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Violette Montagu-Maskelyne, Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we set out to deceive...
post Dec 19 2013, 10:55 AM
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Adelaide Robinson

Name: Violette Montagu-Maskelyne

Age: 28

Hometown: She has houses everywhere, darlings; what use is money if you can't spend it? If pushed, though, she'll claim Blackthorn as her place of birth. It lacks a certain cachet, yes, but it has its own rustic charms and the lakeside manors are where everyone who is anyone can be seen at her mother's famous parties.

Appearance: Violette is tall, but not so much that she looks gawky (at least, not any more - if you want her to hate you, dig out some photos of her as a schoolgirl). Instead, she is a classical beauty - more specifically, a cross between Galataea and a French actress from the '50s. It's helped by her excellent posture, drilled into her from an extremely exclusive finishing school in Sinnoh, and a bearing that isn't so much queenly as arch-empress-of-the-entire-friggin'-universe-ly. She looks intimidating, an effect cultivated almost from birth, and augmented by a face that could cut granite, with high cheekbones, fashionably pale skin, and a somewhat thin-lipped mouth, as if she knows something you don't. Which is likely, let's be honest. She's obviously the product of old money, and her clothes tend to match; she dresses with careful effortlessness, with what Castiglione called sprezzatura, the easy coolness of the perfect hostess at a society party. Her eyes bear the blue of a gas-flame and her voice is high and clipped, bearing no discernible accent at all - the Kanto one having been gouged out of her brain by the strange women who believe that marriage to another socialite is the only thing keeping the world spinning and us all safe in our beds at night. If someone of her standing were to, for instance, socialise with the kind of people to be found in the Rebellion, well, we would all be murdered by Unovan Bolsheviks and then the sun would go dark...

Personality: Violette employs her vicious wit at every possible opportunity; her default expression is the slightly knowing smirk of someone who's far too used to being the smartest, richest, and most well-bred person in the room, and she's not exactly shy about it. At least, among those who know her well. When running a mission, she has a core of steel and that ferocious intelligence becomes, well... ferocious, utterly ruthless and uncaring about potential casualties. The Rebellion, as she sees it, is the only cause among whom she has any kind of future worth living, and for an adventurous, hardened woman, the concept of being one of the Magma or Aqua Admins' kept molls is almost total anathema, not least because of certain... proclivities. Still, whether she is hosting the cream of Noverus society (such as it is) or running a dangerous espionage mission, one thing is certain: she is not just elegant. She is elegance.

Biography: Violette is the only (and therefore rather spoiled) daughter of one of Kanto's richest banking families, and her childhood was idyllic beyond measure. Her mother was a famed beauty who schooled her in comportment; her father let her indulge in scientific pursuits, which generally consisted of blowing things up in new and exciting ways. At ten, as is traditional, she received a Pokemon, a Chinchou, who she loved dearly throughout her life, but alas, such golden days could not continue forever.

Edouard Maskelyne's job entailed moving around the world to wine and dine clients almost constantly. One of them lived in Noverus, so he claimed, and was considering using the Maskelyne bank to store the proceeds of his investments. Violette didn't find out exactly what happened until many years afterwards, but he flew to Hoenn to seal that deal... and never came home again. She was sixteen years old, informed of her father's passing in the assembly hall of her finishing school, and that was when a change came over her. Formerly a flighty sort, she became incredibly focussed, losing a lot of her friends to concentrate on become as intelligent and witty as she could. Poets, philosophers, important artists from every medium, all the infinite kinds of intellectual had their bodies of work stored in the memory of the too-tall girl with the startling eyes who spoke so very well. She realised that she had a knack for organising thoughts and places in her head, and that therefore she could organise people with equal expediency and efficiency.

She started small, of course. Finding out school gossip, quietly observing, having the other girls report back to her, the only one involved who knew it wasn't really a game. The teenager bloomed late, just when certain pieces of idle chatter about the young men of Blackthorn started to get interesting for the other girls, and she became a broker of information about who was going out with whom - and cheating on them. The latter part allowed her to delve into the shadier aspects and rougher neighbourhoods of Blackthorn and the cities beyond, and soon she discovered that gang activity was on the rise. The thought of anyone becoming trapped in that kind of world, especially when they were from her kind of world, sent her into the kind of rage that, in a more effusive sort, would have levelled mountains; for her, it just meant that her eyes grew hard and she began to use rumour to her advantage, bending the truth and masking it completely. Her childhood spent clay-Pidgey shooting and constructing elaborate sandcastles on the shores of the Lake of Rage (only to blow them up with her own brand of blasting powder) came in handy, and in one quite ridiculously lucky escapade that lasted several months, she was able to figure out the location of the Team Rocket hideout in Celadon City, charm her way into the heart of the Executive that ran it, booby-trap a smuggling operation, inform the police of everything she'd learned (copied from the Exec's computer while he dreamed the sleep of the heavily concussed), and graduate from the finishing school at the head of every single class she'd taken. One degree course in structural engineering later, she decided to put her talents to finding out what happened to her father in Noverus, and to her horror she discovered the enormity of the gang war between Magma and Aqua. Setting her jaw and hardening her heart, she resolved to do anything and everything she could to bring down Team Magma and avenge her father's memory.

As such, she had to leave behind her Chinchou (now a Lanturn and even more adorable) in the care of her mother's under-butler, Wiggins, and find Pokemon more suited to undercover work. She's now a fixture of Noverussian high society (which, let's be honest, is almost entirely composed of Magma stooges) and so thoroughly in bed with the Rebellion that it's like that august organization was a particularly comely noblewoman from a foreign land. She doesn't sell information to them, but rather gives it, and hopes that one day she can conduct the war her heart desires a little more openly, and with a little more success.

Preferred Faction: The Rebellion

Boss: None

Starting Pokemon:-

Mirage the Vulpix Seel Kakuna Eevee small potted wisteria ZORUA! Mirage, stop changing your appearance all the time, you know how much it upsets people.
Level: 10
Ability: Illusion (hence the above; it commonly masquerades as an Ekans worn like a stole, which are currently fashionable among ladies of quality in Noverus)
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears
Nature: Timid
Mirage is a very nervous beast who never acts rashly if she can possibly help it, and to her staying in a fight is the rashest thing possible.

Bypass the Abra
Level: 10
Ability: Magic Guard
Moveset: Teleport, Ally Switch (Egg Move, assuming it is permissible)
Nature: Timid
Bypass shares a temperament with Mirage, and helps her out as best she can. She's adept at twisting spacetime to get her friends out of scrapes, and her Trainer into areas that really ought to be off limits to her.

Starting Items:-
Potion x3
Pokeball x5

(Edited because I forgot to add in the starting items. This bodes well...)

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I remain,
Yr. Obdt. Svt,

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Master Houndoom
post Dec 19 2013, 05:36 PM
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