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Jaylyn Rehn, She WILL see you again
post Apr 5 2015, 09:58 AM
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And a Golurk

Name: Jaylyn Rehn
Nickname: In professional circles and by patients, she is called Nurse Joy or simple nurse. Friends know her name, sometimes shorten to Jay or Lyn.
Age: 24
Hometown: Port Barley

Appearance: Jaylyn is a young woman standing at 5’6” and 126 pounds. Perhaps her most noticeable feature is her long bright pink hair. She keeps it in a simple ponytail, unlike the elaborate loops of her contemporaries. Her blue eyes are often filled with kindness whenever a person or pokemon is in need, and cold upon those that would do harm. Her time outdoors has made her less pale than the other nurses.

Being always on call, Jaylyn typically dresses in pinks and whites. She favors a set of pink scrubs: they’re cheap, easy to clean, and durable enough for her travels. The typical short dresses are just too impratical for heavy traveling, though she has no problem wearing them when stationed at a pokemon center. Her outfit is paired with a white apron and a pink side pouch for small supplies and pokeballs. Her hat has a red pokeball symbol emblazoned on the front to show her craft is to provide first aid and emergency care (red pokeball = red cross). Old hand-me-down- black sneakers round out her outfit. It also shows that she is no fashionista , preferring function to style.

Personality: Jaylyn is a very caring person, almost to a fault. She can be pushy when it comes to the health of people and pokemon, especially if she knows those involved. Refusal of proper treatment is not an option when she’s around! The nurse is almost always putting others before herself. Sometimes, she needs someone to push her into caring for herself.

Aside from pokemon husbandry and healthcare, Jaylyn is also interested in the world around her. She enjoys traveling across Furoh, visiting exotic locales and hidden villages that people rarely visit. It helps that most people are happy to see her when she arrives. However, she hates stubborn people who try to act tough, especially when they refuse treatment. Nothing brings those people down like an alcohol pad to their wounds.

Biography: A common misconception is that all Nurse Joys are related and all are named Joy. In fact, Nurse Joy is more of a title, the one who manages a pokemon center and its staff. As for why they all look alike, we must turn to a time before Furoh. In feudal Kanto-Johto, any girl born of pink hair and blue eyes was automatically placed in the priestess class, a group of people responsible for the care of the sick, particularly pokemon. The tradition rose from the legend of the Original Joy, a celebrated woman said to be able to heal any ailment with a single touch. Ever since, those who share the physical features of the original Joy were trained to keep spreading her healing gifts across the world.

This was the world Jaylyn was born into.

Jaylyn was born and raised in Port Barley to a pair of dock workers. Neither of them shared her physical features, so her parents were shocked with their baby’s small tuft of bubble gum locks. At the age of three, Jaylyn’s family was visited by a pair of Nurse Joys. They were there to see if Jaylyn was suitable to join their guild. After running personality tests and interviews with the parents (not tomention little Jaylyn herself), they had determined that Jaylyn would be trained as a Nurse Joy. At age 10, Jaylyn was made an apprentice to the local Nurse Joy, her education paid for by the International Union of Nurse Joy. This gave her a much brighter future than her parents had ever hoped for her.

Over the years, Jaylyn was trained in subjects ranging from pokemon husbandry, training basics, and first aid to more complex fair such as basic accounting, management, organic chemistry, and much more. During her tenure as an apprentice, Jaylyn was assigned a partner: an audino named Arnie. He too was training to assist both nurses and patients, so the two easily got along when it came to serving shifts. They had been together ever since; there was no one else Jaylyn would trust more.

One day, at age 20, Jaylyn was in charge of the Port Barley pokemon center. Her mentor, Nurse Joy Victoria, would be retiring in a few years and needed someone ready to take on her roles. It was the highest honor for a Nurse Joy to receive her own pokemon center, so Jaylyn was excited for the responsibility. It was a stormy day, so many trainers were huddled in the lobby, waiting out the rain. No one needed any healing beyond what the machinery provided, so her duties involved passing out warm tea to the huddled masses. Suddenly, the room filled with gasps as a bleeting skiddo dragged an unconscious man into the building. Immediately, Jaylyn went to work, performing CPR in an attempt to revive him. His lungs were filled with water. Even though they were somewhat close to the beach, a lot of time had passed to get him here. Too much time had passed. Yet Jaylyn kept trying, a worried skiddo watching over her. The ambulance had arrived and pronounced the man dead. The nurse couldn’t help but blame herself: she was serving tea when this man was drowning. She retreated to the back to sob while Arnie and other staff helped with the crowd. Yet she wasn’t alone: the skiddo had joined her, resting her head on the nurses lap. The goat pokemon had appreciated her efforts, even if she wasn’t able to do anything. They bonded over the death, the only good thing to come out of that night. When the pokemon went up for adoption, Jaylyn immediately applied to be his new owner.

As the years went on, Jaylyn had made it a practice to travel the outskirts of the city and the beaches to check on the many trainers in the area. Yet she had seen reports and pictures of gravestones far beyond Port Barley. They were makeshift graves of trainers whose journeys ended tragically, created by friends and pokemon that had no way of bringing the dead back home. How many people and pokemon die like this? Someone had to do something. The experiences had caused Jaylyn to give up her claim on Port Barley’s pokemon center. She felt her skills would be better served in the wilderness of Furoh. She presented her proposal to a council of Nurse Joys. By becoming a traveling Nurse Joy, Jaylyn would be able to assist those not anywhere near a pokemon center, as well as assist understaffed centers across Furoh. If successful, more nurses could be assigned to different sectors of the country.

After much debate, the council approved. Jaylyn would become a Nurse Joy, but her pokemon center would be all of Furoh.

Class: Nurse Joy

Starting Pokemon:
Lvl 10 Audino (Arnie)
Ability: Regenerator
Moves: All its level up moves.

Every apprentice nurse is assigned a partner pokemon to assist with duties. Arnie has been with Jaylyn ever since she started her training. He uses his enhanced hearing to point Jaylyn to those in need. Though has the training to deal with unruly patients, Arnie is a lover, not a fighter.

Lvl 10 Skiddo (Belle)
Ability: Sap Sipper
Moves: All its level up moves.

Unlike Arnie, Belle has experience in tournament battling. Her previous trainer had two badges as a result of her efforts. The death of her trainer left Belle with little desire to pursue the championship. Fortunately, she is quite happy helping Jaylyn, making sure no one else follows the same fate as her former master.

Portable Healing Machine: Just like the machine in the pokemon centers, but miniaturized to be carried like a backpack. Is able to heal 6 pokemon on a single charge. Unfortunately, it only holds a single charge. Jaylyn must go back to civilization to recharge. Requires 6 hours to charge.

Berry Pot: With the power of pokeball technology, Jaylyn is able to grow three berry trees without having to visit a garden. The pot shrinks for travel and expands when gathering and caring for her crop. Currently empty.

6 Ultra Balls: Sometimes, injured pokemon need to be transported. Pokeballs are the best way to do this. And if you're going to have pokeballs, may as well splurge for the upgrade.

General First Aid Kit: Allows Jaylyn to do things such as treat minor wounds, sew stitches, and other minor stuff. For when Arnie isn't available.

Change of clothes: 5 sets of identical outfits, all stored in item balls.

What is the biscuit's name? The answer is...Scheherazade
Other Notes: As per the Replacing Old Character rule, she will be replacing Pandora Gibbs and receiving half her levels.

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post Apr 8 2015, 08:29 AM
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I'm dying to see how this one ends.
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Taggarty Lee


Also 100 points of leveling are transferred over from Pandora Gibbs.

That's a lot of levels.


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