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Jonathan Poole, Yeah...
post Feb 24 2009, 10:59 PM
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My code name, it is Looker. It is what they call me.
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The Fighting Fogeys

Name: Jonathan (Jon) Poole
Age: 16

Hometown: Pastoria City

Appearance: Jon is a fit young man who tends to look somewhat raggedy. His thick black hair covers his head like a shadow, stopping just before his eyebrows. His face is partially obscured by his dark glasses, covering over his dark green eyes. His clothes are simplistic, consisting of a simple red shirt under an open black coat, an orange stripe running along the sleeves and sides. The pants are similar in that they consist of black denim. Rather then sneakers he wears thick red and black boots.

Personality: John is more of a “Get down and dirty” type of person, growing up in the marsh he is accustomed to outside living as well as basic survival in a nature setting. Spending so much of his life around pokemon has left his knowledgeable and loving of all types of pokemon, finding injustice or abuse of them as a high crime.

Biography: Jonathan is one of five children, the son of well known Pokemon scientists based out of the Pastoria marsh. Being the third of the five children there is a decent sized gap between his older siblings. His oldest sibling is his sister, a pokemon breeder in Kanto who he had often written to when first starting his journey, who often helped him learn about the different’t likes and dislikes of his pokemon and his brother, a fellow pokemon trainer, who was his main inspiration in becoming a trainer years before.

Jon had gotten his first pokemon, a Croagunk, from his parents as a gift on his eleventh birthday. Starting out on his adventure only a few days later, traveling around Sinnoh with his Croagunk, spending less time on training and more towards becoming friendly with his first pokemon, along the way catching a few other pokemon. This went on for two years until he eventually returned home to work in the marsh where he was surprised by a gift, an egg from his parents. This egg would hatch to be his Male Nidoran.

Only until now has he decided to head to Furoh with his younger sister as she started her journey. For the first time he has decided to work on his pokemon’s strength as well as becoming their friend.

Starting Pokemon:
Croagunk: Lv 12

Father: Machamp
Mother: Toxicroak

Known Moves
Poison Jab
Cross Chop
Poison Sting

Turtwig: Lv 8

Sex: Male

Known Moves
Double Team

Nidoran (Male): Lv 5

Known Moves

Natu (Male)

Level 8

Nature: Quiet

History: Caught inside "Rocky Cave" in Fidoina

Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

Known Moves
Night Shade

Items: 3x Lum Berries, 7x Oran Berries, 1x Potion, 15x Pokeballs

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is...Bertha
Other Notes:

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Troy Bolton
post Feb 25 2009, 05:37 PM
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Bet On Me
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Active Squad

Approved, only you know th' sister can't fight as well.

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