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DO NOT make any 'click my eggs/Pokémon' threads/posts or any 'what is this egg' threads/posts or you WILL be warned 10% instantly!

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GPX+ Shiny Tracker! [v2.3] | Last Updated: October 12th, 2021, For all my tryhards out there... | Now updated with Javascript!
GPX+ Shiny Tracker! [v2.3] | Last Updated: October 12th, 2021
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post May 17 2021, 10:29 PM
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Please keep in mind that this project will undergo updates. The goal is to make it as easy for you to use as possible. Feel free to give suggestions and contribute to updates! This is a community project, everyone is welcome! If you need any help Cyclone and I can be reached through the Forums or the Discord. nod.gif

New Pokemon Icons (click to show)

Hello everyone, I been slowly putting together a shiny tracker. At first, my intentions were only for myself, then I realized, "Wait, other people on the site might want to use this too!" so it became a project!

The site I chose to use to upload the project on is GitHub, and through there you will see a list of files.

QUOTE(GitHub Files)
  • Alternative Trackers Folder [Includes other trackers you may prefer to use. Currently it has a tracker with all gender differences thanks to Rookie Roo!]
  • GPX+ Shinies.html [This is what runs the page. It holds all the information needed for your browser to display.]
  • GPX+.css [This goes alongside the HTML file. Essentially, it holds the design and makes everything look pretty.]
  • GPX+.js [A Javascript file made by Cycloneblaze. This gives you the option of easily adding the shinies you've collect over using manual code.]
  • Information.rtf [A Rich Text file that has information on how to use the basic functions. It's very helpful!]
  • README.md [A file created by GitHub. Allows you to view the latest information on where and how to download new and past versions of the tracker.]

Information.rtf shows you how to edit the tracker, but you can also find that information here.
How to edit the tracker (click to show)

Once you start to add in everything it will start to look like this!
An example of my tracker (click to show)

It is always recommended that you download the latest version!
No huge changes are currently planned after version 2.0, Pokemon will continue to be added thus the version number will go up. All future versions will use the current v2.3 format going forward.
* Direct download offers you to download through GitHub from GPX+ Forums. *

Current download
Version 2.3 - Direct Download [Starting from v2.0 Javascript functions by Cycloneblaze are included!]

Older download
Version 1.0 - Direct Download [The first version of the GPX+ Tracker.]

QUOTE(Javascript Function)
With this new update you have two methods you can use for adding the shinies you have collected:
1) The Javascript way: Once you load the page in your browser, you can click the icons of the Pokemon you have. In turn it will mark them as "own" in your browser and it will also update the progress bar.
This method stores the data in your browser and is removed if you clear site data. If you use private browsing, it also may not save correctly.
It is recommended that you back up data from Javascript with HTML. More information on that below.

2) The HTML way: Basically what this thread shows you how to do already.
It's recommended you use the Javascript functions for ease. But, also be sure to backup your HTML!

How to backup Javascript changes (click to show)

If you are using non-direct download and would like to know exactly how to download look here:
Image of how to download (click to show)

Changelog (click to show)

QUOTE(Did you know?)
While working on this project I learned that the GPX+ Pokedex actually tells you which Pokemon you own in the PC. Take a look at this

I don't have a regular Bulbasaur in my PC though I do have a shiny one, therefore behind the shiny icon is a darker background indicating that I have one currently. Yep, it's already a thing! nod.gif

Anyone is free to modify the files! Share your own creations and shiny collection once you set it up! nod.gif
If you run into an issue, let me know. As I said before, this post will have all the latest updates for you to paste in your file.

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Rookie Roo
post May 17 2021, 10:35 PM
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Active Squad

You LITERALLY spoil me X, I was thinking of trying to do my own thingy with PAIN and TEARS, but now this might make it WAAAAAY easier than what I could've come up with.

HECK YEAH I will use it! THANK YOU!

Go Malachites! Malachites Unite!

If you need Social Network, or if you have it, you might be interested in reading this.

Shinies of 2020: 112 (click to show)

Shinies of 2021 (click to show)

Special Achievements (click to show)

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Eryth Violet
post May 17 2021, 10:56 PM
Post #3

Pokémon Trainer
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Cool tool! Thanks for sharing it with us.


hi kingis
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Professor Eucaly...
post May 17 2021, 11:42 PM
Post #4

Not really Australian, but Koalas still bite me.
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This is quite handy, thank you! I have hangups on not counting shinies I've released nor shinies I've gotten from the Safari Zone - I also don't organize them at all so this is useful for me. It also might get me to do more stuff in dex order because I'm too lazy to fill out every region atm.

Here's my own Kanto so far - pretty empty, innit? (click to show)

This post has been edited by Professor Eucalyptus: May 18 2021, 12:14 AM

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post May 18 2021, 06:34 PM
Post #5

Gym Leader
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Hello everyone! Thanks for the responses in the thread, good to see other people finding this useful!

Cycloneblaze has added some neat features to the tracker! (Version 2.1) It now has Javascript and when you click a Pokemon on the page it will automatically count that you have it and update the progress bar too! (It doesn't update the code in the HTML file saying so, but your browser will store the information on it's own. Keep in mind that the Javascript data is removed if you clear site data through the browser! To get around that update the HTML by backing up the Javascript changes!)

For those who have downloaded Version 1.0 and want to use Version 2.1
It's now super easy to add which Pokemon you have, with just a simple click! It is recommended that you download this latest version as it will be easier for you to add new Pokemon in the future. (As some of the HTML code was changed from IDs to Class)

How to backup Javascript changes (click to show)

The main post of this thread was organized better and updated to include the newest information.

This post has been edited by Level-X: May 22 2021, 07:14 PM

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