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Lucie Hauchecorne, The Homeless Queen
post Jul 28 2014, 07:24 PM
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Name: Lucie Hauchecorne
Age: 19
Hometown: Lilycove

Appearance: A remnant of her queen-like life, Lucie is a rather rotund girl, weighing in at around 230 pounds and being an even 6’ tall. She has a slight double chin and big rosy cheeks that wobble when she moves her head a bit too much. Her big eyes are bright green and usually look down on others, even the very people she needs to survive. This is merely accentuated by her bushy eyebrows that are naturally slanted inwards as their neutral position, giving Lucie a constant disgruntled air, which is not too far from the truth. Though she much prefers her hair at shoulder-length at most, spending around eight months homeless has made her brown hair grow down to the middle of her back. Even when dirty and knotty, her hair is quite beautiful, being naturally slightly curvy. Though let loose, the further down you look, the more twisted the hair gets, looking more and more like a spring. When she wasn’t a homeless girl, she often styled twisted her hair like that. Again, this is a remnant of her queen-like life.

Lucie’s rotund silhouette clearly echoes her former life as a high noble of Lilycove, where she liberally ate nearly six oversized meals a day, not to mention the tons of desserts and snacks she ingested daily. Today’s round silhouette is nothing but a shadow of her former silhouette, which was almost spherical in nature. She had thighs the size of large tree trunks and her waist was so wide that she couldn’t fit in normal chairs, something that never comes close to happening anymore despite still being overweight. Once nearly having a triple chin, she, as mentioned, only has a slight double chin. Her nose is little, round and cute while her ears are similarly little. Her size and weight have practically been halved, which have greatly helped with her mobility. Her stout legs are much stronger than they were despite being obviously much smaller. Still, she harbors a big belly that hangs down just enough to hide her crotch and big, thick limbs.

The biggest indicator of Lucie’s previous size is the size of the (now oversized) dress she wears every day, it being the only piece of clothing she owns besides pajamas (also oversized) and underwear. Once bright pink and cyan, the gorgeous overpriced dress is dully colored, dirty, tattered and worn out. The dress is so oversized that Lucie actually resorts to using rope to keep it on, tying it to her arms, waist and thighs, having made holes on the inside so the ropes aren’t visible from the outside, being tied below the fabric and not over it. Another example of its sheer size is the fact that Lucie and her Pokémon use it as a blanket at night.

Personality: Lucie’s most potent ability is to get on people’s bad sides with one sentence: despite being homeless, the spoiled rotten girl still has a bratty attitude laced with self-entitlement, conceit, vanity and arrogance. While nowhere near as bad as she was when she still had a home and family, Lucie’s personality is still very hard to tolerate in general. However, having been homeless and left to herself for over half a year has led to her becoming a tiny bit more humble and polite, at the very least catching herself and actually apologising when she realises she acted bratty, though this is still somewhat rare.
Raised in a nigh-fantasy world where she ruled every living being inside a house and got everything she wanted for almost 19 years, it’s understandable that Lucie feels entitled to everything she sees or wants and is quick to cry that it’s unfair if she can’t get something. Once a major tantrum thrower, the pudgy Hoenn native has learned to control herself more with time, but that doesn’t stop her from having traded sloth for envy. Lucie is extremely envious of other people and is angry at the world itself because in her eyes, she shouldn’t even be homeless in the first place; she should still be comfortable at home in Lilycove stuffing her face and ordering people around.

As such, Lucie is also extremely whiny; whenever something bothers her (usually being hot/cold or hungry or in mild pain), she makes sure to cry it out to the world multiple times. This is somewhat of a coping mechanism for her profound sadness: whether or not one thinks she’s a good person, it’s easy to consider what happened to her unfair, unwarranted and just sad. The very sudden lifestyle switch has left a deep mark in Lucie’s psyche, causing her to become distant and to fear law officers, amongst other things. While she doesn’t cry herself to sleep regularly anymore, she still has some huge breakdowns seemingly at random and can even end up with suicidal thoughts. Sadly, she is such a needy human being that not many would willingly adopt her, as she truly is still greedy, gluttonous and conceited.

