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New Exploration, Not to be taken entirely seriously
post Feb 27 2012, 02:36 AM
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What Happened?
Some days you wake up and just can't remember...

Task 1: You wake up with butterflies in your stomach. Go to the bathroom and feel better.

Release 6 butterfree.

Task 2: Your head still hurts. Try taking a cold shower.

Have a lv. 50 dewgong in your party.

Task 3: After getting out of the shower, you hear the phone ring. It's your girlfriend. She starts yelling hysterically at you right away. Combined with your already bad headache from your hangover, you can't stand it.

Have a lv. 30 psyduck and a lv. 45 loudred in your party.

Task 4: You promptly hang up the phone and hear a knock at the door. It's the captain of the boxing team, and he looks angry. Just what did you do last night to antagonize all these people?

Defeat the boxing captain in the battle tower.

Task 5: You swing to punch him and it connects with his jaw. It doesn't affect boxer! He proceeds to beat the living tar out of you and your pokemon.

Have 7 antidotes in your inventory.

Task 6: Apparently you hooked up with his girl last night. Nice one! You forgot what his girlfriend looks like, so you go dig out last year's yearbook to find a picture of her.

Have a lv. 20 jynx in your party.

Task 7: Oh dear lord. You ruined your relationship with your girlfriend and got beaten to a bloody pulp for that!? The door knocks again. Now who could that be? It's the police, and they have a warrant to search your apartment. This worries you, as your apartment is still a mess from last night and who knows what kind of crazy stuff went down.

Your place is a mess. Hatch 3 trubbish.

Task 8: They find some sort of mysterious glittering item under your coffee table. You've never seen it before. They tell you you're under arrest and begin to read you the miranda rights. You scream at them, "what for?! I didn't do anything!" They hold up the mysterious item, which you now see is some kind of odd gem. "This was stolen from Professor Cypress' lab last night. We have a man matching your description on video tape." You panic and run out your door as fast as you can.

Run from the cops. Get 3000 interactions.

Task 9: Somehow you managed to shake them off by hiding in a bush. As you ease your nerves, you realize that there is something heavy in your shirt pocket. It's the mysterious gem! You wonder how it got in there? Weren't the police just holding it? Just what kinds of mystical power does this gem hold? You take a closer look and realize, this is the crest of a dialga! A shiny one! You wouldn't normally have known such an obscure fact, but shiny dialga was *sniff* HER favorite pokemon! As you think about your now ex-girlfriend, a tear rolls down your cheek and splashes onto the gem. The bush you're hiding in seems to get a little bit smaller. Did you just... travel back in time?

You emerge from the bush and see that it's night time. Find someone and ask them what day and time it is.

Find the special exploration item. (The special exploration item is a frightened old man.)

Task 10: You find an old man going for a late night walk, and scream at him, with twigs in your hair and dirt on your face, "what year is it?!" He's startled, but is too weak to run away. You calm yourself down and manage to get him to tell you that it is in fact, the previous night! Now you can fix your mistakes!

You go back to your house and find that, surprisingly, it's quiet. Wasn't there supposed to be a party? You sneak up to the window and peer inside. What you see nearly makes you shout with surprise, but you manage to muffle it.

There's you, laying passed out on the floor, and standing over you... is another you! You realize now that it must have been this doppelganger who stole the gem and set you up! Also, he must have been the one who cheated on your girlfriend! What a relief!
You bust the door open to confront the doppelganger! Oh, but the door was unlocked... Anyway, you charge the imposter and he falls backwards hard onto your coffee table, breaking his neck. Oh no, what have you done!? You've killed a man!

But what's this? He seems to be melting... transforming... It's a ditto! You've always wanted one of those! you catch it with your pokeball. You'll heal it, then make it talk.

Have 50 people give the weakened ditto a berry.

Task 11: It seems the ditto can't speak human language, but it begins to write something out on your wall. I... may... have... stolen... dialga's... crest... but that jynx was all you, man. As you fade back into your own time, you howl into the night, "NOOOOOOO!!!"

You find yourself back in the bush you were hiding in earlier. A beaten man, you decide it can't get any worse so you head over to professor cypress' lab to return dialga's crest. Surprisingly, she isn't mad and is only grateful to have her item returned. As thanks, she gives you a bottle of her finest liquor. Maybe this time you should give it to your pokemon instead of drinking it yourself.

End exploration.

The prize is a permanent account upgrade called, "Liqour" and it allows you to spike the drinks you give to pokemon, increasing the amount of happiness they give by 50%.

So, this is an explo I just came up with on the spot in a chat room after we were joking about making a drink that gave more happiness than lemonade (Alcohol). They said it was good and told me to post it here, so that's what I'm doing. Hope you enjoyed it! grin.gif

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post Feb 27 2012, 03:24 AM
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Explorations are on the "Do not suggest list" sorry


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post Feb 27 2012, 04:16 AM
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My life's a theater.
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lololol I had a good laugh thank you xdddddddddddd


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post Feb 27 2012, 10:03 AM
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Lugia Hype


Since this is on the Do Not Suggest list, I'm going to go ahead and close it.


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Discord is a thing

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