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Mona Byrne, bluh bluh huge newbie profile
post Jun 19 2012, 01:42 PM
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Name: Mona Byrne
Age: 16
Hometown: She grew up in Lenoilia, Furoh, but is currently living in Baccate.

At 5'4", Mona's height is just around average for her age. Her weight, however, is below average, and her extremely slim build gives she impression that she's very malnourished. Her skin is a slightly pale apricot color, and it doesn't seem to tan easily. She has small, deep brown eyes that often look either tired or completely emotionless. Her dirty blonde hair is short-cut, coming down to her chin, and quite messy - Mona has given up trying to tame it - and often ends up hanging over her eyes. She has several scars, but the only one that's really noticeable is a slash across her left cheek.

All the time she spent in Lenoila caused Mona to be a rather sickly girl. She coughs a lot, and her voice is a bit raspy. She also seems to catch viruses more easily than most people. Physically, she is very weak and easily exhausted. When running, even short distances will cause her to become tired and out of breath.

Mona switches between wearing three different solid-colored t-shirts; one black, one white, and one dark purple. They are all rather tight-fitting and show signs of wear and tear, as Mona has owned them for quite a long time. She has one pair of jeans, which appear to be in the same state as her shirts, aside from the fact that they're baggy instead of tight. The jeans have four pockets - two on the front and two on the back - in which Mona stores most of her small possessions. Because her jeans are a bit loose-fitting, she wears a simple black belt - complete with six "pockets" meant for holding Pokéballs - to hold them up. She carries a small black backpack, in which she stores her spare shirts and anything else that won't fit in her pockets. The only accessory she wears is a cheap black digital watch, which doesn't even work properly half the time.

Getting any sort of emotional reaction out of Mona is a difficult task indeed. She rarely ever seems to smile or frown, and tries to keep a completely blank expression on her face at all times. It seems that she has made it her personal quest to remain indifferent to everything; she doesn't want to let her emotions control her decisions or actions. Instead, she tries to think things through, solving her problems with logic and reason rather than by following her heart. However, this doesn't always work out for Mona, as her intelligence is only average and she often doesn't have the knowledge she needs to figure something out or explain her reasoning.

Even though she's very good at hiding it, Mona does have feelings. The only way to know how she feels about something is by listening to her voice. Though she doesn't normally seem to be capable of feeling excessive joy or sadness, you can hear other emotions in her voice - curiosity, confusion, anxiety, fear... Hearing these different emotions when she speaks while only seeing apathy on her face can be quite an amusing sight. It's also quite the rare spectacle - because her feelings are so easily readable in her voice, Mona rarely speaks.

Mona isn't the most sociable person around. She has trouble picking up on both verbal and nonverbal cues, and thus is often unsure of how to respond when talked to. She also lacks a sense of humor. Many jokes - most notably, sarcasm - fly right past her, as she tends to take everything literally and seriously. In fact, Mona seems to take life in general a bit too seriously at times, scarcely stopping to have fun. Even when it seems like she wants to take a break and enjoy herself for a change, there is always some underlying purpose to what she's doing.

Though they are few and far between, there are certain times when Mona seems to open up a little more. At these times, she has actually been seen to smile and appears generally happier than usual. These moments usually happen when she's around her Pokémon, which are the only things she truly seems to care about. If she still had any friends, she would show her emotions more around them as well. However, it takes Mona quite a while to trust someone enough to call them a friend.

Mona was born in Lenoilia, and grew up in the city's streets. Needless to say, she didn't exactly have a happy childhood. She never knew her father, although she assumed he was an average gang member. As a child, she lived with her mother in a small abandoned house on the edge of the city, located too close to the Marowak Graveyard for most of the city's criminals to venture near. Here, Mona received only the bare necessities of life, but she didn't mind as that was just what she was used to. She also had frequent contact with ghost-type Pokémon, especially when she went outside. They frightened her at first, but she quickly learned not to fear them too much. They were just Pokémon, after all.

One day, her mother went out into the city to try and find some useful things, as she often did. However, this time, she never came back. Mona didn't know what happened to her; whether she had been killed, or if she just left. She was only around ten years old at the time, and without her mother she was lost, scared, and confused. She had never gone into the main part of the city - she rarely even left the house - so she had no idea what was waiting for her out there when she packed all the important things from her home and set out to explore the city.

The first time she went out into the city, she had many close calls - on several occasions, she was caught in the middle of a gunfight between some criminals, and narrowly escaped being killed. While trying to run away from one such incident, she tripped and fell, and something on the ground gave her the gash on her cheek. She didn't stop to see what it was, she just kept on running until she found what appeared to be the safest building in the city - the local Pokémon Center.

The Nurse Joy there was horrified when she saw the cut on Mona's face, and immediately took care of the wound. Afterwards, Joy asked her, in the kindest way possible, several questions about what had happened. The nurse seemed to understand, or at least empathize with, Mona's situation, and she told the girl that she should come back if she ever got hurt again.

