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Rodney Marquette, Tragic Youth
post Jun 29 2012, 02:32 AM
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Name: Rodney Marquette
Age: 21
Hometown: Celadon City

Rodney rarely cuts his vaguely blonde, thick, and often times, messy hair. His stone blue eyes are slightly magnified behind a pair of subtle glasses, and his busy life as a father and trainer is seen in the bags underneath them. He wore braces as a child, and as a result, keeps his teeth a brilliant white, and almost perfectly straight. Despite this, he rarely shows his teeth when he smiles, and most people only see them when he laughs. He often “forgets” to shave, but when he remembers, his typically stubbly facial hair is shaved clean and smooth, complementing his masculine facial structure and strong jawline.

Rodney’s high school football career left him toned and muscular, but not necessarily bulky. He stands at roughly 5’11”, 165 pounds. Possibly due to a past injury, he tends to slouch, but he often leans on his surroundings to hide his shortcoming. His daughter’s name, Joanna, is tattooed around his left ankle, and his late wife’s name, Tia, on his right. Both tattoos are ornately drawn in flowing cursive, and they stand out on his lightly tanned, fair skin. He almost always wears mid-thigh length shorts to show them off. Rodney wears tasteful, form-fitting clothing, and takes a lot of pride in his style. Swanky, striped shirts with the sleeves rolled up to just beyond his elbow and his sleek tennis shoes round out his typical outfit.

Rodney is a father first and a trainer second; nearly everything else is thrown on the back burner. He relies a lot his Pokemon not only for battling or traveling across Furoh, but also to help him raise his young daughter. He is very defensive of his family, both human and Pokemon.

People describe Rodney as firm, but quiet. His words hold weight, and are few and far between. He dislikes when others touch him, and rarely leaves a good first impression. As he warms up to strangers, this discomfort fades, and he becomes much more personable and informal. Somewhat unsurprisingly, he becomes a different person when around his daughter. He laughs often, smiles constantly, and occasionally even tells a joke.

His wife’s passing is a very sore subject, and he tends to close up whenever he finds himself in conversations about relationships or the death of loved ones.

Rodney’s childhood was nothing of note. He grew up with two happily married parents, Joan and Marshall, and a younger sister, Tessa. His parents’ Pokemon were also like older siblings to him: a Meowth named Lulu, and a Mr. Mime named Maurice. Lulu walked Rodney and his sister to school until they were old enough to go themselves, and Maurice took care of them and the house when Joan and Marshall were out. Rodney and Tessa both had many friends, and were very close throughout their childhood.

In high school, Rodney was Celadon City’s golden boy. Rodney was a record-setting runningback, a straight-A student, and in love with a tall, elegant Pokemon trainer. Tia and Rodney began dating their sophomore year of high school. Rodney’s strong desire to become a family man, with a career, a family, and a home filled with Pokemon kept him from adventuring with a Pokemon when he was younger. Somewhat similarly, Tia’s parents wanted nothing more for their daughter than for her to study hard and become a Pokemon doctor, so she was forbidden from taking a journey with her prized Kadabra, Mustard.

Despite feeling trapped in Celadon, Tia was happy with Rodney. She supported his football career, he took care of Mustard, and they studied with one another often. Their relationship was the best thing in their lives. She got to travel through Kanto to watch Rodney’s football games. He got to experience what it was like to own a Pokemon, having never owned one for himself aside from an aging Meowth and a haggard Mr. Mime belonging to his family. And together, they graduated high school with honors.

Following graduation, Rodney was afraid to lose his perfect life. His girlfriend had plans to study Pokemon anatomy with Nurse Joy in Johto, his sister had grown into her own life with a boyfriend and her very own Pokemon, and his parents were spending increasingly more time away from home. Rodney panicked. Throughout the summer months just following his 18th birthday, he was consumed by stress resulting from the rapid changes in his life. His nights were spent dreaming up ways to “solve” his problems, and his days were spent with Tia in her last months before leaving him for what could be years of diligent studying. When he was with her, he was content. He was content until those feelings of impending change would overwhelm him, and he wouldn’t be able to feel happy anymore.

Rodney needed everything to stop, if only for a brief moment. Rodney bought a ring. It was cheap, but beautiful, a simple polished agate stone of marbled blues and blacks wrapped in a warm brass band. Tia was flattered, and most certainly terrified. Perhaps even more importantly, she also knew she was pregnant.

The wedding was as simple and as meaningful as the ring Rodney has purchased only 3 months prior. What had started as a rash decision out of fear had become a blessing. What was intended to stop Rodney’s life from rushing past him had only pushed everything in a different direction.

