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Jay Lange
Master Houndoom
post Mar 24 2009, 04:53 PM
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Team Rogue: Houndoom
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Name: Jay Lange

Age: 17

Hometown: Jubilife, Sinnoh.

Appearance: Jay has short cropped red hair, which is usually slicked back with sweat. He is around six feet tall, and is well proportioned due to his athletic activity. He is a practitioner of parkour or "free running", and is decently versed in basic self defense. His skin tone is light, despite the fact that he spends as much time in the sun as he can. He has blue-green eyes and a light smattering of freckles across his nose. His brows seem, at first glance, to be perpetually furrowed.

He tends to dress in sleeveless shirts and jeans or slacks that are not tight at all. He wears his poketch, with a green casing, on his left wrist, and a yellow wristband that is loose (but not enough to slip off of his wrist), which is a token from his sister. His clothes are otherwise dark colored or black.

Personality: Jay tends to be quiet on first meeting, but warms up quickly. Despite his sometimes concerned or angry appearance, his face is quite expressive, and he is open and friendly. He is usually quick with a joke, but not all of them are good. Still, he tries. He is kind, and protective of his loved ones, and the "weak", people he knows cannot defend themselves. Despite the term weak, he treats most people with respect, only disrespecting, even goading, bullies. He has a lot of confidence in his combat skills, both with and without pokémon (and if he ever has to, he can run away very well!)

Biography: Jay Lange wasn't always a martial artist, nor was he always interested in pokémon. When he was small, he was the young son to Robert and Samantha Lange, a semi-famous pair known for a local serial action drama, "Catch as Catch Can". The marriage of the actors who played such bitter rivals caused a minor media sensation, and the fame stayed with the Langes well after the drama went off the air.

Jay was born soon after, and the Langes, knowing how fame can affect a child, did their best to keep their son out of the spotlight. All went well, for a time, with Robert becoming a producer and Samantha a director of no small skill, until Jay was asked, in a moment of desperation, to film a chase scene. The stunt coordinator's interest was piqued, and he began to train Jay in stunt work. This began Jay's interest in Martial Arts and Parkour (a form of free running and climbing using no equipment), but, much to his parents' relief, not an interest in show business.

When Jay was three, his little sister Amber was born. She was a happy child, but Jay took the new addition badly at first. Unfortunately, she developed a psychic talent which caused her to be sickly for much of her growing up years. Because her talent was mostly empathic in nature, she would sometimes have fits of extreme anger or sadness. Jay was the best at calming her, which helped their relationship, and brought his protective nature to the fore.

Sabrina, from Saffron in Kanto, was contacted by a friend of Robert's and helped train Amber, but because of her developmental years, she will always be frail. She acquired a ralts to help protect her, which, over the years, grew into a gardevoir and eventually laid an egg (having been attracted to a local trainer's banette). Amber asked Jay to raise the offspring, which he agreed to. He also protected a houndour who had been lost in the city, and the dark pup followed him ever after.

When the news of Noverus reached Sinnoh, all Jay could see was the big bullying entity of Magma. He ran away from home to find and join Aqua in defeating Team Magma, and, hopefully freeing the city from tyrannical reign. Only his sister knows where he went, and has given him a wristband to remember her by.

Faction: Aqua (525 Faction EXP)

(Bolded moves gain STAB)
Starting Pokémon:

Hinata, Female Kirlia.

Knows Double Team, Confusion, Growl, Will-o-Wisp*, Teleport, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Calm Mind, Psychic, Imprison, Future Sight, Shadow Sneak*, Grudge*, Charm

Hinata was born of Verthande, the gardevoir that protects and keeps his sister Amber company, and a local banette named Banny. Due to being surrounded by strong psychic influences as an egg (an uncommon practice, as many Gardevoir tend to lay eggs in private in the Sinnoh region, relying on the ralts' abilities to find them trainers), Hinata developed rather quickly and powerfully within her egg. Her mother was a constant presence, and Amber, a powerful psychic, also spent time communicating. On the event of her hatching, the first being she saw was Amber, and she opened her mind to her. Amber did the same in greeting, and the joint link lead to a psychic feedback loop that overwhelmed both of them. The loop was forced apart by Hinata's mother, but the damage was done. Amber was able to recover mentally and physically, and Hinata, unconsciously, set about her own mental recovery by forgiving Amber, but the ralts' eyes were rendered non-functional.

