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Lysander Kirby Doyle, second character
Umbrae Calamitas
post Aug 16 2011, 11:39 PM
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Tuesday's Pack

As per this, though I have made an obvious alteration with his having a disability.

Name: Lysander Kirby Doyle

Alias: Kirby; Sander; Sandy

Age: 23

Hometown: Sootopolis City, Hoenn

Appearance: Lysander is is six feet, four inches tall and weighs close to two hundred pounds. He is a lithe boy with muscle tone that is not readily visible unless he’s wearing shorts or actively showing it off. Lysander has dark skin and a head full of thick black hair, which he has braided into small, tight braids close to his head. At the nape of his neck, these braids dangle down toward his shoulders. Lysander has amber-brown eyes with a dark brown ring around them.

Lysander’s most prominent feature is the wheelchair in which he is constantly sitting. Unable to walk, as a spinal injury paralyzed him from the waist down, he has forsaken his soccer career in an attempt to take his pokemon journey, thirteen years later than most people. He usually wears a black non-sleeved shirt under a dark blue windbreaker jacket, loose cargo pants, and white sneakers. Lysander carries a backpack with him at all times, slung over one of the handles of his wheelchair. He almost always has a smile on his face.

Personality: Despite the circumstances, Lysander is a very optimistic person. He has been wheelchair-bound nearly three years and is slowly becoming more and more accustomed to it. At the time of his injury, he did not take it well when he was told he would never walk again, and after his plans to play soccer professionally were ruined, he spiraled down into depression. He overcame it with much help from his family, and looking at all of the good things he has in life now has helped him to keep an optimistic view.

One of the things Lysander cannot stand is when someone presumes he is unable to do anything for himself. He is not an invalid, and while he has his service dog and is grateful for the help, he is also fully capable of doing many things for himself. While he does not usually lose his cool, this is one of the things that could possibly make him do so. Lysander has a soft spot for children, growing up with all younger siblings, and is used to being the adult. He has also picked up his parents naming technique, though Lysander’s are generally mythological.

Biography: Lysander is the eldest of four children, with two younger brothers and one younger sister. The four of them were born to Richard Doyle, a university professor of literature, and Jordan Nagi, a high school history professor. Between the two of them, they came up with some very interesting names for their children that merged their two fields of expertise. Lysander himself is named after a Spartan general (Lysander) and the writer, Kirby Wright.

Lysander was six when his brother, Sun Alexander (named for Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Journey to the West, and Alexander Graham Bell) was born. They were eight and two, respectively, when the only girl was born. She was named Clytemnestra Luthien, after a character in The Oresteia, and a character in Tolkien’s Similarion. She was one went the youngest of them was born, Icarus Patroclus (after the Greek myth of Daedelus and Icarus, and a character in Homer's Iliad).

The four of them grew up fairly close, having a good home life and parents who cared about them very much. They are simultaneously annoyed and amused by their parents’ choice of names for them, but have made their own adjustments over time, referring to themselves respectively as Kirby, Xander, and August, Icarus being the only one who truly liked his name. Ironically, their parents are as amused by this change-up as they are annoyed, and the kids found it to be a nice balance.

August and Icarus look up to Lysander a lot (Icarus more than anyone), and envied him when he went off to college on a soccer scholarship. Xander was the only one of them who did not get on incredibly well with Lysander. When he turned ten, he immediately left on his pokemon journey, rarely returning home to visit.

Lysander had put off his pokemon journey in favor of playing soccer professionally. He was nineteen when he was injured during a game, getting hit in the lower back, and told that he would never walk again. He spiraled down into a depression that he was a long time recovering from. It was Icarus who finally hit him in the head with the means of his recovery – quite literally, when he chucked a pokeball at Lysander’s face.

It took some time, but Lysander overcame his depression and grew accustomed to being confined to a wheelchair. His parents paid to have a young growlithe trained as a service dog, and gave it to Lysander as a gift on his third year of successfully overcoming the emotional rollercoaster he had been thrown into by his injury.

When Lysander told his family his plans of going on his pokemon journey, they were both concerned and encouraging. Icarus, who had just received his first pokemon (a mudkip), ran out and caught the first pokemon he could find, which happened to be a rather feisty meowth, who put up a good fight. Icarus made Lysander take the meowth with him, for good luck, and Lysander headed out on his journey with a very reluctant Icarus staying behind. Choosing to begin his journey somewhere new and exciting, Lysander decided to take a ship to the Furoh region. Along the way, he came across a baby hippopotas, and caught it.

