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Ignatius Pyre, The burning blaze of Noverus
post May 25 2014, 04:10 PM
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Name: Ignatius Pyre

Age: 15 years old

Hometown: Lavaridge Town

Appearance: This young man is tall, muscular and athletic. His irises are piercingly red, and his hair is long - down to his waist - and orange, with red streaks. When the wind blows, it seems like his head is on fire. Ignatius usually wears sunglasses, but never a hat. He wears a red tank top with a fire-breathing dragon design, as well as black track pants and shoes. His measurements are approximately 5'11" and approximately 150-160 lbs, although he seems to never have the time to check. The two things he carries with him are a canteen of water and his Pokétch.

Personality: If there is one word to describe Ignatius, it is quick-tempered. He is easily angered, but during tough situations he can turn this to an advantage against his enemies. He talks quickly and always wishes to end conversations as soon as possible. He hates everything to do with water, although he will drink it if necessary. He will only allow fire-type Pokémon on his team.

OOC (click to show)

Biography: Ignatius was born to a rather wealthy family of Lavaridge Town. The first thing he can remember about his life there was the hearth at his old home, the logs glowing and crackling in the flames. Soon after, water doused the flames, and he was quite disappointed. Following that day, he has been obsessed with fire - occasionally to a dangerous extent - and has despised water.

One day, as his parents were both volunteering at the Pokémon Center, he had an overpowering urge to find himself a Pokémon. He was ten years old at the time. Luckily enough, his father had forgotten a few Poké Balls at home, easily within his son's reach. Glancing around to find any possible witnesses, he pocketed the balls and left the house, trodding down Route 112 to reach Mt. Chimney via cable car. He reaches the top and immediately encountered a Growlithe. He threw water at it, which simply angered the creature, then dodged out of its way when it charged at him. It bumped its head on a rock at its full speed and fell to the ground, dazed. Ignatius kneeled down beside it, tapped it with a Poké Ball and caught it. After christening it "Spike," he returned to the cable car, and home he went. Later that day, his father noticed that he had a Poké Ball attached to his belt, and asked his son why it was there. He confessed, allowed his newly found Growlithe to exit the ball, and pleaded with his dad to allow him to keep it. His dad, soft at heart, permitted his son to remain with the Growlithe, but made him swear not to attempt the same thing again until he had left the house.

At thirteen, Ignatius left his home, and again journeyed up to the top of Mt. Chimney to find another Pokémon. This time, he came prepared; he had his Growlithe, as well as some healing items, some Poké Balls and a Great Ball, to assist his capture of a new companion. Lo and behold, as he exited the cable car, he spotted a Torchic running around a rock. He remembered overhearing his father saying that Pokémon such as Torchic were quite rare in the wild, so he decided then and there to obtain it. As he approached it, the small bird, sensing his presence, stopped in its tracks and turned to face him. As it did, he quietly asked his Growlithe to tackle it. Which is what happened, although the Torchic was barely dazed. It attempted a peck at the Growlithe, but it jumped above and stopped the chick under its feet. Ignatius praised his Growlithe, pulled out his one Great Ball, and captured the Torchic. He christened it "Hearth," after his first memory, and left the mountain.

Returning home, he realized for a moment that as he had been up on the mountain, there had been men in red-orange jumpsuits doing some kind of ritual around the crater. He became curious, and investigated them. Apparently their name was Team Magma, and they were attempting to expand landmass worldwide. That branch had, unfortunately, been shut down by some young upstart minutes after he left. He then found out that they, luckily, had another branch in a different region. He decided to set a course for that region - Noverus. Saying a final farewell to his parents, he left Lavaridge Town for good. He chartered a small plane from the closest airport and flew to Noverus an hour later, without looking back.

He arrived in Noverus's main airport, and immediately searched for a Team Magma member that he could persuade to recruit him. After much effort, he did find one in a storage warehouse. He asked the grunt if he could be recruited to their team, and the Magma grunt radioed in to the branch leader that he had "some young punk who wants to join the faction." With a long discussion between the grunt and the leader, Ignatius was accepted into Team Magma.

Preferred Faction: Team Magma

Boss: Elite II Mark Sotoro

Starting Pokémon:

Torchic "Hearth" lvl 10
Moves: Peck, Ember, Scratch, Growl
Ability: Blaze

Growlithe "Spike" lvl 10
Moves: Ember, Bite, Leer
Ability: Intimidate

Items: 3x Potion, 5x Poké Ball, Pokétch

I used to be Cyogre, ILoveTaillowHesCute, TaillowIsCuteAndCool, Tart Spop, Tartius Spopius, Tartii, King of the Eevees and MasteroftheFlames. If you know me under any of those names, yeah, that's me.

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Hoping to get Social Networking! I'd really appreciate an add.

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post May 26 2014, 06:27 AM
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And a Golurk

The last RP post was in January. I can't guarantee that there will be an RP to play in. The mods are working on what to do about that, but it's likely going to be pretty dead for a while.

Otherwise, approved. Post in the Progress Tracking thread.


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