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Casper "Ghost" Diggory Weard, Second Character
Umbrae Calamitas
post Jun 21 2011, 02:54 PM
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Tuesday's Pack


NAME: Casper Diggory Weard

ALIAS: Ghost

AGE: 19

BIRTHDAY: January 5

HOMETOWN: Sootopolis City, Hoenn

APPEARANCE: Agent Ghost has pale skin and lime green eyes. Hair is light - bleach-blonde - and reaches to his shoulders. Agent Ghost often wears his hair falling into his face. Occasionally pulls it back at the nape of his neck. Agent Ghost wears a thin silver necklace chain with not pendant, and a diamond earring inlaid in silver in his right ear. His left ear is not pierced. Agent Ghost often wears brown cargo pants with a multitude of pockets, and a leather belt with a banette-shaped belt buckle. Agent Ghost has a brown corduroy jacket over a red-sleeved, collared shirt, and white sneakers. Agent Ghost also wears a black neckercheif around his neck, tied under the collar of his red shirt. Agent Ghost has been seen by his superiors with this neckerchief removed only once upon demand at his entry. Agent Ghost has a heavy scar across his throat that he received from a raticate when he was young, as told by him upon demand.

Agent Ghost's pants, shirt, and jacket all have a black cloth band sewn a half an inch from the end of the sleeve/leg. When asked what they’re supposed to be, Agent Ghost has only ever smiled. Due to the fact that simple attire style bears no danger toward the faction, we are unable to demand that Agent Ghost inform us to the purpose of such an addition.

PERSONALITY: It has been noted by the agency that Agent Ghost is a heavily narcissistic individual with ideas of personal grandeur. Agent Ghost believes himself to be necessary to the Rebellion. The Rebellion is inclined to allow this personal belief to continue, due to the wish to keep the agent within the agency so that he might later be used as an expendable resource. Agent Ghost's outlook on life appears to be primarily optimistic - whether this is due to his belief that his presence makes the world a better place, the agency does not care to know. It is to be noted, however, that Agent Ghost's attitude is particularly high-spirited for someone whose main pokemon companion feeds on negative emotions.

Extensive viewing of files from his home have revealed that Agent Ghost was not heavily involved in any extracurricular activities in school. It is believed that he was of the middle class in his social hierarchy. Considering Agent Ghost's tendency to flock toward and flirt with physically attractive women, it is believed that he may have made his way into a higher social hierarchy later in his schooling years by attracting popular girls toward him.

This theory is furthered by the knowledge of Agent Ghost's long-time girlfriend, Sarah Waylin. Background studies have revealed her to have been highly popular in school during Agent Ghost's attendance there. The agency believes that Agent Ghost may have used Miss Waylin in order to gain popularity, but some high-ranking members of the faction disagree. Minority-view is that he truly cares about her, and such a theory is furthered slightly by his rare change in temperament when she is spoken badly of.

(Note: Elite Officer George Hutchins is to remain at least twenty feet from Agent Ghost at all times. Agent Ghost appears to hold no more animosity toward Elite Hutchins than any other agent in the faction. The same cannot be said for Hutchins. Repeat actions on Hutchins' part will result in demotation, or possible release from his duties entirely.)

BACKGROUND: Agent Ghost was born in Sootopolis City, Hoenn. Extensive background checks have revealed his immediate family to include:
Name - Relation - Age - Affiliation - Location
Tanya Amelia Weard (nee: Hoffman) - mother - 52 years - civilian - Sootopolis City, Hoenn
James Richard Weard - father - 56 years - civilian - deceased (natural causes)
Damian James Weard - brother - 25 years - civilian - Sootopolis City, Hoenn
Gareth Richard Weard - brother - 22 years - former-Magma - deceased (KIA)
Katherine "Kitty" Amelia Weard - sister - 19 - unknown - unknown

Research has indicated that Agent Ghost has had no love for either his brother, Gareth Richard Weard, or the faction he affiliated himself with. Security sent to follow Agent Ghost closely revealed within the course of one week that Agent Ghost was in fifteen different fights with individuals known or highly suspected to be agents of Magma. Eight of these fights were started by Agent Ghost himself.

Tanya Amelia Weard and Damian James Weard have little contact with Agent Ghost. It has been revealed that Agent Ghost had a falling out with his mother some time after his father's death. Little is known of the relationship Agent Ghost has with Damian, but the two do not seem to speak. Intelligence suggests he is close with his mother, which may have led to a distance between the two.

Intelligence has been out and searching for Katherin "Kitty" Amelia Weard. No information has yet been discovered. It was revealed that Casper was very close to his sister. It is yet undecided whether she is to be considered a possible threat to security.

