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Adrian Guiscard, Lalala, newbie profile...
Unnamed Dude
post Mar 11 2012, 05:57 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Adrian's Roster

Name: Adrian Guiscard

Age: 14

Hometown: Born just outside Fortree City, moving to Baccate

Appearance: Adrian is a little scrawny, and not a little bit unassuming. His brown bangs tend to get in his eyes, but since he doesn’t like going to the trouble of cutting his hair, he just keeps them up with a plain blue bandanna. Although his face is distinctly average, his skin is reasonably tanned from some time in the gardens. His blue eyes always seem to hold a sense of curiosity in them, despite his shyness.

Adrian is also a bit short, and he does not appreciate it when this is pointed out. His hair comes down in wavy patterns to his lower neck and, to his dismay, he has a few skin blemishes on his forehead and face. His usual attire is nothing to write home about, just a pair of worn, faded jeans and a solid orange t shirt, sometimes topped by a gray hoodie if the weather is cold or rainy. His height is about 5 feet 2, or 157 cm, and his weight is around 98 pounds(44 kg).

Personality: Adrian has never been the forward type. No, his personality is dominated by timidity and understatement. He cannot deal well with people and usually will avoid eye contact at all costs, never speaking first. It is easy to interpret him as unfriendly, but even though he acts this way, he is actually fairly sweet. If he sees a pokemon or person in trouble, he will volunteer his help, however taciturn he may be.

Adrian is slow to anger and is much more likely to be sad about things than become enraged. Both of these only make his already close-mouthed demeanor all the more silent. However, in the case of the odd angry fit, what comments he does make are much more likely to be scathing, bitter ones. Outside of this, though, he is quite easy-going and willing to “flow” with things. While he may panic if a battle is unexpected, he is usually surprisingly competent, becoming focused entirely on the battle and the factors of it.

Biography: Born as the child of an herbalist and botanist couple, Adrian has always spent an inordinate amount of time and energy working in gardens for his gender. However, they lived away from most of the city, and as a direct result, he was completely cut off from human interaction, to the detriment of his social skills. To him, things like pokemon and plants made much more sense. They seemed to understand him, to react to him. As time went on he amused himself by immersing himself in studies and the garden. He enjoyed seeing the blooms of the flowers, the healing of pokemon to the unknown faces of his own species. He grew to be quite learned, but also quite naďve due to the isolation. Perhaps the only people he actually had a good relationship with were his parents.

At some point, Adrian has forgotten when, the family stumbled across a lone Poochyena, whining but receiving no answer. A pup. Trainers had probably captured its mother, or scattered the pack. Or both. It was alone now.

But Adrian ended up taking it in and raising it as a pet. That Poochyena, Veil, became his best friend. Seeing how happy it made him to have a companion, his parents decided it was a wise investment to get him a Ralts for his next birthday. The days became brighter, more joyful….

Then, one day, they spotted an opportunity in Furoh. There were new plants to study, new things to see. The move was made. Along the way, Adrian dreamt of pokemon….

As they reached the new region, he asked, on an impulse, to see the world as a trainer. Though worried, his parents acquiesced, hoping he would open up to others. An exciting new beginning was ahead of him.

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokemon:
Veil: Level 10 Poochyena, Male
Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack

Level 10 Ralts, Female
Moves: Growl, Confusion, Double Team

Items: Poke ball x 4, Potion x 3, A few assorted Berries.

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Scheherazade! (Whew, that’s a mouthful.)

[Sorry if this ends up being a re-post, I got a 504 the first time I sent it in and assumed it didn't go through.]


Adrian Guiscard (click to show)
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post Mar 11 2012, 07:19 PM
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Weak Livered Milk Drinker
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And a Golurk

Approved. Please post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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