen pieces of material, the currently 17 year old male was greeted with two sharp talons sinking into his hair, followed by an upside-down Murkrow’s head making direct eye contact with him, the bird creature not even blinking once. This eye contact continued for quite some time in utter silence, broken only by a certain sister of Chris’ dashing into the room and yelling about the mess covering the floor. Thankfully nothing was broken, but that didn’t stop Lys from ranting about the curtains having to be put back up, which was pretty odd considering Chris was the one who had to restore them to their previous position anyway.

Ever since this encounter, Astrala has ended up being one of Chris’ Pokemon. He still isn’t quite sure why she flew into his room that night (though he guesses that since she was so young, she simply flew in there by accident), though that doesn’t really matter to him. The fact remains he has gained a Pokemon who he would eventually end up seeking anyway with minimal effort, who also happens to be a Pokemon he can truly call a friend, which is quite a good result when the only cost he had to pay was hanging up some curtains, well, there was also the matter of calming Lys down...

Personality: A borderline overly-friendly young Pokemon, Astrala will very often be seen greeting others or attempting to converse with them when she is out of her Poke Ball. Whether this is just a phase of her youth or simply her personality shining through, Chris simply has no idea, but he’s not particularly going to complain, he’d much rather Astrala behave like this than a complete adolescent. That being said, having a Murkrow forever perched on your head or shoulders as you eat can get a bit annoying at times...

Items: All of these are stored in a simple, jet black rucksack (with one exception) which contains a single main compartment, along with two side compartments and two elastic straps on the bottom to attach a sleeping bag.
Premier Ball X 1
Regular Poke Balls X 6
A black covered ring-binder journal, along with a black ball-point pen stashed in the binder
A few shaving razors, along with shaving foam which has a Lime odour
A simple, entirely navy-blue sleeping bag
Collapsible/Foldable Cooking Pot X 2 (One larger than the other, both with matching lids)
Table Knife, Fork and Spoon X 2
Meat Knife (with brown leather sheath) X 1
Full Heal X 10
Potion X 5
Super Potion X 2
A dark brown leather wallet containing a single Credit Card, Chris' Pokemon License and a Driver’s License (The exception)

What is the biscuit's name? : The biscuit’s name is still Waldorf, is it not?

Other Notes: This is the second profile I have submitted to PANE, but my old one is currently in the Dead Profile thread, where I would like it to remain. It’s a profile I simply don’t like anymore, and don’t wish to use in my second attempt at PANE. It has gained no levels, hence why I haven’t added any levels to the Pokémon in this profile. Hopefully I'll have a little more luck this time and not have the first RP he gets involved in die out in less than a week...

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post Apr 4 2011, 07:25 PM
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