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Sera Taisa
post Jul 11 2012, 02:53 PM
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Name: Sera Taisa

Age: 19

Hometown: Fuchsia City

Appearance: Sera is fairly short for her age, standing just above 5'2. She has inquisitive brown eyes, her left being a darker shade than her right, which seem to almost sparkle whenever she learns a great deal about her interests. Sera also has chest-long blonde hair, which she normally leaves alone (having a dislike for putting her hair up) and bangs that sit just above her eyes. Normally sporting a pair of dirty jeans and a black tee shirt, she has kept herself fairly fit over the years, but not muscular, so she does not have as much in upper body strength. Sera also has great eyesight, allowing her to see well into the distance. Sera never wears any kind of shoes other than her white sneakers, which have collected dust and dirt over the years with their use.

Personality: Sera has a rather outgoing personality, being a kind and generous person at heart, even when it is toward complete strangers. She always feels compelled to help the innocent in any way she can, even if it means risk toward her own well being. Sera consistently works toward better improving herself and her Pokemon, seeming more than content to cheer for her own team during combat. When around friends, Sera is almost always cheerful and excitable, always wanting to make sure the people around are cheery. However during the darker situations, her near child-like cheeriness can be replaced with a serious attitude, especially when it comes to more grave situations. She won't hesitate to keep everyone's spirits up though. Sera almost always puts her Pokemon's well being above herself, wanting to keep them safe from the evils that the intruding Team Magma and Team Aqua seem to bring with them. Sera loves dragon-typed Pokemon, and after a brief visit to the Johto region, wanted to become a Dragon Trainer.

Biography: Sera was born in Fuchsia City back in Kanto, and had spent most of her life living there. As a child, her parents loved to bring her to the Safari Zone, where she spent most of her time watching the many rare Pokemon live out their lives peacefully. She had heard many stories about the elusive Dratini, and it wasn't until the age of 14 that she saw her first one, when she sought part time employment at the park. When she had been hired to work at the Safari Zone, Sera was given her first Pokemon by her parents, a Charmander. Sera kept the encounter with her Dratini quiet, knowing that many trainers came to the Safari Zone to capture Pokemon, and didn’t want her befriended Dratini to suffer the same fate. At the age of 16, her parents decided that they wanted to travel the world, and take their daughter with them. On her last day at the Safari Zone, her Dratini had allowed Sera to capture her, not wanting to be separated from her only friend. Until she was 18, her parents toured the world, allowing Sera to embrace all the different cities and cultures that the world had to offer, and got to see many different Pokemon. At the age of 19, she wished to travel on her own, to become a Dragon Trainer. She had only intended to pass through Fallabor Town in Hoenn, but after making a wrong turn she found herself in Noverus instead, right in the middle of the conflict between Team Aqua and Team Magma. During her first week stuck within Noverus, she rescued a Pichu that was being hunted down by a Team Magma Grunt, adopting it into her team shortly after.

Preferred Faction: Civilian

Starting Pokemon:
charmander.gif Charmander lv 8 (Male; Nicknamed Cinder)
dratini.gif Dratini lv 6 (Female; Nicknamed Ryu)
pichu.gif Pichu lv 6 (Male; Nicknamed Spark)

  • Potion x3
  • Pokeball x5
  • Poketch

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post Jul 11 2012, 06:18 PM
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Uprising Pokemon

Approved! Please post your character in the Progress Tracking thread.

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