In fact, the lifestyle switch probably did nothing but accentuate the former two traits: since she has practically nothing, she clings to every single possession she has as if her life depended on it, her mind still strongly focused on material possessions such as money. Indeed, Lucie is highly materialistic and incredibly selfish, rarely showing any positive emotions or thoughts for strangers. Obviously, she harbors a special adoration for luxury and overindulgence, as that is what she has lived in for her entire life. Along with her greed, her gluttony was also accentuated: used to eating constantly, Lucie is constantly hungry and will eat until her belly is swollen and hard as a boulder if she ever has the opportunity.

Being deeply depressed, Lucie rarely shows any positive emotion, practically never smiling and laughing and always looking angry or sad; it’s not uncommon for people to see her with bloodshot eyes due to excessive crying; at her worst she becomes fatalistic, becoming resigned to her fate and wishing to end it all. She still hates begging for money and is more prone to stealing what she wants thanks to her Litleo and her Purrloin despite knowing that it is against the law, as it’s much easier for her and is the reason her weight loss has slowed down recently.

Lucie’s selfishness borders apathy. The depressed brat is practically unable to feel empathy for other beings unless they are in her exact position, which is, needless to say, practically impossible. While she does show love and affection for her four Pokémon, it took her six months to start returning those feelings to them and to actually acknowledge them as more than just lifeless tools meant to serve her. Even then, the only thing in the world she would show adoration for is her long lost Snubbull, Lily. Lucie is unable to feel anything but indifference or hatred for her parents since her mother was never there and her father put her in misery. She is definitely a tortured, misguided soul plagued by sins and flaws.

Even worse, Lucie has never had a true conversation or real contact with other human beings that weren’t her servants. As a result, she is socially inept, which is a reason for her lack of empathy. She is unable to talk to someone for a long time without getting fed up or simply going silent out of awkwardness. Her belligerent personality is still present as well, as she has a tendency to yell at people for little to no reason and actually physically hurt them, much like a bully would, but this time around it seems tied to her inner anger as she seems to be releasing it in the only way she knows.

And to put the final nail in the coffin, Lucie is completely ignorant of how the world works and seems to lack a rather large amount of common sense. Though she’s not exactly stupid, she lacks a large amount of knowledge that is common to most people. Adding this ignorance to her pride which doesn’t let her admit when she’s wrong or even look for food in places like trash cans. Lucie is also extremely stubborn, making her hard to reason with; she always has to be right or else she gets mad. As an example of her almost childish ignorance, she firmly believes that soap grows in trees. Little things like that still escape even after more than half a year left to herself for the simple reason that she refuses to ask for help or information. In a way, Lucie could be seen as incredibly independent, though only through sheer stubbornness.

While a very negative and pessimistic person, there is some good within Lucie’s heart. After all, she’s only the way she is because of how she was raised. She’s quite innocent and nice when someone willingly breaks through her incredibly thick shell, which can take an absurd, perhaps even inhuman amount of time and patience as it took her own Pokémon six months of constant pestering and enduring her abuse to finally gain her love. When Lucie loves someone or something, though, she does so at 100%: she will smother them with love and practically be the sweetest person on the face of the planet with them. She will be surprisingly energetic and dedicated to them, though her primordial sins will still rear their ugly heads and also make her overprotective and clingy through greed. If someone reaches this level of friendship with Lucie, that’s when she’ll finally open up to them and say what she’s truly thinking.

Lucie has developed a habit of talking to her Pokémon as if they were a diary, asking them questions and using them as an auxiliary to talk to herself out loud. Her sadness and depression also created a rather strange condition in which she believes her Pokémon are talking and responding to her even if they don’t make a sound or, even worse, aren’t even conscious, making her seem quite unstable to onlookers.

Finally, Lucie has started to develop an interest in Pokémon battling, mainly because the potential payout is very high, high enough for her to go back to her old life. However, her Pokémon aren’t fighters and she herself doesn’t know a shred of strategy or tactics, resulting in pretty poor results so far, even against wild Pokémon. Once again, due to her pride, she refuses to ask for or accept help, insisting that she’s good enough and doesn’t need help, as she always looks down on everything else that breathes. Unsurprisingly, Lucie is an extremely sore loser AND winner, either making up outrageous excuses for her losses or shoving her victories in her opponent’s face non-stop.

