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Kefka Gama
post Aug 4 2011, 09:26 PM
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Name: Kefka Gama
Age: 18
Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Appearance: Kefka is approximately 5 feet and six inches tall which is average for his age. He has dark red hair that is always cut short and straight. He has dark green eyes that will seem like they are staring into your soul if you look at them long enough. He has a scar underneath his right eye, but can still see out of it. His face is well rounded so none of his cheeks are far out. He has no acne breakouts as he cleans up well often. He has normal sized ears, but from years of his training he has developed an exceptional hearing to hear sounds from very far distances.

Kefka will generally wear a white polo shirt with skulls on them. The shirt has a dragon across it to show Kefka’s desire to be stronger. He carries around a blue backpack with five compartments in it. The backpack has a small heart on it to show his desire for friends. He wears green shorts if it is spring, summer or fall. The green shorts have some tears in them, showing all the adventures Kefka has been on. He wears brown sneakers so that way if he walks in mud or dirt it will look like they are clean.

Personality: Kefka is a calm person; unless someone wants to pester him about something he has no interest in discussing. He tries to help out everyone he can as he desires to have friends. In battle he is fierce and most of the time he will show mercy for those who ask for it, but if they is his enemy then he will show no mercy for them. He always tries to be optimistic in situations even if they are hopeless. Kefka is the kind of person who just seems to give people hope when they are around him.

Biography: Kefka was born one stormy night in the region of Sinnoh. His parents were proud to finally have a child after years of trying to have one, to no avail. They considered Kefka to be a sign of great things to come, but they were dead wrong when they said that. The first year of Kefka’s life was an average one. He was kept inside so his parents could raise him properly and when they were out he would act normally. The years flew by quickly and even though it seemed like he was born yesterday, the Gama family was celebrating Kefka’s fifth birthday. The party was fascinating and Kefka saw what few friends he had, but it was a fun time. However just a couple of days after, his father vanished and Kefka never saw him again.

After Kefka’s father vanished Kefka became confused as to why his father left without even saying goodbye. The event left him traumatized and he promised himself, that he would not be like his father when he grew up. As the year went by however, he slowly lost hope that he would never see him again. Kefka now would normally keep to himself as he was depressed over the loss of his dad, but his mother and everyone he knew seemed unaware and acted like he never existed. The years rolled by and Kefka grew very distant with his own family and neighbors and as soon as he was of age, he would begin his Pokémon journey.

When Kefka finally came to the age of ten, he received a letter from the widely known Professor Rowan. The later stated that he wanted to see him immediately in Sangan Town, so Kefka quickly gathered his things and left without saying goodbye to anyone. He wanted to so badly, but after what had happened over the years he couldn’t bare the emotional pain of it. Kefka quickly arrived at Sangan Town to meet the Professor and was lucky not to run into wild Pokémon on the way. When he arrived he was greeted by the Professor and his assistant who invited him in quickly. He then choose his first starter Pokémon which was a Chimchar.

After choosing his first Pokémon, Kefka was give a few items to help him on his journey and then left for new adventures. Throughout his journey he fought many hardships and early on his adventure, Kefka saw a weird shadow flying through the sky. He assumed it was nothing and decided to move on. He caught several Pokémon to build up his collection and by the time he had collected half of the badges he had over 75 Pokémon. After leaving the fourth gym he saw the shadow again, but this time it gave a roar that made all the Pokémon in the area scatter. He was then told by the some old folk that was one of the legendary dragons who created Sinnoh.

Shortly after seeing the dragon again, Kefka had collected all the badges and had obtained over 200 species of Pokémon. He decided to challenge the League to try to become champion, but was soon confronted by his mother. She was furious that her only son had left her, but Kefka continued to walk towards the beach where he would depart for the League. His mother was too late however and Kefka was already on the boat headed for the League. When he arrived there he faced many battles and made it to the semi finals, but was defeated by a man wearing a mask.

After Kefka was defeated at the Pokémon League he traveled around the region, finding new Pokémon to add to his prized collection. Shortly after he restarted his traveling, he received a letter from his mother saying that his father was still alive. However he couldn’t return to Sinnoh because of something he had done, so Kefka decided to travel to a new region to find his father and bring him home. He arrived in the Port Town of Snowville City and boarded the ferry for the Furoh region, to find his father and face the new Pokemon League there. He traveled with his Aron, Sneasal, Pichu, and a newly hatched Snivy that came with the letter from his Mother.

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokémon: Aron Level 5, Sneasal Level 5, Snivy Level 1, and a Pichu Level 5

Items: 5 Potions, 5 Poke Balls, Town Map, Poketech, Running Shoes, and a Berry Case

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post Aug 5 2011, 04:03 PM
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And a Golurk

I like how, after promising himself to not leave everything like his father did, Kefka does exactly that twice. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in RPs.

Approved. Go post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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