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Kuri Talli
post Feb 25 2009, 09:26 PM
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Name: Kuri Talli
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hometown: Kuri was born in Lilycove city in Hoenn and currently resides in Petropolis having just arrived in Furoh.

Kuri really doesn't look like the kind of girl to be out travelling the world, she still retains a pale complexion, not having been one to stay outdoors for too long. Her long light grey hair reaches down to the base of her back, with two bangs falling either side of her soft face. Her eyes are a light blueish-grey and almost constantly surveying her surroundings. She stands at only 4' 11'' shorter than most other girls her age and she certainly doesn't appear to weigh much more than 95lbs. Overall her slimness makes her look pretty frail, though she tries to carry herself otherwise, and she has yet to develop much of a chest. She wears a short sleeved dark grey jacket over a lighter grey, loose, t-shirt on her upper body. A short tan skirt falls to just above her knees, covering a pair of black shorts which she always wears underneath. Dark grey stockings cover her legs down to her brown, light boots.

It's not uncommon for Kuri to remain silent around others unless talked to directly and even then it can be hard to pull her into much of a conversation. She is very shy around strangers and a little nervous around strange pokémon if without her own. If you can get past that though she'll become a lot more talkative around people she knows and trusts, although talkative for her can still be quiet by a lot of peoples standards. She likes to try to help people where she can, even if she'll do so without saying a word. When alone with her pokémon she is a lot more at ease and will normally talk to them happily about anything even if they don't always make the best conversation partners. She is at times all too aware of how frail she appears to others and does her best to hide any trouble she might be having so as not to have to accept sympathy from others, she started this to prove she could do things by herself, and while she won't completely reject help she will always assure people that she can mange.

Kuri was born to well off parents, not rich by any means but more than comfortable. It turns out this was a blessing since from practically the moment she was born she had needed considerable care. Born prematurely and plagued with health problems through the early years of her life, without the extra care her parents could afford and were all too willing to pay for she likely would not have survived to see her fifth birthday. After that her health problems seemed to be resolved, though the ordeal had left her weak.

She spent most of her time indoors up until her tenth birthday, partly due to her weakness and partly because her parents became over protective of her after her health scares. She didn't mingle much with other children, though her elder brother, Revyn, would often keep her company. The two got on very well for children, almost never fighting or squabbling. The two remained each other's best friends and through his encouragement, little by little, Kuri's health began to improve. However she, like many children her age, was hoping to be able to get a pokémon and start travelling the world, a dream that was quickly cut short by her poor health and her parents stubborn refusal to let her go alone. Her brother remained at home, despite his own wish to become a pokémon trainer, to help look after his little sister.

Another year passed and Kuri became increasing depressed with her inability to see the world thanks to her weak body, with the fact that her brother had been offered the chance to go see Professor Birch to receive a pokémon only making her feel worse. Two years her senior, Revyn had passed up two chances to leave on the journey so many seemed to undertake. She was torn between being thankful that he had stayed and only getting more upset with herself for keeping him from something she knew he wanted just as much as her. Their relationship quickly deteriorated from there with her shunning his sympathy and attention to mope by herself. Eventually, after she had turned eleven, Revyn left on his pokémon journey at the age of thirteen, no longer feeling as though he was helping his sister by staying with her, though her wrote to her often, encouraging her to not give up on her dream.

Once more Kuri ended up hating herself more for driving him away, having to then suffer without the aid of the one person who had always supported her. Seeing their daughter so down her parents eventually bought her a pokémon as a pet. Kuri at first didn't give the little shinx a great reception, not considering having a pet pokémon anywhere close to being a trainer. Over time though she warmed up to the little electric pokémon, playing with it and doing her best to pretend she was a serious trainer. Whenever she wasn't occupied with schooling she spent time with the shinx, playing and 'training' it as best she could. Eventually, her parents started to notice a real increase in her vitality and activity, so much so that when her seventeenth birthday rolled around, they finally agreed to let her try to travel by herself. They both spent a lot of time with her, taking her out on hikes and making sure she knew how to manage by herself. Upon hearing the news, that she was going to be beginning her journey, Revyn sent his sister a torchic he had recently caught and paid for her to be able to travel to Furoh where he was currently training.

Now nearly half a year since her birthday, Kuri finds herself just starting to explore the region of Furoh. She is keen to prove to her brother, her family and more importantly herself, that she is capable of excelling as a trainer.

Starting Pokemon:

shinx.gif – Luka
Level 13

The little shinx that Kuri received as a pet when she was eleven, Luka is as inexperienced as Kuri at fighting though the pair have been together for a long time and share a great bond. The two are practically inseparable, with Kuri often leaving Luka out of his pokéball to walk along with her. He tends to be more headstrong than his trainer, somewhat to her dismay at times.

torchic.gif – Vale
Level 14

Vale was a present from Kuri's trainer brother at the news she was going to be allowed to start her own journey, albeit seven years late. Being newly caught he hasn't had any trouble bonding with Kuri and his bouncy disposition was more than welcome.

mawile.gif - Unnamed
Level 6

The first pokémon Kuri captured, found in a cave near Fidona. She has yet to name her or get to know her at all.

Items: Kuri's parents being overly worried about her made sure she was as fully prepared as they could make her. She has a small collection of pokéballs, several potions and a variety of status healing items and enough money to see her through until she meets her brother.

900 poké
8x pokeball
4x potion
3x antidote
2x burn heal
2x paralyse heal
1x ice heal
1x awakening

What is the biscuit's name? Bertha

Other Notes: Nothing currently

(Note: I'm not sure how realistic you want to keep the hair colours but if the grey is a problem I'm more than happy to change it.)

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Troy Bolton
post Feb 26 2009, 05:50 PM
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Approved! I'll move this later cos i hafta go~

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