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Lilly Moore, I don't think it posted before...
post May 31 2012, 10:48 AM
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Ice Beam used Ice Beam!
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My Soul Silver Team

Name: Lilly Moore
Age: 15
Hometown: Goldenrod

Appearance: Lilly has long night black hair, that is often plain and strait, with small wispy bangs. She never does much with her hair except putting a barret it her hair. She has many different colors and styles of barrets and uses them to express her mood and style.

She has light blue eyes. Her friends say that when she talks about something that she really cares about there can be a spark in her eyes.

Lilly only wears the colors blue, green, and red. The only exception is her black boots. Living in Goldenrood can have its perkes, like the latest trends. Lilly is into fashion and can be found wearing what is in. Though that is only when she is in Goldenrod, when she goes outside the city, on her bike, she wears what is confortable. It doesn't matter if that is bike pants, a sun dress, or her favorite shirt.

Lilly is 5 feet and 9 inches. She can be agile with a weight of 125. She tends to pig out so she keeps her weight by riding her bike.

Biography: Lilly has lived in Goldenrod all her life. Some would think that life in a big city would be nice, they are wrong from Lilly's point of view. She got her bike when was six, has used it ever since. Her parents told her not to go outside of the city, but that is all she ever wanted to do. When she was seven her little brother was born, which is when she asked her mom if she could go outside the city. She said no. Lilly would not take it, so asked her mom if she could just go to were the day care people lived. Her mom thought that was fair so let her go. She made friends with the elderly couple, and one day the day care man invited her on a trip. She called her mom, who said it was okay. The trip was to union cave were in some of the waters was a Spheal. The Spheal was very friendly. The old man told her that it appered every Friday. She reached out to pet it and the Spheal got closer to her. She had a collection of different types of pokeballs, so she pulled out a Net Ball. The Spheal nudged it, and let Lilly capture her. The old man was very confused, but happy for Lilly. When Lilly came home, her parents seeing that she had a pokemon whould now let her go to Azalea. Many years passed when she turned 10.

Her parents would let go on mini adventures as they called them, which was a trip to city then back home. Lilly was happy just to get out, so was her Spheal. She learned to take care of herself and her Spheal in a few trips. Learned how to pick good shelter when she go caught in a down pour. Learned how to make a fire when the temp went bellow freezing. She also became very good friends with her Spheal which was always with her. When she was 12, she wanted to go to Cianwood. Her parents thought she was crazy, she told them she has Spheal which was a water type. They let her go. When on her way to Olivine, so she could reach the sea, she ran into a caterpie. She decied she should catch it. After a very hard battle the caterpie was hers. When she came back home her parents were very surprised at the caterpie. When she 14 she had practicly seen all of Johto, once again she had to get her parents okay to go do something. This time she wanted to go to the Kanto region. Unlike all times before her parents let her go, because she had two pokemon and could take care herself. She wanted to see the Indigo Plateau first so off she went on her trusty bike, that she had to fix a few times. At one point she came to water, so she let out her Spheal, when she came to land again there was tall grass. She learned early on that you do not ride your bike through tall grass. She left her Spheal out because she had no clue what type of pokemon she would meet in Kanto. When she was almost out of the grass a flaming pony jumped out at her. Her pokedex told her it was a Ponyta, being the first pokemon she meet in Kanto she decied to catch it. With Spheal being part water, capturing the Ponyta was alot easier then the caterpie.

Lilly was finally 15, and had explored all of Kanto and Johto. She wanted to be on her own too. She had three pokemon, that were her best friends. She wanted something different then, go to a city come back. Her parents would not agree, but one day Lilly had to watch her brother. He wanted to see her pokemon, so she let out her caterpie. Her little brother loved hearing the stories of her adventures, and he asked for the one about the caterpie. Her parents came home to her still telling the story and thought that it might not be so bad to let her on her own. Her brother loved her stories, and everyone was used to her being home sometimes and sometimes not. So finally Lilly could do what she had dreamed about ever since she was six. She had her own big adventure, with no parents.

Personality: Lilly looks like she is a city girl, but really she was born in the wrong place. Lilly loves the wilderness, and everything that comes with it. She is used to battles and really gets into it. She is fierce when she battles, and uses all of her pokemon's skills. Though usually she is toned down and not fierce and screaming at the top of her lungs. She is not outgoing and not shy, somewhere in the middle.

Her parents control her too much, so she tends to be to risky. She leaves the house with every chance she gets. Though even when she leaves the house her destination is controled. It drives her nuts sometimes, which is why a going to place without her parents was her biggest dream.

She loves her little brother, who shares her love of pokemon. He loves all of her tales. She tries to encouage him to himself and do what he wants. Her little brother doesn't care that she leaves alot, he is jelous of her.

Lilly can be goof ball, that can tick people off. Though if look at just the right way you can see who Lilly really is. She does not get mad to much. You can take her food, just not all of it; take all of her sleeping suplies; let her pokemon at of their balls, but you can not touch her collection of poke balls. Her father gave her the collection, and she still adds to the collection. Though the thing that makes her the maddest is insulting her pokemon.



Spheal spheal.gif
Nickname:Ice Beam
Abilty: Thick Fat
Moves: Defense Curl, Powder Snow, Growl, Water Gun, Encore
Bio: Lilly got her when Lilly was 7. The Spheal hopped right into the poke ball. Ice Beam will help Lilly across oceans, and has become Lilly's best friend. They have shared countless laughs at each other, and at other things.
Personality: Takes very much after her trainer, very laid back and calm. Has a good sense of humor, and works very hard to be the best at battling. After spending as much time as her trainer has along different routes uses to tough conditions outdoors.

Caterpie caterpie.gif
Abilty:Shield Dust
Moves:Tackle, String Shot
Bio: After countless meeting with caterpie, Lilly decied to catch one. Zues has been a big help, and given Ice Beam some much needed breaks.
Personality:Rushes into things, often will get into fights with wild pokemon when one is not needed. Puts in 100% when it is awake. Zues seems more like a Snorlax than a Caterpie. Mischievous and butting in on things that aren't his.

Ponyta ponyta.gif
Abilty: Flash Fire
Moves:Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip
Bio: The very first pokemon Lilly met in Kanto. Helping with battles with trainers, and almost KOed Zues.
Personality: A very sweet pokemon, she will only battle a pokemon if Lilly tells her to. Would never hurt any pokemon on purpose. The only reason she jumped out at Lilly was because she was scared of Lilly. When she was lower in level was more scared.


Poke Ball x5
Great Ball x2
Net Ball x2
Heal Ball x1
Dusk Ball x3
Quick Ball x2
Timer Ball x1
Dive Ball x3
Heavy Ball x1
National Pokedex
Bed Roll
Berry Pouch
Ball Toy
Potion x5
Super Potion x2
Antidote x3
Lemonaid x3

What is the biscuit's name? Scheherazade

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post May 31 2012, 06:38 PM
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And a Golurk

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