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Walten Humme
post Jul 15 2012, 09:59 PM
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Pokémon Trainer
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Plus a Klink

Name: Walten Humme

Age: 37

Hometown: Slateport City, Hoeen


Walten is of average height, being 5 ft 9 in, and has white skin, green eyes and short black hair, with a matching black mustache. He wears a grey suit with an orange tie, and sometimes a matching grey hat with an orange strip. He keeps his Pokeballs under his suit. His life on the sea caused gave him many scars, although they are hidden away from sight under his sleeves and legs. It is unknown why, but he walks with a cane, although he really doesn't need it. His scarf he wears around his neck was a gift from his father.

He looks sort of skinny and weak, although he is much stronger then he looks. Overall, he doesn't even look like he belongs on the open seas, with his fancy attire and cane, which make him look much older then he actually is.

Personality: Prior to loosing his memory, Walton had a scary personality, being able to stare down even the strongest members of his crew. Although he lives with this bitter reputation, he tries his best to keep anyone he doesn't trust by his side, although practically no one wants to stay around him because of it. His reputation has caused those who know him to call him "The Beedrill of the Sea", although, once in a blue moon, most claim he's as nice as a Butterfree.

After the ship wreck that caused him to lose his memory and washing up on the shores of Furoh, he wandered around the coastline until he was taken into a small house to recover. With the way he was treated there, this caused his personality to change to a complete opposite to the cruel one he had before.

Biography: Walton was the son of a renowned sailor. At the age of six, his father took him aboard his ship to begin training him for a life at sea. He taught Walton many things, like how not to trust even your closest friend, as they could as easily as any other person stick a knife in your back to get what they want. His father encountered many situations like this, and caused him to become a bitter old man.

At the age of 15, Walten received his first Pokemon from his father, which was a Klink he had found while sailing around Unova. Walton loved it, and was told by his father that Pokemon were the only ones he found he could trust while sailing. Walton loved his Klink, which he called Gera, and even though there weren't many opportunities to train a weaker Pokemon on the open seas, Walten kept it with him nonetheless.

Two years later, Walten's father passed away. During the funeral, Walten spotted something out of the corner of his eye. It was a Murkrow, who had come to investigate what the commotion was about! Walton decided it would be best to capture it, to improve his team and all, although he felt it would be innapropriate to go into battle in the middle of a funeral, so he waited. After the services were finished, Don the Murkrow became a good member of the team.

In his father’s will, he gave possession of his ship and all his crew to Walten when he became an adult, even though the crew was completely against the idea. They didn't think Walten much of a sailor, although when he finally became 18, he proved them all very wrong.

Walton went on many escapades with his crew and Pokemon, from finding sunken treasure to rescuing the occasional person lost at sea. As time went on, though, Walten noticed more and more people floating adrift in the ocean. Many of the people were too into shock to talk about what had happened, or sometimes didn’t remember who they were at all.

One of the people, a man named Sirus, who was rescued some time ago seemed to have calmed down a bit since he saw rescued, so Walten decided he would inquire about what had happened to him. Sirus shock his head and sighed. He explained that a giant blue creature had leaped out of the water and destroyed half his ship! Walton asked him if what had attacked him was maybe a Wailord, who was simply protecting its territory, but Sirus denied that. He claimed that this thing had much bigger fins then a Wailord, and the sky got dark and stormy just a little before it showed up.
Walten went deep into thought after hearing this. His father had told him stories about the ancient Pokemon Kyogre, who had covered the planet in water, as well as its counterpart who created land. Walten never believed in myths and legends, although if what this man had said was true, Walten figured he could get a good sum of cash for capturing a dangerous but also a very legendary Pokemon such as this. He asked where the man to show him where he was attacked by the beast and Sirus reluctantly agreed. After much days of sailing, Walten and his crew began to notice sheer drop in wild Pokemon. This made them all worry. What was worse was, Walten began to notice the skies getting darker. Sirus began shaking and shouted to Walten to turn the boat around, but Walten silently disapproved of the very thought of leaving.

Within a couple minutes, there was a crash. Cries for help could be heard everywhere. Walten fought to cling to a piece of driftwood. He looked around and shouted for anyone in his crew, although he didn’t hear anything in return.

The last thing he saw before blacking out was the shadow of a giant.

Two days later, Walten washed ashore a strange island. He had no idea where he was. He walked around a bit and fell on his knees to the ground. His vision was still sort of blurry, but he could make out the sound of a woman calling out to him. He look up and tried to call back, but no sound came out. He soon fell to the ground.

Walten awoke in a small house, with a fire blazing in a fireplace that was next to the chair he was sitting in. He smelled the food cooking. He saw two Pokemon eating in front of him, but didn’t remember right away who they were. A woman soon walked out of the kitchen and handed him some hot coco.

“Where am I?” he asked.

The woman looked at him and frowned. “You’re in Furoh. You’ve been asleep for 4 whole days! Don’t you remember anything about what had happened to you?”

Walten shook his head, “No, I… Don’t even know who I am!” He patted up and down his damp clothes for any reminder of who he was. He finally found a small bump inside his coat and found it was his wallet. He opened it and hoped for any ID.

It was empty. The wallet that would help him ease his mind was empty. He dropped it on the ground, and the woman picked it up. “I found this by the beach, with some of your other belongings,” she said “This wallet was empty, but buried in the sand beneath it, I did find this.” She held up a small card.

Walten grabbed for the card and read over it. It was his Trainer’s License! His memories came flooding back to him, and he hugged the two Pokemon which he now knew belonged to him. “So I guess this means you can tell me how you ended up on shore now?” she asked.

Walten tried his best to remember, but soon sighed and shook his head. “Sorry miss,” he said “I don’t seem remember anything else except who I am…” He got up and thanked her for finding and taking care of him. He then looked at his two Pokemon and left on an adventure to recover his memory.

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokemon:

Klink - Gera (genderless)

Level 10

Short Bio - Gera, while Walten's best friend, is sort of emotionless. It just likes to float around, although it has a hidden joy of being shined and polished.

Vice Grip

Murkrow - Don (Female)

Level 8

Short Bio - Don is a rather curious type, which gets her into trouble most of the time. She doesn't like fighting, but will go on a rampage if angered


x6 Potions
x4 Pokeballs
x2 Netballs

The Biscuit's name is Scheherazade.

PANE Character (click to show)


Failing at EV training


Faster level-ups
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post Jul 16 2012, 01:48 AM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

Approved. Post in the "Current Levels" thread, and have fun!

I'm interested to see where Walten's journey takes him.


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