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Marwan McGuinness
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post Apr 11 2014, 10:10 AM
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Name:  Marwan McGuinness
Age: 16
Hometown:  Born a short distance from Mt. Silver.

Appearance:  When clothed Marwan looks almost as if he hasn't eaten in days. Standing at about 6'2" the boy is taller than most his age. His body has been kept athletic through his travels with his parents, time in scorching deserts and harsh mountain peaks has weathered him. Marwan's body is made up of mostly lean muscle, his lanky and nerdy apperance covers up his athletic abilities. Marwan doesn't really put his athletic talent to much use outside of his travels. As long as he can run, swim, climb, or even jump to where ever he needs to go he's happy. His naturally tan complexion made even darker thanks to his constant time outside.

As one might expect of a boy who spends his time wandering the land Marwan isn't exactly a stickler for personal apperance. Outside of a few basic good habits, brushing his teeth, shaving his stubble, the occasional shower or bath where he can find it, Marwan generally lives au natural. His mop top of black hair almost looks like it was plopped upon his head, light green eyes always shining from underneath his bangs. His normal outfit consists of a dark reddish-orange v neck shirt, brown cargo pants, and a pair of heavy duty boots. His choices of clothing reflect his on the go lifestyle, simple, sturdy, and very little ornamentation. He usually carrys a few extra changes of clothes as well as a jacket in his large pack but there is little in the way of "fancy" clothing in his wardrobe.

Marwan carrys a rather large backpack as his main means of storage, as one would expect of someone who practically lives off of what they can carry. His large pack has room for a "cozy" two person tent, a few changes of clothes, the essentials for camping, and his pokemon supplies. While his camping supplie are relativly well kept and orderly his pokemon supplies are not quite so taken care of. Marwan is at least smart enough to keep his potions, pokeballs, and other miscelanious items in seperate pokets depends on what they are but that's where the sorting ends. It often takes Marwan a few minutes to find what he is looking for and usually results in a lost oppritunity to catch a pokemon or angry looks when trying to pay for something.

Personality:  Growing up without any solid friends his age Marwan never really got used to talking casually. Either talking to an adult and having to use polite speech or talking to pokemon where he could say what ever he wanted to. From this lifestyle Marwan has adopted a strange way of speaking. Either speaking formally or speaking extremely bluntly and directly Marwan has practically no middle ground when it comes to speaking, something he can get self conscience about very easily.

Its not hard to embarass Marwan, or at the very least make him blush. For sounding, and looking, relativly mature for his age he isn't use to being around other teens and it reflects in his self conscienceness. It's not uncommon for him to overthing things or spend long tracts of time trying to think of the right thing to say. He's more likely to think so long about a response that the point becomes moot before he can actually speak. Despite these tendancys he isn't really shy, though he comes off it when he freaks out too much to speak, when someone starts talking about something he really cares about it's almost impossible to get him to stop.

Biography:  Mr. And Mrs. McGuinness are archaologists and researchers who have traveled to practically the ends of the earth in their studies. Their son Marwan can be place into that statement easily too. Born at the foot of Mt. Silver, while techniqually born in Johto Marwan considers himself to be from Kanto. Of course scaling one of the largest mountains in the region was something no sane parent would attempt to do while pregnant or with a child so the McGuinness' settled down in nearby Veridian City for a few years. It was around the time that Marwan turned two his lifetime of travel would begin.

From the ruins of the Unova desert to the peaks of Sinnoh's mountains Marwan has been lead by his parents, their colleagues, and scores of pokemon. It's safe to say Marwan grew up with a great love of pokemon, not just as companions or pets but as actual friends. Growing up ontop of a mountain around nothing but adults and maybe the occasional university student tends to be boring for a child, pokemon were his main form of entertainment during these times. His parents were fairly successful pokemon trainers in their own right and their ever changing teams of pokemon instilled Marwan with a love for various types. It's from these long periods of isolation with pokemon that Marwan started to find his own interest in history and archeology and how pokemon fit into this world.

Around the time that Marwan turned 10 he was gifted his first pokemon by his parents, a young growlith. It had been gifted to them by one of their colleagues and they knew it would be perfect for their young son. He instantly took up a strong bond with this new pokemon. Though they never had much of a reason to battle other trainers or pokemon Growlith and Marwan were the best of friends.

The family traveled for a short while longer until an accident on one of his parents excavations left Marwans fathers legs crippled. It was nearly a year until Mr. McGuinness was up and walking with assitance from a cane, unable to travel as extensivly as they had before the family was forced to settle down in the Kalos region, His parents having accepted a job within Lumiose city which would allow them the oppritunity to teach other aspiring researchers at a university. Marwan tried to settle in to living within the massive buildings of Lumiose but all he could ever seem to think about was getting back out into the world and traveling like his parents had been doing for so many years before. Only after a year of living in Lumiose Marwan set out on an adventure at the age of 15. His parents knew he'd be okay, they gave him one last gift before he left in the form of a pokemon egg that they had been given as a gift from a colleague. His trusty Growlith and now this egg Marwan set off to find his own way in the world.

Across Kanto and Johto that year Marwan and his Growlith started to face the real life of a pokemon trainer. Trying to find sources of income to deal with catching pokemon, buying potions, and just keeping up with the day to day life. Marwan never really cared about catching pokemon or battling, he just wanted to explore. His ownly real catch was a Natu while hiking through Sinnoh, the small bird caught his eye and ended up having a staring contests with him. When the bird followed him for a few more hours he decided to take it with him. The Natu put up barely any struggle and has been a happy member of his team since.

Marwan heard word of Furoh every once and a while but never thought much of it. Eventually it started to come up more often, tales of grand new lands, adventures, unexplored areas, Marwan just couldn't seem to get away from how exciting it all sounded. He stopped back home for his 16th birthday and a week later was set out for Furoh. His Growlith, Natu, and newly hatched Flebebe by his side.

Starting Pokemon: 

Growlith ♀
Lv 10

Natu ♂
Lv 6
Early Bird

Flabebe ♀
Lv 4
Flower Veil
Vine Whip

Items:  10 Pokeballs, 3 potions, 2 revives.

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post Apr 11 2014, 11:26 AM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Post in the current levels thread, and have fun!


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