Over the next couple of years of her life, Mona became accustomed to living on the streets and fending for herself. She learned how to avoid criminals and gangbangers, and the best places to find food as well as other things she needed. When she was sick or injured, she went straight to the Pokémon Center, as Nurse Joy advised her to, and over time almost every one of the Joy's who ever worked there knew Mona by name. It certainly wasn't the most luxurious life, and there were some days when she had to go without eating, but she managed well.

When she was twelve, Mona met her very first Pokémon friend. She was sitting in her old home, the abandoned house on the outskirts of the city, eating the small amount of food she had managed to scavenge that day. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a small shadow on the ground, steadily approaching her. The shadow belonged to an incredibly scrawny Rattata, who whimpered weakly as it followed the scent of her food. Deciding that the poor creature needed the food more than she did, Mona offered the Rattata what was left of her meal, and the small Pokémon happily accepted.

After the Rattata was finished eating, it didn't protest as Mona carried it over to the Pokécenter so Nurse Joy could have a look at it. She - Joy told Mona that her new Pokémon friend was female - apparently didn't have any diseases. She just needed to be fed and cleaned, and once Nurse Joy took care of that, she left the Rattata in Mona's care. Mona named her new friend "Lianne", and they have been faithful companions ever since.

As Mona was about to exit the Pokémon Center on the day she met Lianne, a strange young man with dark brown hair and glasses, appearing to be only a few years older than she was, entered the building. She had never seen him before, and he was far too nicely dressed to be a street criminal. He had a strange-looking Pokémon she had never seen before with him - it was rather small, bluish-green in color, and it reminded her of a statue. Curious about the young man and his Pokémon, Mona decided to stay in the building for a little while longer in order to find out why he was there.

She watched as he walked up to Nurse Joy and introduced himself as Brett Hayes, an aspiring researcher hoping to specialize in ghost-type Pokémon. He'd heard that Lenoilia was chock-full of ghosts, and he wanted to know where you could find a large number of them in one place. Nurse Joy told him about the Marowak Graveyard, and, noticing Mona, asked if she could show him where it was located. She agreed, but somewhat reluctantly, as she knew her "people skills" weren't exactly top-notch.

As they walked toward the graveyard, Brett tried without much success to initiate a conversation with Mona. Her answers to his questions - about her, her new Pokémon, or her family - were very blunt, and gave poor Brett the impression that she disliked him for some reason. Despite this, he would often ask her to come with him on his little expeditions to the Marowak Graveyard. They didn't get along very well at first, but over time, the two of them grew very close, and Brett became a sort of older brother figure to Mona. He would teach her everything he knew about Pokémon, and he helped her train Lianne. He also tried to help Mona become more sociable, but he wasn't so successful there. In return, Mona told him all about the city of Lenoilia, and how to survive in such an awful place.

When Mona was very young, she was a rather healthy child, which is probably why she was able to survive the hardships of her childhood. However, as she grew into a teenager, the combination of a lack of proper nutrition and all the pollution in Lenoilia caused her to become weaker and more prone to sickness. Each time she would visit Nurse Joy, the lady would be increasingly concerned about Mona's health. Brett, too, was very worried about her. When she was fifteen, and her health seemed to be at its worst, hey both suggested that she travel to Baccate, where the air is much cleaner. Brett offered to take her there, but Mona wished to travel alone; and since Brett planned on returning to Lenoilia after the journey anyway, she didn't want to make him to go through all that trouble. Brett wasn't comfortable with letting her go alone, and Lianne still wasn't strong enough to protect her trainer by herself. He gave her one of his own Pokémon, a Shuppet named Marion, to look after her.

After a long journey, Mona and her two Pokémon arrived in Baccate. She has only been living there for a few months, but the quiet life in the town full of friendly people has been a nice change from her harsh life in Lenoilia. Still, she wants to see some more action, which is why she has decided to start traveling with her Pokémon. She also hopes she will find some kind of purpose on her journey, and hopefully meet up with Brett again.

Currently undecided by Mona, but this is subject to change.

Starting Pokemon (click to show)

Five extra Pokéballs,
three each of Potions, Antidotes, and Parlyz Heal,
two spare shirts (detailed in Appearance),
a small black sleeping bag,
some Pokémon treats,
and a few assorted candy bars.

Other Notes:
Mona has a bit of a sweet tooth. She tries not to indulge in candy too often, but as she never ate it in her childhood, she enjoys sweets more than the average person. In fact, one of the few times she ever smiles is when she's eating a candy bar or the like.

The biscuit's name is Scheherazade.

Also, I wasn't sure where to put the bit about Mona being sickly/weak, so I just sort of slapped it onto the appearance section. ^^;; Is there anywhere else in particular where that paragraph should go?

And we're not allowed Egg/TM/Tutor moves when we start out, correct?

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post Jun 19 2012, 07:51 PM
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Approved. Please post in the Current Levels thread. Have fun!


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