Amber asked Jay to train the newly hatched ralts, since to make her strong the trainer had to be able to travel. Amber, as noted above, was frail and protected by her parents. Jay readily agreed, and when Hinata touched his mind, she saw a character from a comic book there that she reminded Jay of. She asked him to name her after that character based on his impressions of same, and he did, dubbing her Hinata.

Hinata has learned to see through the eyes of Jay, others (she avoids doing so with psychics, because they can detect her) and some pokémon, including Videl. To further emulate the character, Hinata covers her head crest in anything black she can find, usually muck and grease, much to Jay's disgust. It is removed every time she is restored to her ball, so she always covers it again. Lately, Jay has taken to buying her black body paint to keep her from catching something. She also bulges the veins around her eyes when she uses the powers, again to emulate the character she is named after. Jay finds this a bit creepy.

There was an indication that Hinata has developed a strong crush on her master, but both tended to avoid the subject. When Jay met his current partner and was forced into hiding with her, Hinata had to confront these feelings, and is finally letting them go.

She has evolved after Jay was attacked by another trainer's pokémon. Her outlook, while more mature, has also made her quicker to judge emotionally. Jay has moved from love interest to father figure in her eyes, mainly due to her attraction to Sagira's own kirlia. Recently she is struggling, as Paladin has begun to give her a cold shoulder, yet a psychically available absol named Adimu has begun paying her more attention.

Videl, Female Houndoom.

Knows Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Beat Up, Fire Fang, Faint Attack, Embargo

Videl was found by Jay when she was cornered by several local pokémon, mostly canid. She was being driven away simply because of their prejudice (she was a dark type, and as such was untrusted even by the strays of Jubilife). Jay saw her cornered and scared the others away, saving Videl's life. She never forgot, and took to following him. Though reluctant to own a dark type (which are powerful against psychics), Videl's persistence got the better of him and he caught her and began to train her. He asked Hinata to name her, and she drew from yet another comic book source, naming her after one of the main character's love interests.

Videl is rare among her species: She is a hyperactively happy houndoom. As a houndour her stubby tail was strong because it wagged so much, and even now her mouth is constantly open, her tongue lolling out in a vacuous, canid grin. Despite her seeming silly demeanor, she is competent and strong. Videl will turn from happy to a growling, seething terror, matching the preconception of her species and it's pre-evolution, in a heartbeat if Jay or Hinata are threatened. She also has a habit of surreptitiously peeing on the shoes of people she doesn't like.

Videl has recently evolved into a houndoom, after an incident caused the tired houndour to anger. Her personality hasn't changed a bit.

Caught Pokémon:

Siryn, Female Misdreavus

Knows Growl, Screech*, Psywave, Spite, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Psybeam, Pain Split, Payback, Shadow Ball, Perish Song, Shadow Sneak*, Sucker Punch*

Siryn was a misdreavus that haunted an Aqua owned office building. She had a reputation among the workers there as a kind of trouble-maker, and the office workers accepted her with emotions ranging from extreme ire (one worker and his female partner want to take her apart "molecule by molecule") to eye-rolling acceptance. When a new worker is hired, she can feed for a few days until they get used to her. Because of this, she was near starved and craved her species food of choice, which is fear stored in her neck gems.

Jay caught her while trying to scare her away when she tried to scare Jay, Sagira, and a trio of Magmas. Because of her hunger, which made her weaker than usual, she was caught. Jay released her in battle, and promised to feed her if she helped them. They have both made good on that arrangement. Jay named her Siryn because of her Screech attack, and Siryn enjoys her new name.

