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Rosalind Fiore
post Apr 5 2011, 06:47 PM
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Name: Rosalind Ida Fiore; she prefers to be called Rose.

Age: 13

Hometown: Nacrene City, Unova. The Fiore family lives on the outskirts of town, just outside of Pinwheel Forest.

Appearance: The first thing that most people notice about Rose is that she is quite short. Standing at a mere 4’1’’, she’s nearly a foot shorter than most people her age. She’s rather skinny as well, although she does have a fairly athletic build thanks to hiking around Unova for three years. Many mistake her for being younger than she actually is, an assumption that isn’t helped by her personality. Her skin is fairly tanned from much time spent outside. Also as a result of much sun exposure, she has a scattering of freckles across her nose and upper cheeks, although they aren’t very obvious due to her skin tone. Rose has straight, dark brown hair; when let down, it falls to a little past her shoulder blades. Usually, however, she keeps it up in a simple ponytail. Her eyes are her most noticeable feature – they are a bright, lively green.

She doesn’t have any particular outfit that she wears all the time, although her general style tends to be on the practical, comfortable side out of necessity. As such, there are many T-shirts, worn-in jeans, cargo pants, and shorts in her wardrobe, as well as the occasional hoodie for cold weather; all are made of tough material. She carries around a few outfits that are appropriate for the weather, and stores her extra stuff in a PC, swapping them around occasionally. She also carries around a pair of plain leather gloves to protect her hands when necessary, although she doesn’t usually wear them. Most of her clothes are fairly worn, but functional. All are rather loose, and what with her general sense of fashion (or lack thereof) and her overall figure, it would be rather easy to mistake her for being a boy, if not for her feminine facial features. She favors bright, cheery colors, as well as just light colors in general – particular favorites are pastels, white, yellow, pale pink, orange, sky blue, and all shades of green. As for footwear, Rose usually wears her trusty pair of hiking boots, although she also owns a pair of sneakers, dress shoes, and sandals for different occasions.

Rose is rarely seen without her backpack, which is a plain and faded black color, with multiple pockets. It’s very large and very sturdy, having survived her travels for several years now, although it’s beginning to get rather worn from constant use. It houses all of her various supplies, for both her Pokémon and her studies of plants. She also wears a single necklace most of the time. The necklace is composed of a ceramic white rose on a golden chain. She usually keeps the charm tucked under her shirt, although the chain is still visible around her neck. The necklace was given to her by her parents as a reminder of home before she left on her journey.

Personality: Rose is a very bright and vivacious individual, and is always optimistic no matter what the situation is. She is an advocate of “looking on the bright side” – whatever’s going on, she’ll always find something good about it. She is also incurably cheerful, to the point that some find it annoying. Nothing really gets her down for long, unless it’s very serious. Furthermore, she’s always filled with energy, and always up for anything. She gets restless easily as a result, and so always has to have something to do. She has a very adventurous spirit, and loves to travel, meet new people, and see new places.

Rose can be quite naďve at times. She likes to believe the best of people, and can’t quite wrap her mind around the fact that some people are just plain bad. This has potential for getting her in trouble, but her Pokémon usually prevent that. Because of her idealism, Rose also believes that everything in need deserves help; this means that she’ll drop everything to help an injured Pokémon or human. She’s also very stubborn, and likes to have her way – her parents have mostly cured her of that, though, so her stubbornness usually manifests in persistence. She very rarely gives up on anything, ever; this isn’t necessarily a good thing, as she may become attached to something unimportant.

Despite these qualities, Rose is actually fairly practical in terms of her way of life; she learned proper survival and traveling methods from her parents, and learned to implement them during her earlier travels. Because of this, while she may come off as childish, she’s actually fairly mature and knowledgeable in terms of looking after herself, although not necessarily in regards to her personality.

Rose isn’t shy in the least, and is very sociable, although she may not be as polite as would be ideal. She likes to talk – with Pokémon or humans – and one of the things she hates the most is being alone.

Rose is actually quite intelligent, although most of her knowledge is academic as opposed to being street-smart. She got excellent grades in school, and is particularly knowledgeable in regards to plants of all kinds, thanks to her parents’ profession.

