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Amelia Himan
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post Apr 5 2009, 05:35 PM
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Name: Amelia Himan
Age: 18
Hometown: Gigarte

Amelia is a short girl about 4"8. She has Brownish-red hair and light skin. Her Green eyes are like an Emerald sparkling in the sun's grand light. She wears shorts and a tank top since she dresses casually. Living in the above ground on the eastern part of the island she has to keep a watch out for harmful chemicals, so she wears a blue watch that can sense the air quality. She usually has her hair in a bun.

Personality: Amelia is impulsive. She often gets in trouble because she doesn't think things through. Her anger is not a thing to trifle with. It is like the burning intensity of a flaming volcano rising out of the ocean. If you don't accidently make her angry or make her do something on impulse she is otherise very nice except to westners of the Island.

She also loves honey and berries more than anything else.

Biography: Amelia was born into a family of beekeepers living outside of Gigarte. She was raised to enjoy the outside when it wasn't so polluted. She learned her familie's job to keep the bee's pollinating and producing honey. She used to plant roses because the pollen collected from roses was great for high-quality honey. As she attended to her garden she watched the bees rythmatically go from the beautiful roses to another.

When she wasn't working on her garden she was playing with the Pidgey in the Sky and Combee buzzing around. The Caterpie crawled around the trees and were always so mysterious. This was changing as she grew older.

She was born during the time when people started leaving Lenoilia to go to Gigarte. Since the facilities were by the main gate of the small village it brought them business as people passed it to get to Gigarte. This made her family build a small fortune but as the pollution got worse and everyone migrated to Gigarte, less people came across the farm because of the pollution problems above the surface. The area wasn't that bad but all the major trails led through the polluted region or to the side of the main portal down were the farm wasn't. If it weren't for the surplus of the recent years they would've gone out of business. Amelia is trying to create a path that doesn't go through the polluted part of the island or some other way to get money.

One of her methods is to travel to other cities and to sell it there. This method takes a lot of energy, plus she didn't have any Pokemon to protect her so her parents rarely let her go on her own. So she could only go to Gigarte.

Recently, she was selling Honey in Gigarte when a man couldn't pay in money. However, he could trade her a Pokeball for every serving of honey. She realized with her own pokemon she could go to other cities! She accepted the trade and promptly went to the farm.

At the farm she went to her rose garden and saw a nice Combee. She whistled softly, "Hello, little Combee! The farm really needs your help." She held out the Pokeball and it sympathetically jumped in. It knew it needed to help her in able to keep liveing there so it did. One pokeball gone, four left.

She ran over to a tree were a Pidgey was standing. She sent out the Combee named, "Hope" out. The Pidgey was a bit nervous so it "Tackled" Hope. Hope retaliated by stinging it with it's "Poison sting". Amelia threw a pokeball at the pidgey but, her aim was off and it fell onto her roof. Two Pokeballs gone, three left.

Hope and the Pidgey continued there fight. Hope was finally smashed into a tree. While the Pidgey was distracted by it's foes fumbling around in the trees Amelia threw another ball. This time it hit the Pidgey but after wiggling a while escaped. Three Pokeballs gone, two left.

Hope flew out of the leafy tree. It was enraged by the previous attack and angrily stung the Pidgey hard. The Pidgey started to look sickly. This was the time to throw the ball! As she threw the ball the Pidgey was to tired to escape and was now hers. She ran in to tell her parents. After some rest her journey began!

Starting Pokemon:
Female Combee Lv. 5 "Hope"
Male Pidgey Lv. 5 "Austin"


What is the biscuit's name? Bertha
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Troy Bolton
post Apr 5 2009, 08:25 PM
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