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Meagan Reilly, Aspiring professional pokeathlete
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post Mar 10 2012, 08:55 AM
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Name: Meagan Reilly.
Age: 18.
Hometown: Born in Goldenrod City, Johto, recently moved to Barley.


Meagan is a young lady of average height, with short, bright red hair and brown eyes. While retaining slimness and elegance, practicing sports has given her a pretty muscular build. Meagan is very proud of her hair and can spend quite some time on it in the morning, even though she doesn’t really wear it in a special style. She’s mostly seen smiling, her eyes bright and alert. She’s always standing ‘at attention,’ ready to leap forward at a moment’s notice or throw a pokéball.

Despite her love for sports, Meagan doesn’t go about wearing sportswear all the time. In fact, when not working out she prefers to wear a black dress, accompanied by small red shoes and a coral bracelet. She carries her items in a black purse, on the strap of which she keeps the pokéballs of Cerberus and Garuda. When practicing sports, however, Meagan wears a black track suit with white lining and white sneakers.

Meagan may appear and act a bit older than she looks. Her dream is to become a famous pokéathlete along with Cerberus and Garuda, and anything she might catch between now and then. She doesn’t even have to be the very best, but it would be nice to make a living off of it, right? While Meagan may not be the brightest of the bunch, she’s certainly not stupid and her enthusiasm and devotion more than make up for it.

She has a little interest in mythology, hence the names of her Pokémon, and in fact studies it at one of those online college things. She often jokingly says she wasn’t smart enough for the real deal, and this was easier to combine with her training and practice. She’s actually kind of knowledgeable on the subject, too, but has the tendency to ramble on and on and on when asked about it.

She’s very good at making people wish they hadn’t asked, but other than that she’s not a bad person to be around.

Born in Goldenrod City, Meagan lived right next to two landmarks- National Park and the Pokedome. She visited both rather often during her childhood, resulting in her balanced love of pokemon and sports. As she reached the minimum age, she would often borrow her father’s Stantler, Growlithe and Noctowl to participate in the various events.

As she reached the age of ten, she was given an egg by her parents. It was a rather peculiar, somewhat ominous egg, all black with a few orange spots, but Meagan was happy nonetheless, knowing what this meant.

And sure enough, after she had carried it around in her backpack for long enough, it hatched in the middle of class. Out of the eggshell crawled the Houndour Meagan would later call Cerberus, after the three-headed hellhound.

She spent a few years training the puppy pokemon and getting it to acknowledge her as its mistress, running into plenty of trouble along the way and often asking her parents, the internet, or books for help on the subject. Finally, though, after two long years, Cerberus started to obey her. Her mother then suggested she participate in a Bug-catching contest at the National Park, as fighting together could tighten the bond between the two.

Grand was her surprise when Meagan returned with not a Caterpie or a Weedle, but a Pidgey. She simply said that Houndour did not like the insects and burnt them badly when he saw them, but he had pounced at this Pidgey and she had found them playing. (Later, her parents would discover that ‘playing’ had entailed Houndour trying to bite into Pidgey’s belly while it tried to peck at his eyes.)

The circus began over with the Pidgey, now called Garuda, although it was a lot less stubborn than Houndour and adapted to its new mistress a lot more easily.

A few years ago, before Meagan turned of legal age, her father got a job offer in Furoh and moved his family there. Meagan had to leave her Johto friends behind, only bringing her Pokemon friends with her to her new home. It was also around this time that she first started actually training Cerberus and Garuda, started her study of mythology, and decided to travel and see if there were any athletic pokemon out there.

It was on one of her travels that she came across and caught the dog-like Electrike. Through the wonders of the internet she had already seen its evolved form and she knew it would be useful to have for speed and jumping contests.

Class: Pokéathlete.


- Lv. 5 Houndour (Male, nickname Cerberus)
Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl.
- Lv. 5 Pidgey (Male, nickname Garuda)
Moves: Tackle, Sand-attack.
- Lv. 5 Electrike (Female, nickname Artemis)
Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave.

Items: Poké Ball x5, Great Ball x1, Potion x2, Antidote x2, Bicycle.

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Scheherazade.
Other Notes: Maegan is an extremely good runner, but a little lacking in other departments. She would love to team up with a Doduo or Dodrio someday.

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post Mar 10 2012, 05:52 PM
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And a Golurk

Greetings from Khathelet

Approved. Go post in the Current levels thread. Have fun!


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