Siryn is a bit unhinged, and refers to herself in the first person. She has the ability to speak to someone's mind, but not to the level of a psychic type (she can "send", but not "receive", and sends as a broadcast, so others "hear" her). For the first time, she is dealing with someone being kind to her, and it is having a positive, if unpredictable, effect. She has recently shown an attraction to Paladin, and a loathing for Hinata, but is also confused, because she feels badly for Hinata since Paladin is shunning her.

Raven, Female Shiny Eevee

Knows Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Growl, Quick Attack, Bite, Baton Pass, Take Down, Covet*, Charm*

Raven was a gift from his mother for his birthday. She was received from a breeder who was desperate to find them homes, as the persons that she, and her sister, were bred for found the odd coloring of Raven's coat "disgusting".

She is aloof and condescending, and "speaks" only when spoken to. She seems to find comfort in team mates Videl, Siryn, and Sagira's houndour Umbrae, as well as Ivy's Alpha. Despite her seeming loathing of all others, she will not go out of her way to hurt anyone, and will fight to protect Topaz, Jay, and his human friends. She despises, however, Ivy's eevee, Epsilon. In battle, she is apt to tease, but is also fierce and quick to anger. She will override a command if she feels she has a better tactic. It is her dream to become a cool, icy demeanored glaceon.

Lady Jaye, Female Taillow

Knows Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor, Aerial Ace, Whirlwind*, Brave Bird*, Agility

Jay discovered a taillow in the Merchant District of Noverus while on a mission to capture a disgraced former Magma Elite. She had been hurt and poisoned. Siryn bought a pokeball at a nearby shop (a heal ball) and Jay caught her. Lady Jaye was the first pokemon in Jay's team not to be named by Hinata (Sagira named him), and has a habit of sitting on Jay's shoulder and mimicking his actions and facial expressions.

Cammy, Female Riolu

Knows Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Counter, Force Palm, Feint, Counter, Screech, Copycat, Blaze Kick*, Bullet Punch*, Mind Reader*

Jay and Sagira first encountered Cammy while they were on the run from Dawson, branded as traitors. Infiltrating his personal office space, Jay was pulled toward a broom closet by an unknown force (his budding Aura powers) and found her hanging there. She had, unknown to him, been the subject of experiments, trying to replicate her aura ability, which Dawson had assumed was given by her to his son. Jay freed her, and she fled.

Later, she began to follow Jay, believing that he could help her rectify the mistake she made of allowing Dawson's son to be injured and Dawson to experiment on her. She secretly aided him against three magmas in a movie theater who had tried to bully Jay and Sagira on a date, and revealed herself when Jay, Sagira, and Ivy While Jay, Sagira, and now Ivy were involved in a battle. At the point of exhaustion, she let her guard down and allowed Jay to pick her up and capture her.

In the lab, she had been mistreated, to the point that in order to stop her screaming from the experiments, Dawson had her vocal cords severed. The experiments further have skewed her sense of time, so that everything she had experienced in her life is believed to be in the present time. This results in her constantly feeling the pain of her experiments, and her thinking in present tense, so that things that HAVE happened or WILL happen are described as happening now.

Cammy wears a red cloak, which she dramatically throws off when she is called to battle, and performs her moves like Cammy from Street Fighter, from whence Jay got her name. She is the second of Jay's team not to be named by Hinata.

* denotes an Egg Move, which may, or may not, be active.

Potion x3
Pokéball x5
Poketch x1

Additional Notes: Jay has no real psychic abilities of his own, but psychics tend to find his presence soothing, as his emotions are basic and powerful, tending to mask those of others when in his presence. He has learned, for his sister's sake, to project calm even if he's not, something his sister can see through, but appreciates, since his anger, sadness, and fear can overpower her if he let them.

[align=center]Uprising Mod

Jaima Kuonji and Meiko Omura||Branwys Muphenz
[spoiler=Jaima's Gym Badges][/spoiler]

Jay Lange||Olivia Prewitt

As of January 29, 2010, at approximately 7:50am CST, 2gamers helped me complete my pokedex!

:houndoom: I claim Houndoom! :houndoom: [/align]
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post Mar 24 2009, 05:02 PM
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oh.gif It's gunna be interesting to see Parkour in Noverus. Profile accepted.


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