It has come to the Rebellion's attention that Agent Ghost's fondness for ghost-type pokemon stretches back to when he was young. At nine years old, Agent Ghost was attacked by a wild pokemon, and protected by his mother's female banette. The family banette was blamed for the wounds Agent Ghost received from the wild pokemon, and it is believed that the animosity between Agent Ghost and his mother stems from her breaking the banette's pokeball and sending the pokemon away.

It was found odd that Agent Ghost's first pokemon was a shuppet. DNA testing of Agent Ghost's shuppet, nickname Strings, has revealed the pokemon to be the offspring of a banette and a yamask. The close relationship between the shuppet and Agent Ghost suggests the possibility that the shuppet is the offspring of a yamask and the aforementioned banette once belonging to the Weard Family. No actual information given by Agent Ghost has led to this being confirmed or denied.

It was discovered by Intelligence Officers that Agent Ghost had been taking the Pokemon League Championship in Sinnoh when he received a call telling him that his long-time girlfriend, Sarah Waylin, had been kidnapped while working long-distance for researchers in another region (the identity of these researchers or the project are yet unknown). Agent Ghost left Sinnoh behind to go in search for Miss Waylin, taking a ship that led him back home to Hoenn.

On this ship, Agent Ghost was accosted by members of the Aqua faction, who had taken control of the vessel and found him aboard. The Aqua agents attempted to take Agent Ghost hostage, but once the boat had docked, Agent Ghost's shuppet provided a distraction while Agent Ghost escaped.
It was during his aimless run from the Aqua Agents that the Intelligence Officer who had relayed all of this information to The Rebellion watched Agent Ghost, before finally accosting him and thrusting upon him a letter. This letter contained the address of a small warehouse, where Agent Ghost came and met with a recruitment officer for The Rebellion. After admitting his dislike for Aqua due to their treatment of him on the ship, and his single-minded intentions to find his girlfriend, Agent Ghost agreed to join the Rebellion.

Starting Pokemon:

Level 15


Mother: Banette
Father: Yamask

- Knock Off, Screech, Night Shade, Curse, Disable (egg move) -

The pokemon Strings is believed to be the offspring of a yamask and the banette, formerly owned by the Weard Family. The pokemon Strings has proven to be incredibly loyal to his trainer, while retaining the mischief known to be common to his species. The pokemon Strings is unique in that he shows a great deal of kindness to his trainer, despite the fact that the shuppet feeds on negative emotions. The pokemon Strings has proven to be still quite fond of tormenting others and takes some pleasure from Agent Ghost's occasional bullying of other people. It has also come to the attention of the Rebellion that the pokemon Strings is nearly as fond of the female species as Agent Ghost is. The Rebellion finds itself to be lucky that the pokemon Strings is more talented at gaining the positive attention of the female species than his trainer.

Level 20


Mother: Marowak
Father: Wartortle

- Growl, Tail Whip, Bone Club, Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy, Skull Bash (egg move) -

It was revealed to the Rebellion that the pokemon Hamlet was received in a trade Agent Ghost conducted while in Sinnoh. The identity of the trainer who received the poochyena in exchange for the pokemon Strings is unknown. It is apparent that Agent Ghost is as incompetent in his knowledge of literature as he is in his presumed knowledge of linguistics; his attempt to name the cubone after the skull in the play Hamlet failed when he mistakenly named the cubone after the main character. It appears that Agent Ghost is still unaware of his obvious mistake in the naming of his pokemon.

The pokemon Hamlet appears to be a very quiet creature, spending the majority of his time in privacy. The pokemon Hamlet has no animosity for the pokemon Strings, but the two do not appear to enjoy the company of the other. It has come to the Rebellion's attention that the pokemon Hamlet often mourns his maternal parent by night, stroking the skull his bears over his face, but crying in silence. The pokemon Hamlet appears to be very protective of Agent Ghost, although the Rebellion finds this somewhat confusing, as the cubone has been seen smacking Agent Ghost over the head with his bone club.

Level 10


Mother: Confagrigus
Father: Haunter

- Astonish, Protect, Disable, Haze, Safeguard ™, Dream Eater ™, Nightmare (egg move) -

The yamask, called Sheut, was sent to Agent Ghost by his mother. It was revealed to intelligence through means not to be discussed that Agent Ghost's yamask has known him for years and gets on with his current pokemon, the shuppet, Strings, and the cubone, Hamlet, because of this. Little is yet known of the yamask Sheut, beyond that he was trained by Agent Ghost's mother, because Agent Ghost did not have time to do so himself.

Intelligence notes that Agent Ghost does not appear as fond of the yamask Sheut as he is the shuppet or cubone in his possession. One questions why this would be.

Level 11


Mother: Mightyena
Father: Arcanine

- Tackle, Howl, Sand-attack, Fire Fang (egg move) Thunder Fang (egg move) -



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Master Houndoom
post Jun 22 2011, 09:07 PM
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Approved. You know the drill, of course.

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