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Umbra Nocturna
post Sep 18 2012, 09:59 PM
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Umbra's Party (PANE)

Name: Umbra Nocturna

Age: Eighteen (18).

Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

Appearance: Umbra's first trait that most people notice is her bright, golden eyes; an abnormality that seems to catch the attention of most who speak with her, if not invoke a feeling of uneasiness. Her hair is long enough to reach her lower back, straight, black as night, and quite soft to touch. The woman's skin is somewhat pale, and is also somewhat sensitive to sunlight. While that's not much of a problem in Snowpoint, when she isn't there, she sticks to the shade for the most part as a precaution. She is resilient to cold temperatures due to have been raised in Snowpoint City. However, she has a mild dislike for warm climates as a result.

Typically, she'll dress in a long-sleeved sweatshirt with an image of a Dusk Ball printed on the back, colored a slightly lighter shade of black than her hair, with gloves to match if it is cold enough to warrant them. When not in a colder climate, she wears a taupe skirt which reaches a little over halfway to her knees and has winter boots colored the same as her gloves. Umbra is also always seen wearing a somewhat worn forest green scarf that she has had for seven years, along with a backpack of the same color that often has not much beyond her Poke Balls, a few recovery items, and some food for the road.

Umbra measures in at 5' 5'' and weighs in at about 110 pounds. She has about average strength for a woman her age with a slender figure.

(No sprite like some of those cool kids who were here first. I used an image as a base, but I changed a few of the features, so if I were to link it, it wouldn't be entirely accurate.)

Personality: Umbra is a bit of a mischievous person, often messing with people for a quick laugh. She never tries to hurt or terrify anyone with her actions, though; when questioned on why she did what she did, she'll respond with some variation of "It seemed like a fun idea." She tries to avoid any serious trouble, and often will actively avoid meddling in other peoples' affairs if it doesn't concern her.

She speaks in a gentle tone, never raising her voice unless she's in a very dire situation. She keeps a warm smile on her face and tries to be friendly to anyone she meets. It's fairly easy to become her friend. However, by the same token, it's also easy to become her enemy, and she does not forgive easily. Some of her old friends in Snowpoint City can make the claim that when she's really pissed off, her glare feels colder than even the harshest blizzards.

One of Umbra's favorite hobbies is reading, specifically lengthy novels that can draw you into a completely different world and masterfully weave a tale that can be easily labeled as an epic fantasy. If she finds a book she likes, she'll likely spend a few good hours reading it, and if she's not done by then, she'll memorize where she left off and return to it the next day. A good number of the stories she read featured Dragon-type Pokemon, and she's gained a notable fascination with them. Currently, her goal is to capture and befriend one Dragon in particular: Dragonite. So far, she has had no luck in this endeavor; not even catching a glimpse of a Dratini.

While Umbra greatly enjoys having a good Pokemon battle, she isn't interested in any sort of gym challenge. In her words, "So you beat a guy who exclusively uses one type of Pokemon and has an easily exploitable weakness on their team. Am I supposed to be impressed?" She began to think that many Gym Leaders across the world were far too simple in their strategies. It soon grew for a general dislike for the idea of Pokemon Gyms and Leaders. She tries to avoid them whenever possible. Aside from that, she seems to enjoy Double Battles the most, especially multi-battles.

Biography: Born on the twenty second of August, Umbra lived in a small, comfortable home in Snowpoint City as the first, and only child to her parents. Her mother, Ashley, worked as an assistant in the local Pokemon Center, while her father, Ron, was in charge of delivering cargo from the shipyard to the Mart. Much of Umbra's time before school was taken by playing with her father's Weavile, named Selena. The two quickly forged a great friendship, being almost like best friends, snowball fights being a favorite activity between them.

School was rocky at first for Umbra. Due to her eyes, her classmates were a bit unsettled by her gaze, but eventually, she made a few friends and stuck with them through high school, graduating at 17 with above average marks. Within the month, her friends became Pokemon trainers and set off to take the league challenge. As much as Umbra wanted to follow them, she was already developing her dislike for the gyms and their leaders, and while officially becoming a Pokemon trainer, she held off on getting a Pokemon of her own or leaving home.

As her eighteenth birthday approached, she began to take an interest in the Furoh region, as it seemed like a refreshing change of pace from her life in Snowpoint. On her birthday, her parents surprised her by giving her a sole Poke Ball as a present. She opened the Poke Ball, and out came a Sneasel, Umbra's first Pokemon. After she let out a cry of joy, her parents added that if she wanted, they'd pay for Umbra's ship to Furoh. She accepted the offer immediately, but said she wanted enough time to catch a few more Pokemon. After giving the female Sneasel the name "Ibuki," she set out to the Acuity Lakefront and caught two Pokemon; one was a male Hoothoot who she named "Dex," and the other was a female Chingling she found near the lake, named "Mint."

Counting the days until it was time to leave was agonizing for Umbra. She couldn't wait to see what this new place would offer to her. It was during this time she read a novel focusing on a heroic trainer and his Dragonair, which toward the end, became a Dragonite. Maybe, just maybe there could be a place in Furoh where she could find Dratini, or any dragon for that matter. With Dex perched on her shoulder, she boarded the boat and waved good-bye to her family, looking forward to this new place...

Class: Umbra calls herself a "Wandering Trainer" with the broad goal to improve her abilities to battle, mostly in doubles, and maybe catch a Dragon, preferably Dratini.

Skills: Umbra learned how to cook basic meals and how to effectively heal minor wounds on Pokemon from her mother. Aside from that, she is an excellent reader, has a sharp eye for detail, and often can think of solid plans for many situations, inside and outside of battle.

Weaknesses: She falters, however, in execution. Many of her plans seem to backfire, either due to a miscalculation, a bad prediction, or a terrible stroke of luck. In fact, she has a bit of a bad luck streak in general; it took four Poke Balls to catch Dex, for example, and another six for Mint. Prolonged exposure to moderately strong sunlight has a good chance of giving her a sunburn due to her pale skin, so she has to stick to shade whenever possible; she dreads the day she has to battle someone whose main tactic is abusing Sunny Day.

  • 1 Handbook, used to keep a log of Pokemon she meets and their typing. She has a few pencils in the same pocket of her bag.
  • 2 containers of sunscreen to mitigate her sun sensitivity.
  • 4 Poke Balls.
  • 3 Dusk Balls.
  • 1 Quick Ball.
  • 6 Potions.
  • 3 Burn Heals.
  • 2 Repels.
  • 1 Star Piece to sell when she needs money badly.
  • Food for both herself and her Pokemon.

Ibuki (Female Sneasel)

Level 8
Jolly Nature
Ability: Keen Eye
-Quick Attack
*Ice Shard (Egg Move)

Mother: Selena (Weavile)
Father: Glaceon

Spoiler (click to showhide)

Dex (Male Hoothoot)

Level 7
Calm Nature
Ability: Insomnia

Spoiler (click to showhide)

Mint (Female Chingling)

Level 5
Bold Nature
Ability: Levitate
*Stored Power (Egg Move)
*Wish (Egg Move)

Mother: Chimecho
Father: Gardevoir

Spoiler (click to showhide)

What is the biscuit's name? It's Scheherazade.

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PM for contact info if for some reason you want it.
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post Sep 18 2012, 10:02 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee

Approved! Post in the current levels thread and have fun!


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