Biography: Hoenn-born daughter of two Kalos natives, Lucie’s name reflects her parents’ nationality. Since her mother mysteriously disappeared after her birth, her father took care of her for her entire life. The Hauchecorne family was widely feared and spoken of in hushed whispers throughout both Hoenn and Kalos: her father was the leader of a large mafia-like group whose specialty was illegal trading and especially selling of Pokémon, exotic or not. Being the leader of a group with such a lucrative (yet criminal) business, it’s no surprise that Mr. Hauchecorne was extremely wealthy, enough to own the largest mansion in Lilycove, if not Hoenn.

As a result of this outrageous wealth, Lucie was born with a platinum, diamond-encrusted spoon in her mouth. Spoiled to a ridiculous and outlandish point, she was given everything and anything she desired at the bat of an eye. She (and her father) lived surrounded by servants of all shapes and sizes, Pokémon and humans alike, who answered to their every whim, though Lucie was the one who abused this the most. After all, not giving any limits to a child’s powers practically always leads to said child abusing said powers.

This excessive wealth and coddling led to many lifestyle choices for Lucie: firstly, she never went to school and rarely even outside. Why would she? She had everything she wanted inside her ludicrously large home. As a result of this, her skin grew very pale and her normally dark brown hair turned pale chestnut. She also grew intolerant of sunlight, burning very quickly. Secondly, Lucie grew an extremely short temper and a superiority complex that bordered on a god complex. She ordered people around liberally and got angry for the smallest of offenses to the point where it was almost caricatural in nature.

And, of course, Lucie grew very fat. If you never tell your child not to eat sweets, then they won’t. And that’s exactly what happened with her. Though she was already a large child naturally thanks to her father’s genes, her outrageously lavish lifestyle didn’t help that one bit. First, she ate three oversized meals a day. Then, by the time she was 10, it was four with two dessert helpings. And by the time she was 15, it was five with at least two entire cakes a day. The servants still made her meals as healthy as possible to counter her nearly incessant snacking, but it resulted in her growing very large. With a constant double chin, large breasts, a huge stomach and legs that had trouble supporting her weight for more than 30 minutes, Lucie weighed nearly 400 pounds as a 17 years old, twice her father’s weight.

Since it was harder and harder for her to move around, she grew even lazier than she originally was, ordering her servants to carry her when she simply didn’t feel like walking (though surprisingly, that wasn’t too much of common occurrence). While she had done such things since her daily meals went up to four, the servants understandably had more and more trouble lifting her up. Even worse, she was starting to have trouble fitting in (and getting out of) chairs with armrests. Naturally, instead of losing weight and fixing the problem (which was obviously her), she blamed the chairs and ordered that they get new sets of furniture to accommodate her. The same happened whenever her clothes stopped fitting.

Furthermore, all Lucie was taught was formally basic reading, writing and counting along with what Pokémon were. Despite living like an Empress, she wasn’t a royal; she wasn’t taught manners or anything of the sort. She was impolite as well as verbally and physically abusive. In fact, the only living being besides her father for which she showed affection was the only Pokémon in her mansion that truly belonged to her: a female, chubby Snubbull with black ears named Lily. Her beloved Snubbull was her best and only friend as her personality was too despicable for anyone to even consider thinking about giving her a chance. Even worse, besides Lily, Lucie didn’t treat Pokémon with a shred of respect: they were all either soulless objects to be sold or servants.

Lucie’s life of greed, conceit, gluttony, self-entitlement and sloth went well for her. She needed no education, husband, family, anything! She had money, power and everything her heart ever desired as her father’s wealth grew and grew, just like her stomach and negative qualities did.

Then, one day, a little before her 19th birthday her father got caught.