Biography: Rose’s parents were both born in Floaroma Town, Sinnoh. The two ran a small flower shop there, and worked as botanists. However, they moved to Unova before Rose was born. They lived together in a modest house just outside of Pinwheel Forest, and studied the plants and plant Pokémon there. Rose’s parents not only taught her manners and morality, but they also taught her their trade. Often, the three of them would go out on small excursions into the forest; occasionally, they would camp out there overnight.

It was on one of these excursions, when Rose was five years old, that she met her first Pokémon. It had been business as usual – her father had gone off to gather plant samples, and Rose and her mother were setting up camp. It was unusually windy that day, and they were having a bit of trouble nailing down their tent. They’d finally gotten the last peg into the ground when, suddenly, a small Cottonee was blown into their camp and hit Rose full in the face. It was love at first sight. The two quickly became inseparable, and when they returned to their house the next day, Rose took the Cottonee – newly named Alaia – with her.

When Rose got a bit older, her parents decided to allow her to play in the part of the forest near their house on her own. On one such occasion, when she was seven years old, she ran into a strange boy that appeared to be around her age. Over time, the two of them became close friends, and every time that Rose visited the forest, she would seek him out to play with. Strangely, however, the boy never once spoke; Rose thought nothing of it, though, and simply talked enough for two people. After a few months of this, Rose entered the forest earlier than usual. She saw a Zorua walking through the forest towards the clearing where they usually met – and lo and behold, the Zorua transformed into none other than Rose’s friend. When Rose entered the clearing and asked him about it, the Zorua ran away. Rose, however, was determined to find him. After a week of searching, the Zorua finally revealed himself to her. The two “talked” for a while – as best as Pokémon and humans can, anyway. Once Rose expressed her desire to remain friends with the Zorua, he decided to join her. She decided to call him Ciar, and so another member joined her Pokémon team.

The next three years passed peacefully; Rose assisted her parents with their work, and she grew closer to her Pokémon. However, she had always felt the need to explore, and go places outside of her home; this urge only grew stronger the older she became. So, on the day of her tenth birthday, when she finally received her trainer license and Pokédex, she packed up and left home with Alaia and Ciar to travel Unova. They wandered from place to place, seeing the sights and gathering plant samples and such to send to Rose’s parents. This satisfied her for a time; however, by the time she turned thirteen, she had already seen much of what there was to be seen in Unova. She had been contemplating moving to another region when she heard of Furoh, and instantly deemed it perfect for her explorations.

Starting Pokémon:


Lv. 20 Female Cottonee
Quirky Nature
Ability: Prankster
Moves: Absorb, Growth, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Cotton Spore, Razor Leaf

More Info (click to show)


Lv. 20 Male Zorua
Bashful Nature
Ability: Illusion
Moves: Leer, Scratch, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Dark Pulse*, Extrasensory*
* = Egg moves, unusable until level 25

More Info (click to show)

Caught Pokémon:


Lv. 18 Female Panpour
Naďve Nature
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Lick, Water Gun, Fury Swipes, Water Sport, Bite, Aqua Tail*
* = Egg move, unusable until level 25

More Info (click to show)


Lv. 17 Male Rufflet
Adamant Nature
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Peck, Leer, Fury Attack, Wing Attack, Hone Claws

More Info (click to show)

Pokéballs x5
Pokédex x1
Potions x5
Xtransceiver x1
Notebooks x2
Writing Implements x5
Compass x1
Map of Furoh x1
Portable Microscope x1
Camera x1
Field Guide of Common Plants x1
Assorted berries
Various botanic supplies -- storage bags, labels, a trowel, a pruner, etc.

What is the biscuit's name? Waldorf, I believe.

Other Notes: Thanks to her energetic nature, Rose is constantly in motion, no matter what she’s doing. If she’s staying in one spot, she’ll usually be bouncing back and forth on her feet or fidgeting with her clothes and hair, and she tends to gesture a lot when speaking. Rose keeps her Pokemon out of their balls most of the time so that they can keep her company.

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post Apr 5 2011, 07:22 PM
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And a Golurk

For the egg moves, there is a thread in the discussion board where you can make such requests. For those moves, Ciar can begin using them at Level 25. However, one move can be learned per RP.

Approved. Go post in the Current Level thread. Have fun!


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