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Zack Aiza
Captain Combuske...
post May 23 2013, 12:09 PM
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Zack Aiza's Team

Name: Zachary (Zack) Aiza


Zack has a lean yet slightly Athletic build. He's hardly the image of fitness, but is perfectly able to do his share of heavy lifting, running or climbing when he needs to. Living at altitude for his whole life has certainly helped his fitness, especially the strength or his lungs. Zack is black in skintone and has African as well as Spanish ancestry evident in his features. He has black, medium length hair of medium thickness that Zack spikes up a little to the right of his head. He has brown eyes and is usually seen with a determined frown on his face. He is about average height for his age, being ever so slightly taller than the norm, and his weight is about the same as his peers as well.
Clothes-wise, Zack is fairly uncomplicated. He wears a set of brown cargo trousers with beige hiking boots, both of which usually have some soot and grease on them from Zack's part-time job helping in the mines with his dad. He also wears a simple plain white t-shirt with green sleeves and collar, as well as a pair of square shaped sunglasses when it is bright. He only doesn't wear them in the mines and at night. In the winter, Zack is seeing wearing a green hoodie on top of his t-shirt in addition to his other clothes.

Personality: Zack is quite quiet, and has an aura of calm and composure. He keeps up a strong facade of a cool, distant loner, and whilst those are character traits of his, they far from explain him fully, although it is tough for outsiders to see the real him due to his reticence. Zack is tough and gritty, both mentally and physically. He has a strongly logical, rational mind and is fairly intelligent, but is also very proud and stubborn, acting rather callously whenever someone even insinuates he is wrong. Zack is also very brave and individual person and is a very hopeful person with big dreams, but is sometimes a little too calm and patient, so much so that he becomes quite lazy and careless.

Biography: Zack lost his adventurous, feisty mother Maya when he was ten years old to a tragic mountain accident in which she was crushed by a rockslide. Both Zack and his miner father Theo were left devastated by the accident. Theo tried to be strong for his son during this time, but this translated as rough and distant, which is the main source of Zack's stubbornness and callousness, as well as his calm, uncaring facade, which he needed to hide the pain of his mother's death from those around him. The emotional wounds have mostly healed up in both men now, but both still have moments of deep sadness at times. Theo never remarried, and his need to work harder and longer to keep Zack and himself living left Zack isolated, which have led to his laziness and lack of caring, as without constant parental support he had no real interest in doing much. However, Zack is adventurous and aspirational, and he does work hard when he wants to, traits inherited from his mother. His mother used to take Zack climbing before she died, along the same route, and would instruct Zack to look at the skies and the stars and to aim for them. Zack has repeated the trip ever since Maya Aiza's death.
Zack got his Torchic aged 12, and over the years has also Accumulated an Aron and a Drilbur for his team. His mother is a huge inspiration to him and is the reason why he wishes to be a trainer, but his laziness is currently holding him back from striving to achieve his goals.

Class: Trainer.

Starting Pokemon:
Olympus (Torchic) [Level 15]

Appearance: Olympus is a pretty normal Torchic, but he wears a Red scarf with a yellow flame symbol as well as two lines of yellow tribal-esque facepaint on each cheek.
Personality: Olympus is very energetic and optimistic, and very friendly to others, but is also very aggressive and can be a little selfish.
Biography: Olympus was Zack's first Pokemon, received at the age of twelve as a birthday gift. He has caused Zack problems with his reckless enthusiasm, but the two are very close.

Kodo (Aron) [Level 14]
Appearance: Kodo is a perfectly normal Aron, aside from the tribal marking on his face and the slight dent in his head.
Personality: Kodo is brave and selfless and will do anything to help others in need. He is very compassionate and hardy, but is also quite insecure and shy, as well as being forgetful.
Biography: Kodo used to help Zack's dad in the mines, until Zack started working there aged 16. He was inspired by the Pokemon's sturdiness and caught it.

Arthur (Drilbur) [Level 14]
Appearance: Like Olympus and Kodo, Arthur has some yellow tribal markings. He also wears some shades. (Kamina shades, like the ones Ash's Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile wears.
Personality: Arthur is a mischievous trickster who loves nothing more than sneaking around and startling people, aided by his great natural digging ability. His pranks are usually fairly harmless though, and add to his naturally comedic side. He loves making people laugh and loves to laugh himself.
Biography: When a picture of Zack's mother went missing from the boy's room when he was 17, he got very worried. He eventually found the thief- it was Arthur. Zack angrily fought the Drilbur and was impressed by its attacking prowess so caught it. Zack has since managed to calm Arthur's thievery down a little, but items still go missing sometimes.

(Note: Zack is a replacement for my previous character, Alex Slasher. I got 45 points with Alex from these RPs right here, so I've distributed 23 points to Zack's team.)

Items: A mining helmet, a torch, a small coil of rope, five Pokeballs, a Great Ball, five potions, a small Mallet, a sleeping bag, roll mat and a pickaxe which doubles up as a walking stick if needed.

The biscuit's name is Scheherazade.

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post May 23 2013, 02:24 PM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Post in the Current Levels Thread, and welcome back to PANE.


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