Tia gave birth to a baby girl shortly after their one month anniversary. Rodney named her Joanna, an amalgamation of his mother’s and wife’s names. He took his child into his arms. Rodney looked at his wife, his child, his sister, and then his mother. Rodney’s mother was bawling as she latched onto her husband’s arm with one hand, and wiped away running mascara with the other. She burst into the delivery room, husband in tow, and followed by her daughter, Tessa. She began to reach for her granddaughter, when her expression changed and she threw her hands out in front of her, pointing at Tia’s bed.

Rodney spun around as two nurses gently, but hurriedly, moved him aside to get to Tia. She was convulsing wildly, and her normally gentle expression was pained and full of terror. Needles were pulled out, recently moisturized and pedicured hands were all over Rodney’s new wife, and his mother’s sobs were heard between her choking on her tears. Rodney pulled his daughter in closer to his body as the movement in the room slowed. Marshall and Tessa had pulled Joan out of the room, and Marshall returned to the delivery room. He put his hand on his son’s shoulder.

Rodney could not bear to stay in Celadon once the funeral had concluded. His one and only love had been buried in Lavender Town, only a short walk from his childhood home. He packed a few things before saying goodbye to his sister. He told her to pass the message along to Tia’s grieving parents, as well as his own. He handed her a Pokeball containing Tia’s only Pokemon, grabbed his duffel and his daughter, and left immediately. He set course for Fidona, in the Furoh region, where he was sure no one would even know his name.

He arrived in the small island town early in the evening. Joanna was hungry, and his backpack was heavy, so he decided the only thing he could do was find a place to stay for the evening. There didn’t appear to be an inn anywhere to be found, so Rodney knocked on doors until he was invited in by an elderly woman who couldn’t help but pity a young man with a child and no place to sleep for the coming night.

After the first restful night of sleep he had in a while, Rodney awoke to the smell of a greasy, delicious breakfast, and the shining face of the kind woman he had met the night before. They discussed the townspeople, the region of Furoh, and the woman’s past. As Rodney sat silently, his daughter in his arms, the woman told him everything he’d wanted to know and more about her life. Her name was Rita Tripone, and she was once an explorer and trainer. She spent her days mapping out the region of Furoh, finding landmarks and Pokemon, many of which had long since been forgotten. Rodney listened, still without saying but a word or two. Her story was both exciting and heartbreaking. It was even compelling enough to convince Rodney to share his own story, albeit a much shorter version. Rita had an idea.

She outfitted Rodney with an old cartographer’s kit, and offered him a place to stay and daily care for his daughter in exchange for favors around her modest home, and for his services in continuing her life’s work, a complete map of Furoh. In addition, she had one final gift for Rodney, a tool to aid him in his adventures, as well as a friend to keep him company in a strange land.

In a short three years, Rita taught Rodney everything she knew about the sciences of astronomy and cartography, and the art of Pokemon. Rodney grew close to the friend she had given him, a Houndour which he named Pistol. He had even managed to capture other Pokemon with Rita and Pistol’s help. Finally, he was ready to begin his life. Rodney had been living in Rita’s home and taking care of his daughter with Rita’s help, but he was ready to take another step into the unknown. This time, there were no shortcuts. He had a purpose, and he had Pokemon. Furoh had best prepare itself.

(Oh, hi. The Biscuit's name is Scheherazade.)


Pistol – Houndour
(Male, Rash, Flash Fire)
Level 7
Rodney's first Pokemon, given to him by his kind-hearted hostess, Rita. Pistol is very protective of Rodney and Joanna, his daughter.

Ynes – Natu
(Female, Mild, Synchronize)
Level 5
The first and only Pokemon Rodney ever officially caught before adventuring around Furoh. Ynes is exceptionally intelligent, and typically very reserved. Other bird types make her very nervous.

Darbee – Aipom
(Male, Quirky, Pickup)
Level 6
A native Aipom that joined Rodney voluntarily during his cartography training. His overpowering curiosity can pose problems from Rodney and company, but also serves to be an invaluable resource when conducting surveys in unfamiliar territory.

Cartographer’s Kit: compass, roll of parchment (initially a blank outline of Furoh), ink pens, star map, measuring tape
2-day supply of food
Opal and brass engagement ring
Basic First Aid Kit: bandages, ointments and salves, light pain medication
Sketchbook (initially containing drawings of Pokemon and landmarks around Fidona)
(3) Rawhide chew
(4) Bottled water, 1L
(6) Poke Ball
(5) Super Potion
(3) Full Heal

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post Jun 29 2012, 12:59 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Approved! Post in the current levels thread and have fun!


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