Woken up by loud sounds coming from downstairs, the morbidly obese teenager stomped downstairs, ready to shriek at whoever was foolish enough to disturb her slumber. Nothing came out of her mouth when she saw what was going on, what the source of her most recent near-tantrum was. Men and women in blue uniforms were handcuffing her father, who was pinned down to the ground by a particularly large man. Lucie, in a way only she knew, shouted disrespectfully at the officers, demanding answers and ordering them to let her father go. An old yet visually attractive officer approached her and crouched to her height, brows furrowed and facial expression solemn.

At almost 19 years old, Lucie learned what a law was.

At almost 19 years old, Lucie learned that her father broke many of these laws.

At almost 19 years old, Lucie learned what a prison.

At almost 19 years old, Lucie learned that she’d never see her father again.

Or her house, for that matter. Though she did as she was told (even though her father had to repeat what the officers said to her) and left the house after getting a small box her father hid for her, the chubby man whispering its location in her ear during their goodbyes, the reality of the situation didn’t truly hit Lucie until a few hours later.

She was homeless now. No money, no food, no bed, no house, no family, no Lily. Hitting her like a ton of bricks, this realisation brought tears to Lucie’s eyes. It was impossible to imagine for her. As she started crying almost literally like a baby, she truly realised that she was truly left with absolutely nothing. Like the woman said, everything, including her house, was stolen or acquired illegally and had to be taken away.

Being used to eating almost constantly, Lucie was already extremely hungry, her body being used to constantly be filled with food of all kinds, healthy and unhealthy. Stuck outside with a constantly growling stomach, legs that could barely support her, poor stamina and a little box with four pokéballs inside it, it’s no surprise that Lucie had somewhat of a breakdown.

As the days passed, she forced herself up and scrounged up as much money as she could despite her weak, obese body and her constant hunger and terrible mood, amongst other things. Going from nearly six oversized meals with too much dessert for one normal person and constant snacks a day to one small, perhaps one normal meal a day in total had a huge impact on Lucie’s body and mind. Firstly, and obviously, Lucie lost a lot of weight very quickly. Secondly, she became much more desperate for anything that resembled her former life, becoming a thief as she forced herself to travel away from Lilycove, fearing that the men and women in uniforms would get her too.

To help her live her everyday life, the four Pokémon Lucie’s father had given her helped her greatly, whether it be as a way to recall her old lifestyle or to help her get food or simply stay clean, somewhat. The Pokémon were a Spritzee (which she mainly used as perfume, something she regularly used in her old life), a Mincinno (which she used to stay clean), a Purrloin (to help her steal) and a Litleo (to help her stay warm). Despite hating them all at first (except the Spritzee since it was pink, her favorite color), she has recently grown fairly attached to them. However, she still wishes she at least had her Lily with her and she misses her terribly.

What has impaired Lucie the most, surprisingly, isn’t her physical limits seeing as how they are slowly but surely growing larger and larger as she travels (thus exercising, something she rarely truly did) and eats less. Despite these two facts, she still remains rather round, but compared to her former self, she’s very slim. No, what impaired Lucie the most is her extremely foul temper as her behavior changed very little initially, being too prideful to resort to begging for food and money. She insulted passersby who ignored her and just was unpleasant in general.f

Nowadays, now 19 and a half, Lucie has arrived in Furoh after her constant traveling, somewhat used to her new, unwanted life. Long gone are the sleepless nights due to hunger or crying herself to sleep: though she still has her rotten personality for the most part, it’s quite clear that she tries her hardest to change. For example, she has found a new steady (yet risky) way of earning money: Pokémon battling. Though extremely inexperienced and lacking the proper knowledge, she’s still willing to learn how to battle. Who knows, maybe she could build herself a new mansion in Furoh with all the money she wins…

Class: Trainer

Starting Pokémon:
Praline the Purrloin (click to show)

Pistache the Spritzee (click to show)

Peanut the Litleo (click to show)

Pecan the Minccino (click to show)

Items: -Oversized dress x1
-Oversized pajamas x1
-Underwear x1
-Small pokéball case x1
-Pocket change

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is... Scheherazade!

Other Notes: Lucie’s favorite color is pink. Knowing this, it makes sense that her favorite pokémon is Snubbull and her favorite type is Fairy. She also really likes Spritzee, Furfrou and Munna.

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