Lysander's journey is for him to find a place in the world that is not defined or decided by whether or not he can walk. He intends to prove to himself that he is fully capable of succeeding in a pokemon journey, even when people often look at him and only see a cripple. Lysander takes a soccer ball with his everywhere, as a momentum of sentimental value more than anything, though he has found that Mafdet enjoys playing with it. Despite his inability to move his legs, he is still quite talented with the ball.

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokemon:

growlithe.gif Growlithe
“Garm of Hounds”
Level 10


Mother: Growlithe
Father: Espeon

- Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Morning Sun (egg move) -
Garm of Hounds, also called Garm for short, is named after the “blood-stained watchdog” that guarded the gates of Hell in the Old Norse mythology about Ragnarok.

Garm was the youngest pup in a litter of seven - a rather large number of puppies for a bitch to have at one time. As the runt of the litter, he was the smallest and the least concerned about. While his brothers and sisters wrestled and fed and were adopted, Garm hid in a corner, snagged what food he could, and watched as his kin were taken away. When his mother was done being bred with his father, Garm was taken to a daycare and dropped off. He was cared for there with other pokemon that did not have homes, expecting no one to come for him, as was often the case for the pokemon there.

It was some time later that Richard and Nagi Doyle came to the daycare, looking for a pokemon to train for their son. They looked at a number of canid pokemon, many of whom were rather rambunctious, and at a shinx who was quote sweet from Garm's experience, but a little on the timid side. Garm was quiet, however, and remained in a corner, chewing on a blue ball one of the daycare ladies had given him, so he was surprised when the Doyles picked him.

Garm was taken to a special obedience trainer and taught many special skills to use, to help take care of an injured human. When his training was completed, he was given to Lysander, a young man in a wheelchair, who he was to care for.

Garm takes his job as Lysander's guardian very seriously. He is a guardian first, and pokemon second. Although he is currently the strongest of Lysander's pokemon, Garm does not battle unless he is the last resort, or if Lysander would be placed into danger by his failure to do so. The only time that he truly lets himself play around is when Lysander gets out the blue ball he used to play with at the day care. Whenever he chews on it is known as Puppy Time.

meowth.gif Meowth
Level 11


Mother: Persian
Father: Glameow

- Growl, Scratch, Bite, Fake Out Hypnosis (egg move) -

Mafdet is named for the Egyptian goddess of justice. The name means “she who runs swiftly,” and the goddess was represented by having the head of a lion.

Mafdet once lived in the city, in a group of meowth headed by a ferocious male persian. She did not get along well with the other meowth. The males weren't allowed to touch her because their leader favored her, and the females were jealous of her status among them, because of the leader's favor. Mafdet, however, did not like the leader or what she knew he intended to do to her when he got the chance, and so she left one night when she was able and disappeared into the wild.

She lived on her own for a while, using her street smarts to feed, but country life is far different from city life - the food you catch is often as wild as you and can't be snuck out of a trash can. More than once, she had been chased away from a house by a pet pokemon or a broom. She became a fierce predator, because it was the only way she knew to survive. She put up quite a fight when she was attacked by Icarus and his mudkip, SwampThing. However, she was captured, and then given to Lysander.

Despite her initial uncertainties, Mafdet grew to like Lysander very quickly. He scratched her ears, fed her, and let her lay on his lap, and she was content. Although she can often be found napping on Lysander's lap or on the back of his wheelchair, just behind his neck, Mafdet is the fiercest of his fighters and particularly vicious when someone insults or threatens him. She can also be quite cruel, when she finds the occasion calls for it. She is, after all, a cat. She is known to put people and pokemon off by her propensity for staring unblinkingly at them for a long time with her amber-golden eyes. Lysander blames it on her Unnerve ability.

hippopotas.gif Hippopotas
Level 14
Sand Stream


Mother: Hippowdon
Father: Exploud

- Tackle, Sand Attack, Bite, Yawn, Sleep Talk (egg move) -

Pronounced “Wade,” Uaid is actually named off of an ogre-machine hybrid creature in one of Lysander’s favorite work-in-progress webcomics, Unsounded, by Ashley Cope. Uaid spends most of his time eating whatever he can find, and splashing whatever foul liquid nearby onto Mafdet, who does not particularly like the hippopotas. For some reason, Uaid finds her disdain hilarious. Of course, Uaid is not very smart, and seems to find everything hilarious.

Laptop with wireless internet
Various potions and antidotes
Water bottle
Soccer ball

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Waldorf, the edible and altogether scrumptious

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post Aug 17 2011, 01:03 AM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

Just a little backstory for Garm of Hounds would be nice, since the growlithe is currently Lysander's most powerful pokemon. I won't delay your approval over this small edit though.



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